Choosing Between Instant Water Heaters vs Storage Water Heaters in Singapore

There are generally 2 types of water heaters: Instant Water Heaters & Storage Water Heaters. In this article, we will go more in depth looking into the difference between these water heaters to provide you with some knowledge on water heaters. If you have already decided between Instant and Storage heaters, please see this article for things to consider when buying a water heater in Singapore.

Instant water heaters

Instant heaters, as the name suggest, instantly heats up the water passing through it. Its less common names are tankless or demand-type water heaters. Most water heaters are run by electricity (either single point or multi-point), while some, although less common in Singapore, are run by gas. Instant water heaters are mostly used by HDBs and Condos in Singapore.

Below are some examples of these types of water heaters:


Single point instant heater

Run by: Electricity

These are called single point instant heaters as the water passes through only 1 point and to the outlet.


Multi-Point Instant Heater

Run by: Electricity

Multi-points instant heater routes the water via various points before the outlet.


Gas Instant Heater

Run by: Gas

Fairly straight forward, these heaters heat up water by gas.

In Singapore, there’s generally more HDBs compared to Condos and landed properties, so instant water heaters are a popular choice for these owners. According to our sales statistics, out of all the brands we carry, Ariston, Rheems and Champs are some of our more popular brands among our HDB clients.

Ariston is a trusted and reputable global expert in water heater products which provides people around the world Italian designed, energy efficient and high-quality water heater.


Instant Heating, Constant Temperature. Redefining the Shower Experience with Constant Temperature. Ariston SMC33 bears the hallmarks of Italian design: stunning, slim and safe. Think smart living with salient features like an anti-scaling system and temperature selection. Relish the perfect shower experience, each and every time. It comes with shower head and hose.

Rheem is the largest manufacturer of instant water heater originating from North America, recognised world-wide by consumers for water heating needs.


Rheem RH 388 Instant Water Heater, is fixed with an electronic control system that allows changing temperature by just turning the knob. It comes with 5 spray massage and misty Handshower with anti-scald and rust system, ISO Certified.


Champs is a multi-disciplinary company that engages the consumers in the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of electric instant water heaters.


The modest-looking Champ Ocean packs a punch with its user-friendly features that empower you with total control over its heating elements so that you can bring your focus back to doing the right thing – indulging in a healthy soak and the simple pleasures of life.

Storage water heaters

Storage heaters are heaters that has an insulated tank. This insulated tank will store water in it, which is heated up for use when it is intended to by its user. Storage water heaters are mostly used by landed and commercial properties in Singapore.

Below are some examples of storage heater tanks:


Electric Storage Water Heater

Run by: Electricity

The conventional storage water heater, heats up the water in the tank, via electricity.


Digital Storage Water Heater

Run by: Electricity

These storage water heaters are able to perform more precise water heating due to its thermostat panel.


Gas Storage Water Heater

Run by: Gas

Similar to its instant heater counterpart, it heats up water by gas. These are not available in Singapore.


Solar Storage Water Heater

Run by: Solar energy

One of the top innovation of the century, the solar panel, is used to heat up the water in the tank in a more environmental friendly way.


Heat Pump Storage Water Heater

Run by: Electricity

This storage heater is accompanied with a heat pump unit, whereby it is run by electricity. The heat produced are transferred to the water tank, heating up the water within. Heat pump storage heater are usually for industrial users, for example, heating up a jacuzzi.


Out of all the storage heater above, electrical storage water heater is still one of the most used storage heater in Singapore. And according to our sales statistic, Ariston, Joven and Rheems are among the top performing storage heater brands with our consumers.


Experience the stunning synthesis of form and function. The Ariston AN15/30 LUX is made with super-ecologic insulation materials and energy can be better conserved through its improved titanium-enamel tank. Its shell technology – a perfect balance of geometry and assembly – promises intuitive design and enduring performance. Its strong resistance to pressure and corrosion makes it a permanent fixture in the house.

Joven is a Malaysia well established brand that started in 1983. They pride themselves in providing customer satisfaction with quality, safe, trendy and innovative storage heaters.


Joven JH25L/35L is made up of CFC Free High-Density Polyurethane Foam for Maximum Insulation and comes with Triple Safety System (Pressure Relief and Drain Valve, Thermostat Safety Cut-Out and Thermal Cut-Off), and also Saves Energy up to 20% with HE Technology.


Rheem 85VP6S comes with special features to ensure the heater is safer, more reliable and works longer. Exclusive Rheemglas enamel tank protection against corrosion, UL approved combined temperature and pressure relief (TPR) safety valve, Adjustable thermostat with over temperature protection, Incoloy sheathed immersion heating element and many more.

 Instant Heater & Storage Heater comparison

  Instant Heater Storage Heater
Item Cost Low High
Water capacity Unlimited 15L to 100L generally, depending on the capacity of the tank
Design Small and compact Bulky and takes up space
Utility Low, dependent on usage High, need to heat up a whole tank
Waiting time ~5 secs for the water to flow through and heat up Needs to be preheated before use, timing is dependent on tank capacity. Smaller tank heater up faster than a bigger tank.
Life Cycle 10 to 15 years, estimate 8 to 13 years estimate
Temperature consistency Inconsistent, takes about 5 seconds to heat up and water temperature would increase when there is other water usage in the house due to lower water output. Consistent heat outflow, as the water is preheated before use.


In summary

Instant heaters and storage heaters both have its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the location and uses, either one would fit best. A small and compact instant heater would work great in a HDB or a Condo whereas a storage heater can be fitted in a landed property or a commercial unit, depending on the preference of the end user. Bearing in mind these considerations, you would know which would be the perfect fit for your home.

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