Common Water Heater Problems in Singapore

Ever had a bad shower experience with your water heater? Cold water coming out instead of hot water? Unusual noises emitting from the water heater? Your water heater may have some problems that are in need of repair.

In this article, we will look at the different common water heater problems and how we may try to approach these issues.

Common water heater problems

Before we dwell into the individual problems, we have to note that in Singapore, there are generally 2 types of water heaters: Instant water heaters (E.g. Ariston SMC33 Instant Heater) & Storage Water Heaters (E.g. Rheem Electric 40L EH-40M Storage Water Heater)

Therefore, we will be categorizing the various problems according to the type of water heaters along the article.

Instant water heater

  1. No Hot Water

There are times when the water heater does not supply heated water pass the average 5 seconds of cold water, but this matter would be minor compared to when the water heater does not provide heated water at all. This may be due to many factors. The water heater’s electric resistance may be 1 factor. You will need to find a suitable water heater that suits the electric supply. Sometimes faulty parts within the heater will also play a part in denying the supply of heated water. In which case, the parts would need to be replaced.

  1. Too Much Hot Water

Feeling that the water is so hot that it may scald yourself? This may be due to incorrect temperature and pressure settings, which need to be checked and adjusted accordingly. It may also be due to a misplacement of pressure valve or even a faulty part, in which an expert’s opinion would be necessary.

  1. Leakage

This can happen at the base of the water heater and may be due to excess pressure, inadequate plumbing, corrosion or even overheating. In which case, it will call for adjustment of pressure, correction of plumbing valve, replacement of corroded part and reduction of thermostat settings to fix the issues respectively.

  1. Unusual noises

Heard a weird and rumbling noise when the heater is in use? This may be due to a scale substance that is accumulating on the heating element, in which case is an indication for a change of the particular element.

  1. Discoloured Water

When you start to see some colours in the water supply, this may indicate that the anode of the water heater may be rusting or faulty, in which case needs to be replaced.


Storage water heater

  1. Leaking Water

An electric storage water heater may leak from either the top or the bottom, for such case, it may be due to either a normal condensation, overflowed pipe due to excess pressure or loose piping. You may want to get a replacement for the water heater or approach professional water heater companies like Water Heater City Singapore to look into your case.


  1. No Hot Water

There are generally 3 scenarios in which there would be no hot water supply, which may be due to lost of electric supply, in which you may want to check the circuit breaker. Or when the heating element has failed and in need of a replacement. This may also occur when the water gets too hot and trips the limit switch within, and as such, would need a replacement.

  1. Water is too hot

This would usually be due to the thermostat setting being too high or the thermostat may be faulty and needs replacement. You can check if the thermostat is set too high, and adjust accordingly. If after the adjustment and there are no changes, it is advised to get a professional to look into the matter.

  1. Low water pressure

A small piping may hinder the water supply, reducing the output pressure. In this case, you may want to replace the pipe with a bigger piping to increase the pressure. Built up/Sediments within the pipes may also add to the low water pressure, as does a leaking water heater tank. A plumber would be able to help with the above.


  1. Noises

Some cases you may hear weird noises in the tank rumbling or banging, which may be due to a build up in sediments in the tank. Other causes may be due to leakage, high pressure, expansion and contraction of pipes. In which case, it would be best for a professional like Water Heater City Singapore to take a look.

  1. Dirty Water

This is a sign that the anode rod or the tank may be corroded, and needs to be replaced before the situation gets worse. Other possible reasons can be due to sediment built up causing the water to be discoloured, which may be solve by doing tank flushing.

  1. Smelly Water

There’s a difference between dirty water and smelly water, both are caused by different factors. Smelly water may occur when there is growth of bacteria within the tank, giving off a foul odour. The tank would need to be chemically treated and flushed periodically to fully get rid of the smell.


In summary

To sum it up, there are many problems that may occur with your water heater, all in which are due to numerous reasons. The responsibility lies with you to keep it in tip top condition in order to work when it is necessary. But in time of needs whereby a problem occurs, Water Heater City Singapore is just a call or an email away to look in the issue.

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