Electric Water Heater Informative Walkthrough and Elements

Electrical water heaters are dependable devices that provides comfort to our daily lives. Water heater in Singapore ranging from electric tankless water heaters (also known as instant water heater) to electric storage heater, there are certain brands which would be the best electric water heaters to each household. The electric water heater tank works in a system whereby the water is heated and stored when hot ready to be used. There is an insulator in the storage heater tank and the insulators help retain heat in the storage tank hence keeping the water at the same temperature. This is why insulators are an integral part of these storage water heaters. Instant water heater does not store water in a tank but heats it up as it passes through.


Anatomy facts and fine elements


The body of the storage water heaters tanks are usually constructed using steel and a glass lining blended in the interior in order to inhibit corrosion. This well thought composition is what results to high efficiency electric water heater. Malfunction and breakdown as a result of corrosion caused by mineral deposits accumulated over time is not uncommon to see in storage water heaters. The humid atmosphere in Singapore is a huge aspect that facilitates the rusting of metal. Corrosion is more often than not beyond repair which leads to an extra cost of replacing your water heater.

Instant water heaters can also be made of the same material as storage water heaters, but in Singapore, the much often seen instant water heaters in HDB flats are usually made out of polymer or carbon and insulator materials over the conductive elements. They are small and compact so that it can easily fill into the size of a HDB bathroom. Note that these heaters heat up the water instantly rather than needing it to be heated up before use.

It is in our human nature to truly appreciate the significance of something once it is not available. The same goes for a reliable and steady supply of hot bathing water; if the heating system fails we will realize just how much importance it has. With a high quality and reliable electric water heater, one need not have to worry about malfunctions. Not only that, these companies usually also provide warranty for their products, which is a major plus point. There are several types of electric water heaters and each varies from the other in manufacturing, design and functionality. At the Water Heater City, we have many types of electric tankless water heater and the storage heaters.


How an electric water heater operates

 A standard electric water heater consists of a circuit with a two hundred and twenty voltage. In order for it to heat the water the electrical current has to be conducted through the various heating components at the lower and central part of the heating system. There is a thermostat in the heating system which is used to regulate the temperature and ensure that it does not exceed the set limit. When the cold water tap is closed the heating components continue to heat the water till it reaches the set limit at which the thermostat is triggered and it drops regulate the temperature.


The electric storage water heaters have T & P (Temperature and Pressure) valves. When the water in a storage tank is being heated the T & P valves are used to facilitate the transportation of the build-up pressure. It is therefore important to ensure that these valves are at no point blocked. They are designed in the heating system as a precaution from danger.

Storage Electrical water heaters are responsible for the storage of both water and heat. Water is heated at a rate known as recovery rate; the rate at which water is passed out of the storage heater should be the same rate at which water is heated to ensure that a stable temperature is maintained. If water if passed out at a speed greater than which it is being heated the temperatures will reduce and the water being drawn out will not be as hot as desired. However, this is not the only factor that can influence the heating functions of a heating system. The capacity of the storage tank also affects it. Storage tanks with high capacity have a low recovery rate. Though the water will take more time to heat, the advantage is that there will be a recurring supply of it.


Instant water heaters are much simpler as water is heated through the connection from the pipe to the heater element and output directly to the showerhead.


We hope that through this informative article, you are able to get a better understanding towards water heaters. At Water Heater City we offer all these different types of electric water heaters letting you choose one that suits you. We are dedicated to offering you only the best and reliable water heaters for your home.

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