Significance of Installing Energy Efficient Water Heaters

The joy of every household is having an energy efficient and reliable water heater. It is an extra added advantage when your family can enjoy a hot shower while at the same time you are saving on the resources such as the expenditures on the electricity and water. Whether your water heater is an instant water heater or a storage water heater, in Singapore they can all be broadly categorized as electric water heaters.  These devices use electric energy in order to heat the water either in it or passing through it, hence categorising water heater as electric is accurate in a point of view. The energy saving tips are not only essential to those individuals whose electric water heater is almost ready to retire but it also applies to those that have just had theirs installed.


Every household is trying to cut down on some costs in order to allocate those funds on something else they have been putting on hold. It might be a family vacation or a new asset. At Water Heater City we are fully aware of these facts which is why we offer high efficiency electric water heater which also help you save energy when using it. Our electric water heaters are unlike any other brands and models in the market. We have an assortment of sizes and types. There are other types which each is powered by a different source of energy but rarely used in Singapore. We at Water Heater City recognize that despite the cost or design of a water heater, at the end of the day what the client will be most concerned about is how the water heater is positively impacting their lives.


Several questions will be running through their minds. How easy is life after purchasing the electric water heater? Is it positively or negatively reflecting on my finances? Is the electricity bill the same, lesser or higher? How about the utility bill? Some of the features that help in the energy and cost saving are in built in the water heater.


Insulation technique

When using an electric storage water heater, it is recommended that you put in a blanket for insulation. The blanket will act as a padded shielding the heat to stay inside the storage tank even when the water heater is not in use hence preserving the heat inside the storage tank. Through this minor task you can reduce the expenditure on electric bills to a percentage not less than four.

I am sure the question running through your mind at this stage is how do I identify if the electric water heater I have is insulated? The answer is very simple. All you have to do is place a wet towel on the storage tank a long while after showering (please do not use your hand as it may still be hot), if it is warm it has an insulator in it and if it is cold, it is about time you got an insulator for it.

When purchasing an insulator it is also important to note that there are various types on insulators available in the market. It is therefore essential for you to consult with an expert in that field so as to be advised accordingly depending on the type of your electric water heater. In the market, there is a variety of these insulators that are suitable for electric water heaters such as the R-10 and the R-5 rated insulators.


Repairing faulty faucets

The presence of dripping taps can lead to wastage of large volumes of water and an elevation in the water bill. If the amount of how water consumed can be decreased in an orthodox method the water bill would be much lesser which leads to more savings. There are several things that can result to water wastage with your water heater, such as faulty shower heads or dripping taps. If the source of your water wastage is a water heater, it may be an indication to change your water heater to a new one. If the leakage is due to a dripping tap a repair may be the solution for this case. The repair depends on the type of leakage you have. It may be simple and straight forward enough to follow some YouTube DIY fix. But in the event that it seems complicated, please always look for a reliable plumber that may help you with the matter.


The shower flow of the showerhead might also be the cause of the water wastage. The older versions release a lot of water per minute as compared to the modern ones. Getting a modern version is a better choice to save water and energy as it may have an in-built automated timer to turn off the power when not in use which would go a long way in energy and cost saving. We value our customers which is why at Water Heater City, we are always available to enlighten our clients about all these facts. Like a wise man once said, sharing is caring.


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