Things to consider when buying a new water heater in Singapore

When looking for water heaters, there are usually some factors that comes to mind: “What type of water heater should I get?”, “What brand of water heater works best?” and etc. In this article, we will bring you through some of the key points to consider, when buying a new water heater

Whether we are looking for instant or storage heater, there are still a few things that we have to consider. So below are a few main pointers you may want to take note.


  1. Types of water heater

First things first, you have to understand that there are generally 2 types of water heater, namely: Instant heater and Storage heater.

Instant heaters, as the name suggest, instantly heats up the water passing through it whereas Storage heaters are heaters that has an insulated tank and the water is heated from within before usage. Click here to find out more about instant and storage heaters.

This puts your preference forward, to consider whether you would want to go with an instant water heater or a storage water heater.


  1. Cost

When it comes to buying products, as an economically-conscious consumer, the cost would most definitely come to mind. “How much could a water heater cost?” Well, depending on the model and brand you choose, the price would most definitely differ. Brands such as Ariston are generally more expensive than compared to brands such as champs. Ariston believes in providing quality water heaters that are worth every of your penny whereas brands such as Champs are more economical for users on a budget but not sacrificing its proficiency. Instant water heaters are also generally cheaper than compared to storage water heaters.


  1. Installation

Instant heaters are small and compact; thus, it does not use up much space than compare to storage heaters. The most common practices for instant heater installation is for it to be wall-hung in the bathroom for convenient use. It is best to position the instant heater near an existing power line so as to not incur extra costs for extensions. Water Heater City Singapore provides such installation fuss-free, for your ease of mind.



Instant heaters like Champ Ocean Instant Heater is a popular choice among HDB owners due to their compact and small design.


Rheem EhH 40M Storage Water Heater comes in other capacities to fill all consumer’s needs.

Storage heaters are bulky and not very pleasant to the eye, so home owners would usually want to conceal the storage heater. Some are fitted above the false ceiling for condo home owners, others, above the roof for landed property owners, or even exposed wall-mounted for HDB owners.

Water Pressure and Temperature Consistency

Ever experience an unpleasant shower due to lower water pressure for the shower head? If you ever serve National Service, you most definitely did. Those were the days where you have to press the knobs a few times to fully complete your shower.

Water pressure greatly determines the shower experience, more so than people usually thinks.

Instant water heaters are often associated with restricted water pressure. Most instant water have in-built restrictors so as to enable instantaneous heating of the water flowing through the pipes. This ensures that the temperature of the water can reach up to 39°C.

Water pressure and temperature consistency for water heaters are interlinked.

For instant water heaters, when there is another usage from another area coming from the same water supply, the inlet of water will decrease, causing the water pressure to drop, during which the temperature will increase at the output which leads to inconsistent temperature.

However, due to advancement in technology, companies such as Ariston, has came up with innovative instant heaters to combat such issues. One such example is the Ariston SMC33 Instant Heater



With the innovative new technology, Ariston SMC33 Instant Heater will provide you with consistent temperature and water pressure of your desires.

Storage heaters on the other hand, provide consistent water pressure and temperature due to the nature of its structure, in which water is pre-heated in the tank before use and dispensed during usage. The only limit it has would be its capacity.


The cool and sleek Ariston Andris SL20 provides you with consistent water temperature as well as excellent water pressure to ensure a pleasant showering experience.

  1. Energy consumption

With the advancement of technology and innovation, consumers are more environmental conscious when it comes to products that will affect their surroundings. Everyone has a part to play in creating a clean and green world.

As such, energy consumption is an important factor. Instant water heaters consume less energy than compared to storage water heaters. This is because instant water heaters only heat up the water when it passes through the pipe. Storage water heater uses more energy because the water is stored in a tank, and due to its large capacity in nature, it will use up more energy to heat up the water within.

As mentioned, with advancement of technology and innovation, water heaters have also come a long way in saving energy. Examples are the Ariston AN30 and Joven JH25L.



The new and innovative Ariston AN30 comes with energy savings performance for the extra savings in your utility bills.



Storage heaters like Joven JH25L helps to save energy consumption by up to 20%!


  1. Life Cycles & Maintenance

When purchasing a water heater, you will wonder how long can this water heater last? When do I need to have it checked again?

Based on information provided by our suppliers, manufacturers and customers, and our expertise, the average life span of an instant heater is estimated to be around 10 to 15 years. It is recommended to get the wiring check every 3 to 5 years.

The average life span for storage water heaters are around 8 to 13 years on estimate. It is recommended to do a water tank flushing every 5 years to prolong the life expectancy of the storage water heater.

  1. Warranty

The all-important after-sales guarantee for your water heater. Never get your water heater from some dubious sales person.

Different brands have different warranty periods based on its manufacturer. Not forgetting the warranty period for instant water heater and storage water heater also differs from each other. Generally, storage water heater has a warranty period for its parts of around 3 to 10 years depending on the brand. Whereas instant water heater usually comes with 1-year warranty.

At Water Heater City Singapore we ensure that you are fitted with the right warranty to give you an ease of mind when you make the purchase with us. As part of our value added-service, we also provide 1-month workmanship warranty from the time of installation/replacement.

In summary

Different people have different needs as well as different preferences. Some would prefer the instant water heater due to its positive features, whereas others would prefer the storage water heater. As for your personal needs and wants, you will know best which would suit your fancy.

With the considerations above in mind, we hope that it will help you come a bit closer in deciding your dream water heater for your household needs.

Still in a dilemma as to what kind of water heater to choose? Just call us at +65 6653 8063 or email us at and we will swiftly assist and provide our answers to your questions in mind. With Water Heater City Singapore, you will never have to worry about choosing your perfect water heaters ever.

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