To Replace Or Repair Your Water Heater?

There are several factors that you need to put into consideration when making a choice between replacing or repairing your water heater. Factors such as the amount you are willing to spend on it, the current state of the water heater and the duration of time that it has been in use will be taken into consideration. If you need an expert to evaluate your water heater in order to access whether to repair or replace, Water Heater City is the most appropriate place for you. We are a large store widely recognized for its high-quality water heaters such as the Ariston water heater you see in Singapore. Our water heaters in Singapore pricing are reasonable and very economical. The process of replacing or repairing a storage heater with Water Heater City is easy on the wallet. Our aim is to give our customers high quality goods and services that are reasonably priced. We have relevant experience for more than a decade of being in business in this industry.


Signs that your water heater is in dire need of repair

For a majority of people who do not do a regular maintenance for their water heater, there will likely be signs that indicate that their water heater is not functioning well and it needs to be repaired. Some instant heaters will fail to heat up and instead of a hot spray from the shower head it will be ice cold. This is an indicator that the water heater needs some repairing to be done. Another sign might be the presence of water puddles which may indicate that there is a faulty faucet or a dripping tap. The temperature regulator might also stop operating as required which is also an indicator that something in your water heating system is not right. These signs might occur in storage heaters that are old. At the Water Heater City, we educate our customers on how to identify a faulty water heater and offer the best water heater repair in Singapore, should there be a need.


Understanding the process of a water heater is also key. The operating system of a standard water heater is not complex and therefore it is easy to identify a change in its functioning. The water passes through to the storage tank where it is heated by the use of electricity. The temperature is regulated by the use of a thermostat to ensure that the water temperature does not exceed the set limit. The pressure in the storage tank created as a result of the heating process is responsible for shooting the hot water through the faucet. The process is quite clear hence there are only very few issues that can arise.


Some of these things that might go wrong are the failure of the heating system, a breakdown of the thermostat, malfunctioning of the valves, the electric circuit can break or the pilot lights might go off. You need not to worry or get worked up if it is one of these things that needs repair. Our repair services and spare parts are economical. The quality of the spare parts of a new instant heater or storage heater is dependable and durable. If your heating system is nearing the end of its estimated lifespan we can also provide you with a brand new one such as the Ariston water heater in Singapore which is a widely recognised brand of water heaters. We will discuss further on water heater replacement in the next section.


Signs that your water heater is in dire need of replacement

Water heater in Singapore are priced reasonably. There are situations when assessment shows that the water heater is beyond repair and replacement is the sole solution to the problem. Such problems in the heating system usually occur after long periods of time of being in use. If the steel elements in the storage heaters are corroded by mineral deposits which have accumulated over time then replacement is the only solution in that particular situation.  This should not necessarily be bad news to our clients at the Water Heater City, this is because by replacing their old water heaters they can upgrade to a most sophisticated and reliable model which has inbuilt insulators hence saving on heat energy and the electricity bill will decrease.


The modern models meet all the requirements set for standardization and security measures such as the venting system size and type specification, drainage and supply pipes that are inbuilt. For individuals with skills and experience in electrical and plumbing the DIY (Do It Yourself) guideline and the toolbox might be all they need to kick off the replacing process. For those who lack these skills and experience they are also covered in our store as all they need to do is hire one of our experts to perform this task for them at a very reasonable price. Our stores do not just offer amazing products but also provide professional services to our customers.


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