Water heater installation and Points to Note

There are many water heaters available on the market in Singapore. Brands like Champs water heater produces one of the best instant water heater in Singapore. Water heater in Singapore prices are comparable and almost close to each other. It is important to do your own research in this aspect. When getting a water heater, it is important to familiarize yourself with the steps towards water heater installation or you may hire a plumber to help you install the water heater. There are numerous tutorial videos available online on how to install a water heater for DIY (Do It Yourself) customers. If you purchase the instant water heater or storage water heaters from our stores it will have a manual enclosed in it which has a step by step process of how to install the water heater. Just like the types of instant water heaters vary so do the process of installation, some might be alike and some dissimilar.


When getting a water heater, find a store that is not only trustworthy but also dependable. With the item you want, ensure that the guideline manual is in the packaging but also talk to the staff so that they can verbally and physically illustrate to how to go about installing the water heater. For parties who are not so hands on, it is advised to look for a plumber that may help you install the water heater. For information on water heaters, it can be easily found on the internet at this day and age. Always make a comparison before committing to one. There’s also step by step tutorial to be found on YouTube should you want to install the water heater yourself.


Procedure of installing a water heater

For this example, we will lead with a storage water heater as it can be more complicated to install. If there are items in the area where you want to place the water heater such as under the sink you need to create some free space for the storage tank. The first step in the Water heater installation process is to make certain that both the water and electricity are closed at the main supply point. The second step is drawing out the water from the pipes and sinks of that area. If there is no hollowed out part for the dispenser make a mark and use the appropriate tools to make the hole. Next position the dispenser in the hollowed out part and if it fits firmly place it by sealing.


The next step is attaching the water line with a double compression which links all water lines. Put a mark on the tap for the purposes of positioning it adjacent to the electrical and plumbing outlets. Connect the tank and the rest of the system using screws made of wood.it is important to ensure that the tank is well balanced.  Connect the electrical cables to the storage water heater; place the flap back together with the outlet pipes on the water heater. Switch the water and electricity back on in order to finalize the process of Water heater installation. Turn on the faucet responsible for cold water in order to clean the dispenser then put it off and open that of the hot water to test if it is working as required. Look under the sink and on the storage tank to ensure that there are no dripping faucets.


The last step is ensuring that the temperature regulators are functioning properly. If they are then you are all set to start using your water heater. If you realize that the water heater is not heating the water it is advisable to check if you remembered to switch the power back on. Sometimes people panic when the water doesn’t start heat and they end up saying that a faulty water heater was sold to them when it is just a minor detail that they have not paid enough attention to. It is because of this reason that the consumers are advised to double check each step before they move on to the next one. The procedure may appear easy and straight forward but every tiny detail of these procedures contributes greatly towards the outcome and the efficiency of your water heater. We highly recommend DIY to only those individuals who have relevant skills and experience in plumbing and electricity. For the rest we recommend they hire one of the many experts at Water Heater City to install it for them.


One point to note would be the water heater installation cost. It is inexpensive and economical and it saves you on time and energy. You do not have to part with a small fortune just to have your water heater installed by experts from Water Heater City.


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