Water Heater Issues and Maintenance

It is only a small population of people who realize that the greatest role involved in ensuring that your water heater is working efficiently is ensuring that is properly maintained. The maintenance techniques do not have to be necessarily expensive or tedious, they can be simple practices that one can conduct with ease while following a set of instructions. If you follow these techniques regularly then your chances of needing water heater repair in Singapore will be very slim. It is very important that the owner is aware of these facts before they install a water heating system in their home. Here at Water Heater City, we make sure that each and every client is aware of these facts.


Potential issues with water heaters


Water contains an array of minerals which leave behind some deposits in the base of your heating system. These deposits left behind accumulate with time and affect the normal functioning of your water heater. Some of these minerals are responsible for rusting which slowly corrodes the water heater storage tanks. When this happens, the individual will have to purchase another water heater in order to replace the damaged one.

Purchasing another water heating unit is not only expensive but also a cost that could have been evaded by a very cheap remedy known as proper maintenance. The tools used for maintenance are easily and readily available in the household. The procedure is also crystal clear and manageable. The maintenance techniques are essential in drawing off water and ensuring that the heating system is operating efficiently. A well maintained water heater can last up to a life span of at least eight years or even exceed up to about thirteen years. Imagine the amount of money you can save by just regularly servicing your heating system instead of neglecting it then paying dearly for it with a water heater replacement.




At Water Heater City, we are aware that you have worked hard for your money and there are numerous things that you have put on hold just to purchase that amazing water heater. We realize the significance of that instant heater in your home and we therefore offer you only the best products. Our products are very easy to maintain, clean and use. With just a tiny bit of attention and keenness our clients are able to keep their water heater running without needing water heater repair in Singapore for many years. Clients who are not afraid to do some manual work and handle electricity can do it themselves but for those who are not comfortable working with electricity can ask for professional help. They can do this by hiring one of our professional employees to do this on their behalf.

Before you start any step on the procedure it is very important to take precautions. It is recommended that the individual conducting the procedure wear protective gear such as overalls, goggles and gloves. It is also important to note that there are maintenance procedures that should only be conducted only when the equipment is turned off. Always go the extra mile to ensure your personal safety and prevent any risk of accidents happening at home.


Here’s an example of a maintenance step you may take. The first course of action should be to examine the T & P valves to verify that they are still working. After assessing their condition of the valves it is time to shut down the power. Put a container directly beneath the pipes attached to the T &P valves. Raise the flap of the valve to drain the water and release. If after releasing the valve, and the water heater is leaking, draw out all the water and replace the valve because it is faulty. It will need some replacement to be done.

At the Water Heater City, we illustrate the advantages of maintaining a water heater to our clients. We advise them to plug in insulators into their instant heaters due to the fact that insulators help reduce loss of heat which in turn decreases the amount of time and heat required to heat the water. We also encourage our clients to frequently cleanse and rinse out the mineral deposits at the base of the storage heaters. This is to alleviate the corrosion of the rust and prolong the life span of the storage tanks as well as their efficiency.  The anode rods should be made of high quality materials and it should suspend on the interior of the storage tank to counteract rusting. Getting a new anode rod is numerous times cheaper than water heater repair in Singapore.


At Water Heater City we are aware that our client’s time and resources are important and we therefore take the responsibility of respecting and utilizing them seriously.


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