11 Best Instant Storage Water Heaters In Singapore To Choose From (2024)

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Water Heater Brands

Most people in Singapore find it hard to decide on what water heater they will buy due to the multiple water heater brands on the market. Upon consulting water heater experts, we have prepared a list of the best water heaters available today in Singapore that will help you decide whether you will install an instant water heater, storage water heater, or multipoint water heater.

1. Ariston Water Heater


Ariston is a reputable brand originating from Italy, which is among our best-selling water heater brands. They are a leading global expert in water heaters and heating products that provide people around the globe with Italian-designed, energy-efficient, and high-quality water heaters for a luxury and comfortable shower experience.

 Featured Ariston Water Heater Models

· Ariston Andris2 RS Series ·


Ranked among the best-looking water heater models in the market is the Ariston Water Heater. Ariston water heater has a modern-contemporary design that was crafted by famous Italian designer Umberto Palermo. These Ariston water heater models have efficient functions, safety features in case of water heater issues, precise water temperature settings, and more that can give you an enjoyable bath experience.

If you want to view more Ariston water heaters, visit our Ariston water heater products page section.

2. Rheem Water Heaters


Rheem is an industry leading water heater company for water heaters. It was established in the 1920s in San Francisco, California. They have a local manufacturing company set up in Singapore, providing renowned hot water systems, suited for our environment, designed just for consumers.

Featured Rheem Water Heater Models

· Rheem EH Series ·


Rheem Water Heater had been in the industry for a long time and still maintained popularity amongst Singaporeans. One of many reasons why they are still a hit in the market is that they have a simple design and it is an energy efficient water heater. Lastly, due to its safe-to-use features, most homeowners find it easy to save money on plumbing with this water heater brand.

If you want to view more Rheem water heaters, visit our Rheem water heater products page section.

3. Joven Water Heaters


Joven is a well-established brand with over 35 years of history. They started out in 1983 and made their way to the top in the water heater industry. The company is a manufacturing company for the JOVEN brand of water heater. Their products are designed with quality thoughts for the end-user in line.

Featured Joven Water Heater Models

· Joven JSH Series ·


Joven Water Heater is a brand from Malaysia and it belongs to the top three best-selling water heaters in Singapore because of the water heater models that they have, which provides the customer with satisfaction with the variety of water heaters they are going to install for their household.

If you want to view more Joven water heaters, visit our Joven water heater products page section.

4. 707 Water Heaters

707 water heater logo water heater singapore

707 is a proud home-grown water heater and home appliances brand with a strong focus on family and personal wellbeing. After more than 50 years in the market, 707 has established a reputation for reliability, trustworthiness and safety, and is the preferred brand for residential water heaters amongst Singaporean families.

Featured 707 Water Heater Models

· 707 Kensington Series·


· 707 Compact Series·


For more than a half-century, 707 Water Heater is considered among the best water heater brands in Singapore. 707 water heater models have a highly durable quality which a lot of people consider when buying a water heater. It also has distinct features such as being splashproof and having control over the water heater temperature.

If you want to view more 707 water heaters, visit our 707 water heater products page section.

5. Champs Water Heaters


Champs has strategically positioned itself as a multi-disciplinary company that engages in the design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of electric water heaters. With its expertise in design and development, Champs is well-poised to bring this vision to fruition and ride this new wave into the future.

Featured Champs Water Heater Models

· Champs Vios Series ·


If you are looking for water that has been considered to be among the best, you might consider installing a water heater from Champs Water Heater. It is known for its user-friendly functions and the ability to heat your water instantly.

If you want to view more Champ water heaters, visit our Champ water heater products page section.

6. Mistral Instant Water Heaters


Mistral offers high-quality water heating technology from the United Kingdom. Throughout the years, it has been giving utmost safety with their double-safety device – bringing ultimate protection to their customers. Their instant water heaters can withstand low and high water pressure, offering reliability and durability.

Featured Mistral Water Heater Models

· Mistral MSH303i Instant Water Heater with Shower Set ·


With high-grade durability, an elegant design, and a double heating feature, Mistral Water Heater is what most people look after, especially if they opt to replace their water heater rather than have them repaired. This water heater is a new take on the traditional water heater but still can provide a comfortable showering experience for the newly installed water heater.

If you want to view more Mistral water heaters, visit our Mistral water heater products page section.

7. Rubine Water Heaters


Rubine is a leading and established Italian brand in the bathroom and kitchen industry. Within a span of 15 years, Rubine has built a strong presence in many markets in the region. Known for its contemporary design, functionality and quality. Rubine continues to develop products which embellish customers’ homes and offers practical benefits.

Featured Rubine Water Heater Models

· Rubine RWH-1388 and RWH-2388 ·


If you are planning to install your instant water heater for commercial or residential use, consider Rubine Water Heater. With its unique design, many water heater plumbers consider them suitable for those who want modern-looking storage or instant water heaters.

If you want to view more Rubine water heaters, visit our Rubine water heater products page section.

8. Panasonic Instant Shower Heaters

Panasonic instant water heater contains various modern features that provide homeowners extra comfort. Besides being a highly renowned brand, the Panasonic water heater is very simple to use as well as with its water heater installation.

If you want to buy a water heater that is efficient, user friendly, and affordable, then the Panasonic instant shower heater is a great option.

9. Ferroli Electric Water Heaters

Ferroli electric water heater is the type of water that most HDB plumbers recommend installing. With updated water heater functions such as massage features, stabilized temperature, and various spray options give you a one-of-a-kind soothing shower experience given that they are well maintained to avoid faulty water heaters.

10. Trentios IntelliHeat Water Heaters

Trentios IntelliHeat water heaters are distinct from other types such as storage water heaters or multipoint water heaters. This is because of their modern features such as water usage tracking, instant heating, and a stylish environmental-friendly water heater that seldomly faces common water heater problems.

11. Viesmann Water Heaters


Viessmann is a water heater brand that has been providing quality and comfort for over 100 years. Founded in Germany in 1917, Viessmann has grown into a global leader in heating and refrigeration systems. Viessmann water heaters in particular are designed to meet your needs with efficient, safe and precise heating technology. Whether you prefer instant or storage water heaters, Viessmann has the right product for you so you can enjoy the benefits of hot water anytime, anywhere.

Featured Viessmann Water Heater Models

· Viessmann Vitowell Series ·


Viessmann water heaters are high-quality and durable products that provide safe, precise and efficient household water heating. They come in a range of models, consisting of instant and storage water heaters with capacities from 15 to 30 litres, and feature advanced technology such as Ceratech Technology enamel coating, electronic timers, digital displays and energy-efficient programs.

If you want to view more Rheem water heaters, visit our Viessmann water heater products page section.

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Tips When Buying A Water Heater

     1. Type Of Water Heater

First things first, you have to understand that there are generally 2 types of water heater, namely: instant heater and storage heater. Instant heaters instantly heat up the water passing through them whereas storage heaters are heaters that have an insulated tank, and the water is heated from within before usage.

     2. Amount Of Space Available

Instant heaters are small and compact; thus, it does not use up much space compared to storage heaters. The most common practice for instant heater installation is for it to be wall-hung in the bathroom for convenient use. Storage heaters are bulky and not very pleasant to the eye, so homeowners would usually want to conceal the storage heater. Some are fitted above the false ceiling for condo homeowners, above the roof for landed property owners or even exposed wall-mounted for HDB owners.

     3. Cost

Depending on the model and brand you choose, the price would most definitely be different. Instant water heaters are also generally cheaper than compared to storage water heaters.

     4. Water Heater Capacity

Installing a storage water heater can store 15L to 100L, depending on the capacity of the tank. On the other hand, an instant water heater is great for bigger homes since it has an unlimited water supply. That is one of the many reasons to opt for instant water heater installation.

      5. Energy Consumption

You may be thinking about whether you should install storage or an instant water heater. Well, instant water heaters consume less energy than compared to storage water heaters. This is because instant water heaters only heat up the water when it passes through the pipe. The storage water heater uses more energy because the water is stored in a tank, and due to its large capacity in nature, it will use up more energy to heat up the water within.

     6. Water Heater Maintenance & Lifespan

The average life span of an instant heater is estimated to be around 10 to 15 years, while for storage water heaters, the average life span is estimated to be around 8 to 13 years.

     7. Warranty

Different brands have different warranty periods based on their manufacturer.  Generally, the storage water heater has a warranty period for its parts of around 3 to 10 years depending on the brand. Whereas an instant water heater usually comes with a 1-year warranty.

If you are looking to purchase a water heater for your home, Everyhome Singapore offers a wide range of water heater brands and provides recommendations based on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Difference Between An Instant And A Storage Water Heater?

storage water heater heats up cold water and stores it in its insulated tank to keep it warm for a period of time. It also reheats occasionally when the temperature drops. As a result, a storage water heater typically uses up more energy than an instant water heater.

Storage heaters also take up a lot of space due to their bulky size, capable of storing 30 to 100 litres of water.  Instant water heaters are more compact and heat up water on demand. 

Whether you choose an instant or a storage water heater mostly depends on your budget, your household’s water consumption, your showering habits, and your preferred bathroom aesthetic.

Learn more about the differences between storage and instant water heater to help you decide!

What Are The Top Water Heater Brands In Singapore?

The 3 most popular water heater brands are Ariston from Italy, Joven from Malaysia and Rheem from the US. Other well-known heater brands in Singapore are 707, Champs and Rubine.

How Long Should A Water Heater Last?

Your installed water heater should last within eight to twelve years, and that is what most commercial and HDB plumbers say. However, there are some factors that decrease the water heater’s life expectancy. It can be the design, the water heater installation process, and maintenance schedule.

What Should You Look Out For When Buying a Water Heater?

Here are the things to consider when buying a new water heater:

  • Type of Water Heater
  • Amount of space available
  • Cost
  • Water Heater Capacity
  • Energy Consumption
  • Water Heater Maintenance & Lifespan
  • Warranty

Can I Install My Water Heater By Myself?

Installing or replacing a water heater is a complex job. That is why it is necessary to hire a professional when dealing with your water heaters since they are experienced, and they even use the latest tools and technology. Make sure that you select a reputable water heater servicing company so that you will receive excellent results.