3 Factors That Makes Your 707 Storage Water Heater To Leak

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Homeowners in Singapore find it very inconvenient if their 707 water heater is leaking. They can spend a lot of money and time if it causes water damage. Additionally, hot water may not be available which can be frustrating. It can be more infuriating if they do not know the cause of the 707 water heater leaks. To rectify this issue, it is vital to engage with professional water heater leaking services. We have listed 3 factors that can cause your 707 water heater to leak. 


Corroded Water Heater


One of the reasons to buy a good quality 707 water heater is that they are made up of high quality tanks (copper class tank and blue enamel coated tank). Moreover, 707 water heaters have an anode rod which protects your water heater from rusting. However, over time, the anode rod can corrode. This can cause the water heater to start rusting

If your 707 water heater is leaking, it is recommended to consult a water heater service to advise if a water heater replacement is required. In case you leave this issue unsolved, then it can be a cause of water heater failure


Sediment Accumulation


Sediment accumulation can be due to a damaged or worn out 707 water heater parts. Sediments can rapidly accumulate if your water heater has excessive pressure inside because of malfunctioning valves or controls. Therefore, it is important to properly maintain your water heater, so that all parts and controls are functioning well. 

Another thing you did not know about storage water heaters is that when heating water, the sediment will move around inside the storage water heater. This can harm the interior lining of your storage tank. If the interior lining deteriorates, then the heater tank will begin to corrode and eventually wear off as well. The only solution for this issue is to replace your 707 storage water heater with a newer model. 


Excessive Internal Pressure


One of the things to do when your 707 water heater is leaking is to check where the leak is coming from. If you see that the leak is coming out from the storage tank, then it can be due to excessive internal pressure. 

A thing you did not know about 707 storage water heaters is that they have a relief valve. However, if you notice that your 707 storage water heater is leaking when heating up water, then it means that the relief valve is releasing excess water. In such cases wherein the relief valve keeps on leaking even if it is not heating up water or the 707 water heater has not been switched on for a period of time, hire a water heater professional instead to help diagnose and evaluate if you need to replace your water heater. 



Water heater leaks can prove to be very bothersome. Corrosion, sediment accumulation, and excessive internal pressure are some of the reasons behind a leaking water heater. In case your 707 water heater is not working at its optimal level due to the leaks, then it is a sign that you need a new water heater installed. By contacting us at Water Heater City, our professionals will diagnose the cause of the leak and offer solutions to rectify the situation. In the event that you require a new water heater, we have a range of water heater brands and provide installation services as well


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