3 Possible Reasons Why Your Rheem Water Heater Is Leaking

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It is very inconvenient to have a leaking water heater. Severe leakages lead to water damage, which causes more time and money to repair. There are even some cases wherein hot water supply is unavailable. Moreover, it can be very aggravating if you do not know what is causing your Rheem water heater to leak. In this case, it will be advisable to hire professional water heater leaking services. Although, we will also discuss with you the reasons why your Rheem water heater is leaking.

Rheem Water Heater Tank Is Corroded


There are many reasons why your water heater is corroding. Rheem storage water heaters have a sacrificial anode rod which protects your storage water heater from rusting. However, if the rod itself is defective or expired, your Rheem storage water heater will start to rust. This damages the tank, increasing the likelihood of it springing a leak. There are many telltale signs of water heater corrosion, like brownish water discharge. It could also be a reason why your water heater smells bad.

A step to follow when your Rheem water heater is leaking due to rust, call a water heater professional. The professional will then suggest if a water heater replacement is needed.

Sediment Buildup Inside Rheem Storage Water Heater


If your Rheem storage water heater has damaged or worn out parts, sediment can accumulate. This is yet another issue you may encounter with storage water heaters. Sediment may quickly develop if your Rheem storage water heater has a high internal pressure due to malfunctioning parts (e.g. valves or controls).

The resuspension of the sediment can damage the interior lining of your storage tank. Replacing your water heater with a newer Rheem storage water heater model is the only way to solve this issue.

High Internal Pressure


The thing you should know about storage water heaters is that they have a relief valve as a safety mechanism. This allows for the safe venting of excess steam and pressure. However, the pressure valve can fail or degrade over time. When this happens, the excess steam and pressure will seek to escape from the storage water heater tank, most commonly from where the tank wall is the thinnest.

Therefore, this is the reason why your Rheem storage water heater is leaking. If the relief valve is always leaking even if it is not heating up water or the storage water heater has not been used for some time, then call a professional. The water heater professional will help you install a newer model of Rheem storage water heater.


A corroded water tank, sediment buildup, and high internal pressure are some of the possible reasons why your Rheem water heater is leaking. The only solution to these water heater issues is to replace your Rheem storage water heater with an upgraded model. You should also remember that a malfunctioning water heater can be a reason why a leaking water heater will lead to higher water bills. Therefore, if your Rheem storage water heater is leaking, call a professional immediately to prevent these happenings.

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