3 Reasons Why Your Champs Water Heater Is Leaking

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When your Champs Water Heater starts leaking, it can result in safety hazards and structural damage. This would then lead to unexpected expenses, making it a nuisance for those affected. Especially if you are unable to figure out why your Champs water heater is leaking. The possible factors that may be causing your Champ water heater to leak are listed below:

Rusty Water Heater Tank

One of the reasons behind a leaking water heater is rust. Water heaters like the Champs A30 Pro Storage Water Heater have an anode rod to prevent it from rusting. Over time your anode rod could wear down or deteriorate, causing your water heater to leak from the top anode

If your Champ water heater is leaking due to rust, contact your reliable water heater professional to evaluate whether you need to replace or repair your water heater.

High Internal Pressure

There is only so much pressure a storage water heater can sustain before it ruptures and leaks, or even explodes. This is why it typically comes with a relief valve. A relief valve releases pressure from your Champ water heater (e.g.  Champs A15 Pro Storage Water Heater) when it is heating up water. You may notice your water heater leaking while it is heating up water, this is the relief valve releasing excess water from the water heater.

If the relief valve is leaking continuously even when the water heater is turned off, you may consider contacting a water heater service provider to have a water heater replacement.

Poor Plumbing

One of the key reasons to hire a professional to install your storage water heater is to avoid issues that can arise from poor plumbing. Cold water enters your Champ water heater (e.g. Champs Legend Instant Water Heater with Rainshower) through the inlet pipe, leaving as hot water through the outlet pipe. Shoddy plumbing can result in the development of leaks. 

You can try to tighten the connections manually as a short term fix. However, it is still recommended that you consult a professional plumbing service. The experienced technicians can inspect your plumbing, then recommend and conduct the proper fixes.


Water leaks from your Champ water heater can be frustrating. These leaks can be caused by excess pressure buildup, loose plumbing, and rust due to the deterioration of the anode rod. It may be easy to identify the causes of the leak but resolving the issue can be challenging if done by yourself. That is why we recommend you acquire the help of experts from Water Heater City Singapore. Our staff are all experienced and equipped to resolve your Champ water heater leaking problem effectively and efficiently.

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