3 Tips To Prevent Your Water Heater From Tripping The Circuit Breaker

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Water heater installation services are important for every Singaporean household because they want the hot water supply for bathing or cleaning to be readily available when needed. However, in some cases, families may notice that they are not getting hot water reliably. One of the reasons why the supply of hot water is interrupted is because the water heater tripped the circuit breaker. Since the interruption of the hot water supply is inconvenient, it is just important to find out about the reasons why a storage water heater keeps tripping your circuit breaker and tips to prevent it. Listed below are some tips for preventing your water heater from tripping the circuit breaker. 

Inspect Water Heater Regularly 


One of the main reasons why the water heater trips the circuit breaker is that there is a problem with the water heater itself. A water heater is made up of multiple components. Regardless of what water heater brand you own, the failure of one component, like a damaged tank, can cause a short circuit. For older water heaters, the wiring is often damaged due to pests biting the wires, or the insulation being lost. Therefore, if you are wondering how a 707 storage water heater prevents a water heater from tripping the circuit breaker, it is advisable to regularly inspect the water heater for any visible damage, such as rust or leaks. The heater can also be tested to check which specific part is malfunctioning. 

Avoid Overloading Your Circuit Breaker


Circuit breakers are important in all homes. Ideally, having various power-hungry appliances running all at the same time should be avoided to prevent your circuit breakers from tripping. Since a water heater (e.g. Champs A15 Pro Storage Water Heater) has one of the highest electricity consumption in your home, it is best to switch off any other appliances that consume high electricity like washing machines, dryers, and aircon while using it. You can also consider installing an energy efficient water heater.

Safety Maintenance Checks On Water Heaters


Like all appliances, the performance of a water heater degrades over time naturally. If you have been using your current water heater for more than three years, Enterprise Singapore advises that you have your water heater regularly serviced by licensed technicians to deal with any water heater issues and maintenance. The technician will first clean the water heater to remove any dirt and grime that may have built up. He will then inspect the water heater and repair any components or wiring if he finds any problems. 


An interruption in your hot water supply is truly an inconvenience. One reason behind this is the water heater tripping the circuit breaker. To prevent this situation, you must regularly inspect your water heater, avoid overloading your circuit breaker and conduct safety maintenance checks. 

Water heater maintenance is a complex task. If you have no experience handling this issue, it is best to engage with a professional like  Water Heater City Singapore, because the technicians are trained and experienced to know the right course of action and decide whether it is time to replace or repair your water heater.

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