4 Reasons Installing A Champs Storage Water Heater Can Prevent A Circuit Breaker From Tripping

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In comparison to other home appliances people often use, the amount of energy a storage water heater uses is higher and this also depends on the capacity of the storage heater. In order to ensure safety, some of these storage heaters have their own circuit breakers that trip to cut off any flow of excess current.

Having to always switch on your circuit breaker again can be extremely inconvenient. At the same time, a circuit breaker that trips while you are bathing can make it a highly uncomfortable experience. In order to know how installing a Champs water heater can help to prevent your circuit breaker from tripping, it is vital to understand the possible reasons for this issue. 

The following are some reasons why your storage water heater causes your circuit breaker to trip:

Burnt Heating Element


One thing you might not know about water heaters is that it usually includes a heating element. If the heater has been in use for quite some time or has deteriorated in quality, it can become damaged. When the heating element of a storage water heater is damaged, it can become less resistant. This then leads to a common water heater problem like a tripping circuit breaker. In order to confirm if a heating element has become highly defective, it is best to make use of a multimeter to check its resistance. If it is damaged, there will be a change in the rating of the heating element.

Champs A15 Pro Storage Water Heaters are built with a highly durable stainless steel element designed with low thermal load which makes them more durable compared to other storage heaters. Therefore, by installing one in your home, you do not have to worry about any damaged heating element which can cause your circuit breaker to trip. 

Defective Thermostat 

For old water heaters, one of the reasons why you should lower the water heater’s temperature is to prevent scalding. This is because for many old water heaters, the thermostat can become defective. This enables the heater to continue heating water thereby causing the heating element to keep using energy. Eventually, the heater’s circuit breaker trips as a result. If your water heater’s thermostat happens to be defective, it may be a sign you need a new water heater installed

Fortunately, a Champs water heater has an anti-scald safety device that prevents water from reaching scalding temperature. When this exceeds the preset temperature, power to the heating element is disabled. Through this process, the water heater is prevented from overheating. 


Damaged Circuit Breaker or Electrical Wiring


When the circuit breaker of a storage water heater trips continually, some homeowners opt to just switch it back on rather than do electrical troubleshooting. By doing so, it will damage the circuit breaker. As a result, the breaker itself trips even though the flow of current remains normal. This also can be a factor that affects your water heater’s energy consumption. A breaker may also trip due to damaged wires connecting the breaker to the heater. This can be a result of cockroaches or mice eating into the wiring. 

Since this can lead to a short circuit, it is important to have a professional do a storage water heater replacement immediately. Selecting a Champs water heater is highly recommended as it is made with high-quality materials such as a sapphire enamel coated tank and stainless steel element – making it less likely for a circuit breaker trip to occur.


Water Heater Leak


There may be times when the gasket of a storage water heater loosens or certain parts incur holes. When either of these happens, there is a possible risk of a leaking water heater. Since water is a good conductor of electricity, it can easily bring about a short circuit which can cause the circuit breaker of the heater to trip. For this reason, it is important to engage professional water heater services to rectify the problem.

If you want a high-quality water heater without leaking issues, consider installing a Champs water heater. This heater is built with material that is durable enough to prevent leaks. Furthermore, its sapphire enamel-coated tank provides higher corrosion resistance and a longer lifespan. 


Call A Professional To Replace Your Storage Water Heater 

Besides causing even more damage, a homeowner without proper qualifications in troubleshooting a tripping circuit breaker can incur injuries. As such, it is better instead to contact water heater services to do the work for you. They can better determine why your storage water heater’s breaker keeps tripping and install a heater like the Champs A30 Pro Storage Water Heater instead.


Just as there are reasons why a Joven water heater fails to heat, there can be a number of explanations for why your storage heater’s breaker keeps tripping. Among them are a defective thermostat causing overheating or a damaged heating element that is no longer resistant enough. It is also possible that the circuit breaker or its wiring has sustained damage or there is a leak coming from the heater itself. 

If you are looking to replace your storage water heater that frequently causes a trip, engage a professional water heater service like  Water Heater City Singapore. They can recommend the right Champs water heater that meets your needs and provide installation services as well. They will also ensure that the water heater is installed properly and efficiently to prevent any water heater issues in the future.

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