4 Reasons To Purchase A Multipoint Water Heater Instead of Storage Water Heater

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Most families in Singapore need hot water for different purposes, may it be for bathrooms, kitchens, cleaning, and other purposes. Although it is possible to install multiple water heaters in each room, it is expensive and inconvenient. Thus, more families are choosing to install one multipoint water heater which is connected to the hot water supply in the different bathrooms. We have listed the reasons why families who use hot water choose to purchase a multipoint heater, and how it is more convenient than installing a storage water heater

Low Installation Cost

One of the main reasons why multipoint heaters have become popular is the low installation cost. Instead of installing a water heater for each room, only one multipoint heater has to be installed in the house. A thing to consider when buying a new storage heater is that the false ceiling may have to be cut for installation which increases the cost. Installing a multipoint heater on the other hand does not require any modification, thus its installation cost to some extent. 

No Preheating 


A multipoint water heater will always have stored hot water. Therefore, whenever hot water is required, the family member will only have to start the shower or tap. Normally, it only takes ten seconds to get hot water, depending on the location of the multipoint water heater and bathroom. A thing you should know about storage water heaters is that it will take at least five minutes for the hot water to reach the preferred temperature. Thus, installing a storage water heater will take some time to preheat. Additionally, the heater should be switched sometime before the hot water is needed. 

Energy Efficient 


A multipoint heater is designed and manufactured using the latest technology to make it more energy efficient. If multiple heaters are installed, the energy loss will increase. However, if you install only one multipoint heater, energy loss is reduced. This is the significance of installing energy-efficient water heaters. Besides, a heating element that has high efficiency is used in the multipoint heater. Thus, the energy efficiency of a multipoint heater is up to 30% more than a conventional heater.

Instant Hot Water Supply and Showering Convenience 


Installing a multipoint water heater will always store hot water, and this is a thing to consider when buying a new water heater. Family members can get the hot water that they want immediately. They do not have to wait for five minutes or more for heating the water. If a family member is in a hurry, he or she can quickly access a hot water shower. 


Just installing a single multipoint water heater is enough to supply hot water throughout your home. Compared to installing a storage water heater, this water heater has a low installation cost, no preheating, and is energy efficient. That is why an increasing number of families in Singapore prefer to purchase a multipoint water heater. Although, keep in mind to avoid the common water heater mistakes if you want your heater to last for a long time. If you are planning to buy a multipoint water heater, just contact us at Water Heater City Singapore. Our professionals can also do the installation perfectly in no time. 

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