4 Reasons To Replace Your Leaking Water Heater With A Joven Water Heater

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It can be quite challenging having to deal with a water heater leak. This is because it can be costly to resolve and cause significant damage. Moreover, you will be deprived of hot water which is important for your daily needs. 

Certain plumbing products can still be repaired when they start leaking. For water heaters, you can consider calling water heater services to replace your leaking heater. If you are looking to replace your leaking water heater, consider replacing it with a Joven water heater. Here are reasons why you should choose a Joven water heater to replace your old heater:

It Has A Stainless Steel Tank That Prevents Rusting

Most storage water heaters are built with steel material. Since this is made of iron, it can cause corrosion over time. Certain water heaters protect against this by making use of a sacrificial anode rod, always a feature to have in a brand new water heater

If your water heater is old and does not have a sacrificial anode rod, it can start rusting relatively quickly which is a usual cause of water heater failure. Though some people feel they can simply replace the corroded parts of the heater, this is not advisable as your water can still be unsafe to use. Consider replacing your leaking heater with a Joven JSH 38 water heater as it has a high quality Incoloy heating element that prevents rusting.

It Prevents Sediment Accumulation


Besides rusty water, corroded water heater parts can also cause sediment buildup. This buildup can form at the bottom of the water heater and cause overheating and increased deterioration. In addition, it can cause crackling and popping noises due to blocked water flow which is usually a sign of water heater failure.

In case sediment buildup has already significantly damaged your heater, trying to get individual parts fixed or replaced may fail to prevent further damage. Fortunately, installing a Joven water heater will help greatly as it has a stainless steel tank. Stainless steel has a low chromium content and protective layer which prevents common water heater problems such as sediment accumulation from occurring.

It Prevents Bursting Caused By Excess Pressure

Just like a balloon can explode with too much air, storage water heaters can burst when there is excessive pressure. Fortunately, all heaters including those made by the top 3 best-selling water heater brands in Singapore have a relief valve to prevent this. 

A relief valve is designed to release excess water from the heater. However, when the heater is unable to prevent excess pressure, it can start to leak big amounts of water. The same can happen if the valve becomes defective or sustains some form of damage. Either way, heavy damage to your home can take place as a result. 

Rather than buying a new relief valve to attempt to replace the old one, have a professional do a Joven water heater installation instead. The Joven JSV 35 storage water heater in particular comes with a quad safety system that consists of a safety pressure relief and drain valve, thermostat, safety cut-off, and dry-burn protection. As such, it can withstand extremely high levels of pressure from within the tank and protect you from scalding.


There are many reasons behind a leaking water heater. Corrosion can cause certain parts of the heater to be damaged and sediment to build up. It is also likely that the heater’s leak is caused by excess pressure. Rather than trying to resolve this issue yourself, feel free to contact a professional to install a Joven water heater for you.

Once you engage Water Heater City Singapore, you can experience the different benefits of a Joven water heater. This consists of a stainless steel tank, energy saving heat technology, a quad safety system, and a high quality heating element. Moreover, our team of professionals will ensure your heater is installed properly so that you can regain the experience of having a warm and comfortable bath.


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