4 Ways Of Preparing For A Water Heater Replacement

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Maybe you are looking forward to replacing your current storage water heater unit with a more reliable and energy-efficient instant water heater unit. However, you do not know what is required of you. Indeed, water heater replacement procedures entail paying attention to every detail since failure to do so can cause huge risks. 

Some of the tools you might need include but are not limited to:

  • Voltage Tester
  • Flexible Hoses
  • Sandpaper Cloth
  • Plumbers Tape/ Pipe Dope
  • Tubing (Pipe) Cutter
  • Wrench And Screwdriver
  • Solder Wire And Soldering Flux Connected To The Torch

Below are some of the DIY techniques you can embrace to prepare for your water heater installation:

Disable The Heater’s Electricity Supply


Ideally, one of the most important things to note during a water heater installation is disconnecting the electrical supply. The best place to disconnect it from the mainline is at the circuit breaker panel to leave unaffected appliances running. 

Use a voltage tester to ascertain that there is zero current flowing in the system. If not ensured, it may be a reason why your water heater trips your circuit breaker.

The electrical wires on top of the water heater should also be disconnected to ensure the water heater safety and of everyone around. This should be done after you have switched off the circuit breaker. Cap all connecting cables and either take a picture or label them for future reference; otherwise, this might confuse you when hooking the new water heater up.

Make Sure You Have Enough Ventilation


The second most important consideration for your water heater replacement procedure is if you have adequate ventilation. 

Something to consider before having an instant water heater installed is that it produces a considerable amount of condensation when running. That is why it is very critical to ensure your site is adequately ventilated. All the more reason to hire a professional water heater installer. They will take care of fixing a condensate drain at the site since this will remove a significant amount of the forming moisture.

Drain The Heater Tank


Before the water heater tank installation, you should allot time to drain the hot water inside. Open the hot water tap to allow the previously heated water to run out until the cold water starts flowing. Pay attention to what you’re doing; otherwise, you risk being scalded. Once the cold water starts flowing, you can shut off the faucet supplying water to the heater. 

Ideally, it is located in the upper region of the unit. Make sure to have knowledge of the water heater elements before doing this step so you can be sure of correctly opening the right parts.

Drain the remaining water in the tank by connecting a hose to the water heater’s drain valve. Turn on the valve and let the water in the tank drain into buckets. If you had initially closed the hot water valve, make sure to open it as well as the T&P valve.

Plan for Electrical Access


One of the most important points to note in water heater installation is to plan for the electrical access. Make sure that you have an available outlet inside your bathrooms. 

Most electrical appliances are rated at 120 volts, so you must ensure that you can access current with such voltage. In this case, your site can be situated near an electrical output or connect to another source near your site using a direct line.


A water heater replacement is in no way an easy task to do. You will need ample time and knowledge to prepare for it. 

Preparing for a storage water heater replacement usually involves knowing the right tools to use, disabling the heater’s electricity supply, making sure you have enough ventilation, draining the water heater tank, and planning for electrical access. All of these are not only important during the replacement, but also needed to avoid any water heater issues in the future.  

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