5 Benefits of Installing A Champs Storage Water Heater

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Since it is easier to use hot water for cleaning purposes, almost all Singapore homes have one or more water heaters installed in the bathroom or elsewhere. Homeowners who wish to install a new water heater will find that there are a large number of companies selling water heaters that vary in their specifications, quality, and price. 

Most reviews of water heaters will recommend the Champs Water Heater because of its superior quality and affordable price. Families planning to install this brand of the heater have popular options to choose from such as the Champs A15 Pro Storage Water Heater or the Champs A30 Pro Storage Water Heater since they are better than other models due to the features which are discussed below. 


Coated With Sapphire Enamel

Since water heaters are usually installed in the bathroom where humidity levels are high, this can cause corrosion of the metals. Both the Champs A30 Pro Storage Water Heater and A15 Pro Storage Water Heater are coated with sapphire enamel which makes them highly corrosion resistant since they do not react chemically with water or other substances. Thus, this increases their lifespan significantly. 

The enamel coating also gives a smooth and hard finish, making them scratch resistant. Additionally, it is also easy to clean this enamel heater coating if it becomes dirty. The enamel coating will also not get damaged or develop cracks if heated to a high temperature. One of the factors to consider when buying a Champs Storage Water Heater is certainly for its enamel coating.


Uses A Stainless Steel Element

One of the reasons to install a Champs water heater in your home is because this heater uses a high-quality heating element made from stainless steel that will heat quickly when switched on. The heating element is made from a combination of metals such as an alloy of steel, nickel, and chromium. They are developed after extensive research, so that electrical energy will be converted quickly into heat energy, enabling the water to be heated up quickly. This alloy is very durable and will not get corroded even when immersed in hot water for longer periods of time. As the durability of a Champs water heater model depends on the heating element being used, having a well-designed heating element greatly improves its durability. 


Highly Energy Efficient 


A Champs water heater such as the A15 Pro and A30 Pro Storage Water Heater has a high-quality heating element that will convert almost all electrical energy from the power supply into heat. What you should know about storage water heaters is that their energy efficiency depends to a large extent on the heating element used. 

As the heating element used is highly energy efficient, lesser energy is wasted heating the water repeatedly after it cools. Thus, the water will remain warm for at least some time, and this helps reduce energy consumption to a significant extent. You may also want to learn more about why Singaporeans choose to install storage water heaters so that you are better able to decide if this is the right type of heater for you.


Very Precise Temperature Selector 


Homeowners prefer to take their baths at different temperatures, so they would prefer to install a water heater that comes with temperature control. With this feature in place, they will be able to adjust the temperature quickly, easily, and with accuracy. Champs water heaters have a precise temperature selector, so the user can easily choose a suitable temperature and the water will be heated to only this temperature. 

This also helps to save electricity to some extent, since no power will be wasted to heat the water to a higher temperature. Besides saving on electricity, you may also want to find out more about how much will it cost to install a Champs storage water heater in Singapore so that you are well-informed before making a decision. 


Has A Slim Design 

Compared to other water heaters, Champs water heaters are well designed and very compact in size. The Champs A15 Pro Storage Water Heater has a length and width of 355mm, with a depth of 325 mm while the A30 Pro Storage Water Heater’s dimensions are 440mm in length and width, with a depth of 370 mm. These water heaters are suitable for installation in smaller bathrooms and other areas where there is less space available for installation. As such, this is one of the factors to consider when buying a new storage heater for your home. 


Suitable For Multi-Point Purposes


In addition to requiring a water heater in the bathroom, many families require hot water in the kitchen for washing dishes, clothes, or for cooking purposes. The compact size and corrosion resistant design of the Champs water heater makes it ideal for installation in the kitchen or other areas. It is a great water heater to have since it will not take up much space and will supply hot water quickly when needed. 

However, for multi-point purposes, you may also want to consider a multipoint water heater and may not be sure on whether this heater is a better option than a storage heater. In this case, you may want to learn more about multipoint water heaters versus storage water heaters. It is also recommended that you find out more about the pros and cons of installing a storage water heater before deciding on whether this is a suitable heater for your home.


Engage Water Heater City To Install A Champs A15 Pro Or Champs A30 Pro Storage Water Heater

Once you have decided on your preferred heater, you may want to engage professional water heater services. One of the reasons to hire a professional to install your storage water heater is that they are knowledgeable and well-trained. Thus, you can be assured that the job will be done properly and safely. A reliable and professional company like Water Heater City Singapore will be able to get the job done well as they have a team of experienced plumbers who are equipped with the appropriate tools. You can have peace of mind that you will not encounter any issues in the future from improper installation.  



The benefits to install a Champs storage water heater in your home include – being made of sapphire enamel coating that is corrosion resistant, the durability of its stainless steel heating element, high energy efficiency, precise temperature selector, slim design, and its suitability for multi-point purposes. After learning about these benefits, you may have decided on your preferred Champs storage water heater and would probably need professional assistance with installing it. A reliable company that you can opt for is Water Heater City Singapore as they have one-stop supply and installation services where they can recommend you the water heater that meets your needs and install it for you without much hassle.

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