5 Possible Reasons Why Is My Water Heater Tripping My Circuit Breaker And How Can Ariston Water Heater Prevent This?

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The power consumption rate of the storage water heater depends on its capacity. Regardless, it still consumes more power than most other household appliances. In some cases, storage water heaters have their own separate circuit to cut off the power if the current exceeds a safe limit. 

When this happens, most homeowners just switch the circuit breaker back on again. This does not solve the root cause of the issue. The circuit breaker will continue to trip, adversely affecting the heating of the water.

Some of the reasons why your storage water heater keeps tripping your circuit breaker and how installing an Ariston water heater helps prevent this are discussed below.

Burnt Heating Element 

When the installed water heater has been used for a long time or has a poor quality, the heating element might get burnt or damaged. Once damaged, it can cause an increase in energy consumption, which then causes the circuit breaker to trip. You can check if the heating element is damaged by using a multimeter. The resistance depends on the rating of the heating element, if there are changes, the heating element is indeed damaged and needs to be replaced.

The heating elements of most Ariston storage water heaters are built from high quality materials. Models like the Ariston Andris LUX 15 Storage Water Heater 15L are installed with a durable copper heating element, which offers extra durability as compared to the typical stainless steel counterparts.

Faulty Thermostat 

The thermostat is responsible for controlling the water temperature of the water heater installed. Once the temperature exceeds the preset temperature, the thermostat will automatically cut off the power supply of the heating element to stop it from heating the water even more. 

There are cases where the thermostat stopped functioning. It caused the heating element to consume more power and continue increasing the water heater’s temperature, making the circuit breaker trip. 

The Ariston Pro R Slim 40L Storage Water Heater boasts a high precision thermostat, among many other benefits. Its slim and space saving design is ideal for concealed water heater installations. This makes it a top pick if you are looking to replace your storage water heater. 

Bad Breaker Or Wiring

Some users simply switch their circuit breaker back on when it trips. However, this can damage the circuit breaker.

In other cases, circuit breakers trip due to the wirings getting damaged from heating, pests like mice, cockroaches eating the insulation. In this case, the wiring and circuit breaker should be checked.

It is important to learn about the factors that can affect your water heater’s energy consumption. Taking the necessary corrective measures is one of the tips to prevent your water heater from tripping your circuit breaker.

Water Leak

One of the issues you may encounter with storage water heaters is its water leakage due to loose gaskets or holes on the components. 

It is advisable to know if your water heater is leaking because the water from the leak is a good conductor of electricity and might cause a short circuit, tripping the circuit breaker especially when left untreated. 


Engage A Qualified Electrician To Solve Faulty Breaker or Wiring


A person who does not have prior experience in dealing with this issue is advised not to try to troubleshoot it on their own to avoid unwanted injuries and further damage to the storage water heater. Which is why one of the reasons to hire a professional to install your storage water heaters or deal with any repairs is because they are trained and experienced enough to handle the job safely. 


Storage water heater with burnt heating element, faulty thermostat, bad breaker or wiring, and water heater leak causes your circuit breaker to frequently trip. Ignoring the signs is not a good idea, which is why it is best to contact a reliable water heater installer like Water Heater City Singapore. 

Our technicians are trained and experienced in handling all your water heater issues like tripping your circuit breaker and more. They are able to recommend the necessary fixes, like whether you should replace or repair your water heater.

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