5 Things You Should Do If Your Joven Water Heater Is Leaking

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A storage water heater is among the most common appliances being installed by homeowners in Singapore today. This is because a warm and comfortable bath is increasingly being seen as an essential need. As is the case with other home appliances, a water heater can start experiencing problems if it sustains damage. Among them is a water heater leak which can be resolved by water heater leaking services

Fortunately, there are steps you can follow to mitigate the negative effects of a water heater leak before engaging a professional. Here are five things you should do if your Joven water heater is leaking:


Verify The Source of The Leak


When it comes to a common water heater problem such as a water heater leak, it is important to verify the source of the issue. You may simply be experiencing condensation buildup from your pipes or have a leak in the ceiling. 

In order to verify if your Joven water heater is actually leaking, check other appliances and fixtures for any signs of dripping. If you can confirm that your Joven water heater model is actually leaking, consider this a reason to engage a professional for assistance. They can help explain the reasons behind your leaking water heater and determine whether a replacement is needed.  


Turn Off The Power Supply


One of the risks of a leaking water heater is that while it is still connected to the power supply, you can end up electrocuting yourself. Thus, if you suspect that your Joven water heater has a leak, avoid using it and immediately disconnect it from the power supply. This will ensure that accidents are avoided while you wait for a professional.   


Turn Off Your Water Supply

A Joven water heater leak can be a factor that affects your water heater’s energy consumption and a cause of costly water bills. Thus, it is important that you disconnect it from the water supply quickly. You can do this by simply turning the dial gate valve clockwise or pulling it down to close it. Otherwise, you will need to turn off the main valve that is providing water to the whole house. 


Contact A Professional


Though some homeowners think they can simply fix their leaking Joven water heater themselves, doing so may result in accidents and further damage. To avoid this, engage a professional so they can assess if you will need a new water heater.  A professional can determine the reason why your water heater is leaking and explain the ways to prepare for a water heater replacement if needed. In addition, they can recommend water heater products and other water heater services.



If you suspect a leak from your Joven water heater, there are steps you can follow to prevent any further damage. First, verify whether the leak is coming from your water heater. Afterward, disconnect it from the power supply and water supply to prevent any accidents and further damage. You should then call a professional to inspect your heater and determine if it needs replacing.      


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