5 Ways to Optimise Your Water Heater

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One of the largest energy expenses in most households in Singapore emerges from their installed water heaters. Most households in Singapore spend at least 18% of the total energy expenditure on instant and storage water heaters. Nonetheless, the good news is that you can minimize this exorbitant energy cost by welcoming some adjustments to the traditional water heater or considering the total amount of warm water used in your household. Here are the top five tips you can take up to seriously cut your monthly energy cost.


Lower Your Thermostat

Did you know that there are a lot of water heater manufacturers in Singapore who usually set the default temperature at 140 degrees? Although, a high temperature increases the chances of burning from extremely hot water. Apart from that, it results in excessive energy consumption, thus increasing the bills. Lowering the default temperature means spending less power and enjoying a comfortable water temperature from your instant or storage water heater. The ideal temperature ranges from 110 to 120 degrees. These temperatures can let you save at least 10% of your energy bills.


Make Sure Your Heater Is The Right Size


Both instant and storage heaters rate is based on the highest temperature rise at any given flow rate. Therefore, it means that you should know the right water heater size for the ideal water temperature, and you will have to set the ideal temperature rise for usage (e.g., the whole house or only for the bathroom) and flow rate. The entire number of hot water appliances you will be using at the same time. 

Add their flow rate GPM (gallons per minute). The sum gives you the perfect flow rate for your storage or instant water heater. An example would be if you will use a water faucet of 2.84 liters flow rate per minute, and a showerhead has a flow rate of 9.46 liters, then the ideal flow rate to the demand water heater should be not less than 12.3 liters ( 3.25 gallons) per minute.


Use Less Hot Water


To even optimize your installed water heater, did you know that you can reduce your energy cost if you lessen the amount of daily hot water use? However, reducing the hot water you use in your home does not imply sacrificing your evening or morning shower. It means minimizing the quantity of water you use in other routines such as daily laundry and washing dishes. Moreover, it will help cut the cost of your monthly energy cost significantly, making your water heater energy-efficient as well. Thus, any time you would do a heavy load of laundry or washing utensils, consider using cold water instead.


Mind Your Usage

The amount of hot water you use every morning and evening identifies the total energy cost you’ll have to deal with. Installing a low-flow faucet, and 100 shower head energy efficiency can significantly lower your energy bill figures. Showerheads and low-flow faucets can extensively reduce the amount of total warm water used by your instant water heater.


Replace The Old Water Heater


Overall, most water heaters in Singapore have 8-12 years of lifespan, depending on the manufacturer. Outdated water heaters are not energy-efficient, a feature that most new heater manufacturers are focusing on. Therefore, if you’re using traditional heaters, it is ideal to buy a new water heater



It is ideal to know the ways of how you should optimize your water heater to prevent having a significant rise in your energy cost. These 5 ways include lowering your thermostat, purchasing the right size of heater, less usage of hot water, minding your usage, and replacing your old water heater. By embracing these adjustments, rest assured that your monthly energy cost is reasonable. If you are experiencing a high energy cost due to a faulty water heater, you may contact us at Water Heater City Singapore. Our plumbing professionals can do the water heater installation or replacement efficiently.


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