6 Benefits of Installing a 707 Kensington Storage Water Heater

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A water heater is an appliance that every home in Singapore surely chooses to install. Having it will allow you to enjoy quick hot showers whenever you want. Additionally, cleaning the dishes and doing the laundry becomes so easy.

You have an option whether you want to install an instant water heater or install a storage water heater. Although, most people in Singapore prefer a storage water heater. It allows you to enjoy hot water as and when you please. It can easily last you for around 10 years or so.

If you have decided to get a new storage water heater the next thing you must be thinking about is which brand to choose from. The one that is most popular in Singapore now is the 707 Kensington 25 Storage Water Heater.

Like other 707 water heaters, the 707 Kensington heater is designed and assembled with great care. It comes with many advanced features, and will also help reduce your electricity bills. There are also other benefits that you will enjoy if you choose to install a 707 Kensington water heater, and we shall share them with you right away.

Blue Enamel Coated Tank

The inner tank of 707 Kensington 25 Storage Water Heater has a blue diamond enamel coating and this ensures you will get to enjoy an amazing showering experience for years. Once you have installed this water heater you do not have to worry about when you should replace your water heater as this will last you for a long time. 

A reason to hire a professional to install your 707 Kensington Storage Water Heater is to increase the lifespan of your water heater. Our professionals from Water Heater City City have years of experience in installing water heaters in Singapore, and they shall install your 707 Kensington 25 Storage Water Heater for you. Not only are we known to offer perfect installation services, we also offer the best water heater maintenance.

Splash Proof


Another thing you didn’t know about the 707 Kensington Storage Water Heater is that it is IPX1 splash-proof. With this certification, the tank is immune to water dripping vertically.


The 707 Kensington 25 Storage Water Heater is that its tank is thermal-insulated. It means that there will be a great reduction in heat loss to the environment. Making you save more on your energy bills. 

Whirlflow 2 Technology


All Kensington Storage Water Heaters have Whirflow 2 technology which is significant in installing energy efficient water heaters. This allows for better heat efficiency, and thus you get to save on energy.



When choosing any kind of appliance, you should always take a look at the warranty. Be it a 707 Kensington 25 or even a 707 Kensington 35 Storage Water Heater, you get to enjoy great warranties. You will be offered a 10-year warranty on the tank from a local customer service center.

Additionally, a 2-year service warranty and a 2-year warranty on the spare parts will also be provided. Apart from Kensington’s amazing features, they also offer warranties to make them all the more worthwhile. 

Thermal Insulation

The 707 Kensington 25 and Kensington 35 Storage Water Heaters have thermal insulation which reduces heat loss. Since these storage water heaters reduce heat loss, it is a factor that can affect your water heater’s energy consumption. Hence, while using the 707 Kensington 25 or Kensington 35 Storage Water Heater, you are saving energy as well. 

Engage Professional Storage Water Heater Installation Services From Water Heater City

If you have decided to purchase the 707 Kensington Storage Water Heater, make sure to contact us at Water Heater City Singapore. We supply and install 707 Kensington 25 Storage Water Heater and 707 Kensington 35 Storage Water Heater. Our team of water heater professionals have years of experience and are also equipped with the necessary tools to finish the job – reasons to hire a professional to install your storage water heaters.


It is important to check the features to have in a new water heater before purchasing to ensure that you will enjoy your hot water usage. The 707 Kensington Storage Water Heater has many benefits, and this is the reason why people in Singapore prefer to install this water heater. The most popular model is the Kensington 25 Storage Water Heater as it offers amazing features. If you want to purchase this water heater, you may visit our site at Water Heater City Singapore. Our plumbing experts can also do the 707 Kensington Storage Water Heater installation in no time. 

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