6 Benefits of Installing Mistral MSH303i Instant Water Heater

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Since hot water is very effective in removing dirt and grime, almost every home in Singapore has a water heater. A large number of companies are selling water heaters in Singapore, and the Mistral water heater is one of the better brands. Some homeowners who wish to reduce their electricity bill are considering installing a water heater, particularly a Mistral instant water heater, in their homes. Here are the benefits of installing a Mistral MSH303i instant water heater and why it is among the best heaters available in the market. 



Though the Mistral MSH303i instant water heater may be more expensive compared to other water heaters, it is more economical in the long term since it helps the homeowner save both money and energy. An important fact you should know about installing an instant water heater like this is that since water is heated only when needed, the electricity consumption is usually at least 20% lower than a storage water heater.

Depending on the amount of hot water required, the energy consumption for heating water is reduced by 20-50%. Since the electricity fee is sometimes higher for those who consume more electricity, installing an instant water heater like the Mistral MSH303i will reduce energy bills significantly. 

Upgraded Anti-Scalding Thermal Safety Design

While hot water is effective in removing dirt, if the temperature of the water is very high, it can damage the skin, causing scalding. Usually, people mix cold water with hot water to prevent scalding, yet they sometimes make mistakes due to which their skin scalded.

In order to prevent these water heater issues and errors, the Mistral MSH303i instant water heater has thermostatic mixing valves, which automatically detect the temperature of the water. If the temperature is exceeding the limit specified, as a water heater safety, the amount of hot water entering the mixing chamber is reduced. This ensures that the water temperature remains below the burning temperature.

Safe and Reliable 


Many homes have small children who may tamper with the water heater settings. The difference between a storage water heater vs an instant water heater like the Mistral MSH303i is that such an instant water heater has a smaller amount of hot water compared to a storage water heater. The damage or flooding caused by an accident will be less, thus it is safer to use. 

The Mistral MSH303i instant water heater is switched on for a shorter time, only when hot water is required. Therefore, the corrosion and other damage caused by hot water to the components will be less compared to other water heater designs. This ensures that the lifespan of the heater is usually longer, typically 10 to 15 years. In comparison, a typical storage water heater has a lifespan of only 7 to 12 years. 

Multi Massage Spray Sensation 

Instead of wasting time and money visiting a spa or other place for a massage, it is now possible to simulate a massage thanks to the Mistral MSH303i instant shower heater having a spray attachment. Using the latest spray design, it is possible to adjust the water pressure as desired to apply pressure to the different parts of the body, just like the masseuse does during a massage. The spray settings can be adjusted depending on whether the user wishes to relax, energize, or stimulate. Depending on the settings, the amount, rate of flow, temperature, and pressure of the water from the water heater spray head will be adjusted. 

High-Performance Instant Heating 

What you should know about storage water heaters is that they are designed to carry a limited amount of hot water. If this water is used, the user will have to wait for some time before more water gets heated to the desired temperature.

In contrast, the heating coils in the Mistral MSH303i instant water heater are designed to heat the water immediately, the user does not have to wait for hot water to be produced. The design also ensures that very less hot water is wasted, greatly improving the efficiency of the water heater. This is yet another reason to opt for installing an instant water heater like the Mistral MSH303i. 

Splashproof to IP25 


If dirt and other items enter the instant water heater, they can cause common water heater problems and damage the water heater as well as reduce its efficiency. Hence the Mistral MSH303i instant water heater is built to be splashproof, thereby conforming to IP25 standards. This means that the heater is protected from touch by fingers and other objects larger than 12 millimeters.

The Mistral MSH303i instant water heater design also ensures that low-pressure water jets in any direction will not affect its function, making it safe to use in most bathrooms. This is an important thing to note before having an instant water heater installed


Almost every Singaporean home has a water heater installed. There are many different water heater brands and water heater products available in the market. Mistral water heaters prove to be one of the best, and their Mistral MSH303i instant water heater is a good option. It has multiple benefits such as being economical, reliable, and safe. It is also a high-performance-instant heating and splash-proof IP25. Should you wish to install one, it is best to engage a plumbing professional from Water Heater City Singapore. They offer a variety of water heater services and can assure you quality work and cover all your water heater needs. 

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