6 Causes Of Storage Water Heater Leaks and How Does Installing A Rubine Water Heater Prevent This

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It is never easy to have to struggle with a storage water heater leak. In fact, it can cause much damage which is sometimes very costly to fix. Furthermore, you can be deprived of hot water which you’ll need for bathing and washing. 

The following are some of the causes of a storage water heater leak. After taking note of them, you can consider having water heater services install a Rubine water heater as it will help prevent a storage heater leak for the following reasons: 


Corroded Water Heater Tank

One thing you didn’t know about water heaters is that they are often built from steel. This means that the tank will corrode over time. There is also usually a sacrificial anode rod to prevent corrosion from occurring. However, this can also deteriorate over time. A common sign that a storage water heater has corroded significantly is when the connecting taps start releasing rusty water.

If you do not want to be inconvenienced by a corroded water heater tank, you can opt to install a Rubine MT-15B Matrix Storage Water Heater. Its sapphire-coated stainless steel heating element is highly resistant to corrosion and pressure, sustaining the best in heating performance.


Sediment Accumulation

When a storage water heater’s anode rod breaks down, rust can start forming which can accelerate the accumulation of sediment. These settle at the bottom of the water heater. Among the most common signs of a faulty water heater from sediment accumulation is the emission of odd noises like popping and crackling. This is an indicator that the water inside is bubbling to escape due to being trapped underneath a buildup of sediment.

In the event of a sudden change in water flow (like usage after a period of idleness), the larger sediments passing through the drainage/outlet valves can damage the inner lining of the tank. As a result, a water heater leak develops which would require a leaking water heater replacement.

In order to avoid sediment accumulation from rusting components, you can consider installing a Rubine MT-30B Matrix Storage Water Heater. The inner wall of its titanium enamel tank is protected by three layers that help against corrosion and rust, avoiding scale build-up and sustaining a superior performance.


Excess Pressure


When a balloon is pumped with more air than it can handle, it can eventually explode. This principle also applies to storage water heaters which can leak or even burst if they sustain too much pressure. A relief valve is supposed to release excess pressure by draining water from the heater as it is heating. However, it can fail to perform its function properly if it becomes damaged. 

When too much pressure builds up inside a storage water heater, the tank can start overheating which can result in rapid deterioration of different water heater parts. If not resolved in time, this issue can become a cause of water heater failure. Eventually, the ensuing damage leads to a water heater leak which would be a sign for when you should replace your water heater

When choosing a water heater for your home, it is recommended that you install a Rubine storage water heater. One of the pros of buying Rubine water heaters in Singapore is they are built with a single-welded tank. This can withstand high levels of pressure and reduce the chances of a water heater leak developing. 

Defective Relief Valve


A relief valve is supposed to release any excess pressure inside the tank. However, the cause of a water heater leak can be due to a faulty or a loose valve. Some homeowners are able to resolve this issue simply by tightening the valve. You can also try lowering your water heater’s temperature to see if it stops the valve from releasing water. If either method fails to resolve the leak, it’s possible that your valve is defective. In this case, seek help from a professional and start preparing for a water heater replacement right away.

Loose Inlet and Outlet Connections

One thing you should know about storage water heaters is that they have inlet and outlet connections. Cold water passes through the inlet connection while hot water is released through the outlet connection. When either of these connections becomes loose, it can cause the heater to leak out water. If your leaking water heater’s connections aren’t very durable, it’s best not to try and tighten the connections yourself as this could lead to more water heater issues


If there is water dripping down your water heater, it may not immediately be a sign that you should replace your water heater. In fact, your water heater may have drops of water simply because of condensation due to the water’s temperature in the tank being lower than that of the surrounding area’s temperature.

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A water heater leak is always highly bothersome. Some common water heater problems that can cause this include a corroded water heater tank, sediment accumulation, and excess pressure. You can install a Rubine water heater to prevent these issues from taking place. 

A Rubine storage water heater is one of the best storage water heater models you can choose from. This is because it contains parts such as a sapphire-coated stainless steel heating element, titanium enamel tank, and magnesium anode rod that can protect against issues like corrosion and sediment accumulation. Moreover, its single-welded tank will be able to withstand high levels of pressure and lower chances of a water heater leak developing. 

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