6 Reasons Why Rheem Water Heater Is A Popular Brand

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You absolutely need a reliable water heating system at your home, especially during these unfavorable weather conditions in Singapore. Although several water-heating brands in Singapore claim to be the best quality, that is not always true!

Cheap water heaters have higher chances of breaking down quickly. However, if you install high-efficiency water heaters like Rheem water heater Singapore, you will have an excellent water heating experience at your commercial or residential properties. 

Below are some of the reasons why installing a Rheem water heater at your property is so beneficial.


High-quality Heaters Have A Reliable Water Supply


One of the reasons why many commercial and residential property owners prefer installing Rheem water heaters is due to their reliable water supply. A reliable water heater like the Rheem heater guarantees not only a consistent hot water supply but also a great sense of security. This way, you are confident of enjoying hot water any time, whether you are washing your dishes, taking a hot shower, and so on.


Rheem Heaters Are Designed To Be 100% Environment-Friendly


It is our duty and responsibility to preserve planet Earth; otherwise, we risk losing something we cannot replace. Indeed, keeping nature clean is a shared responsibility by both the manufacturers and users. The manufacturer has the duty of producing water heaters that help keep the carbon footprint to the lowest level possible. On the other hand, consumers should consider supporting water heater products using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. 

The high demand for such environmentally friendly materials will motivate manufacturers to develop and produce better water heaters. This is precisely what is happening with Rheem water heater.


A High-Quality Heater Incorporates High Standards Of Safety

Whenever hot water is involved, you would surely want to be 100% assured of safety. This is why most people opt for a high-quality and the best selling water heater though relatively expensive than regular heaters. This is true mainly because inferior quality water heaters have higher chances of overheating, a risk you will not happen at your property. 

Overheating is the number one cause of scalding, and if not checked over time, it can result in system explosion due to excessive pressure build-up in the interior tank. You cannot jeopardize your safety and that of your friends and family members by buying water heater brands that are cheaper. It is better to spend a little more once and for all and have the much-needed peace of mind.


Temperature And Pressure Relief Valve


Although many property owners are unaware of the critical role the temperature and pressure valves play, these valves are some of the most vital safety features in a typical storage water heater

Heating water in a tank will result in pressure and temperature build-up. This is where the valves play their role. These valves automatically release the accumulated pressure and temperature to avoid the internal pressure and temperature conditions exceeding the safety point. Besides, the Rheem water heater makes it possible for you to manually release the accumulated pressure and temperature to ensure a safe living condition.


Automatic Heating Cut-Off


You know how upsetting it can be to have an abrupt disruption from hot water leakage while you are peacefully enjoying your healthy shower. 

This is one of the reasons why all Rheem Heater products are designed to protect users from scorching hot water while enjoying a hot shower. This is attained by pre-programming the heating system such that it stops heating once the temperature rises above the set heating temperature. In this way, your safety is 100% guaranteed, and your family can enjoy a healthy shower without any worries.


Maintains Constant Water Temperature


Nothing can be as irritating as encountering cold or boiling water while you are in a hurry to shower. However, temperature fluctuation is a common occurrence with a cheap water heater.

Turning on most of your home water sources can affect water pressure, affecting temperature change. In such a case, you will be required to keep on re-adjusting your heater to reach the desired temperature. The good news is that the Rheem Prestige Platinum water heater is designed to maintain constant water temperature throughout.



Rheem water heaters have been around for a while and its popularity has grown in popularity for many years. Installing Rheem water heaters will not only give you an excellent experience but also it can last for a long time. It is a high-quality water heater, has a reliable water supply, it is a hundred percent environment friendly, has high standards of safety, has temperature and pressure relief valve, automatic heating cut-off, and maintains water temperature throughout the day. If you are looking into installing Rheem water heaters, do not hesitate to call Water Heater City Singapore. We are one of the best in the country, and quality will always be guaranteed!


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