6 Reasons Why Singaporeans Love Mistral Instant Water Heaters

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Almost every home in Singapore has opted to install a water heater, so that family members can easily get the hot water they want. Though most of the major water heater brands are selling their water heater, many experts recommend that homeowners install a Mistral water heater. Hence, water heater buyers would like to find out why Mistral instant water heaters are popular in Singapore and how it is better than storage water heaters and instant water heaters.

To help water heater buyers to choose the right water heater for their property, here are the reasons why Mistral water heaters are popular in Singapore:


Splash Proof IP 25

One of the things to consider when buying a water heater such as an instant water heater is the Ingress Protection (abbreviated as IP). This indicates the level of protection against solid objects, dust, accidental contact, water, or electrical enclosures. The higher the IP rating, the safe it is to use the appliance. The Mistral water heater is rated IP25, indicating it is protected against fingers and other objects of size 12.5 mm. Similarly, one of the reasons to opt for an instant water heater installation is that it will not adversely affect the heater’s functioning due to the design of the water heater enclosure.


Upgraded Anti-scalding Thermal Safety Design


While hot water is considered better for cleaning, in some cases, the heated water temperature may be very high, resulting in burns which are very painful – this can be a sign of a faulty water heater. To avoid this common water heater problem, the Mistral water heater has an upgraded design for greater thermal safety and to prevent scalding. The water heater has sensors to measure the pressure and temperature of the heated water and will adjust the flow of hot and cold water in the heater accordingly. This is so that the overall temperature of the water remains below the temperature at which it causes scalding.




Most water heaters mainly used in Singapore before were storage water heaters in which the heated water was stored until it was used. What you should know about storage water heaters is that often, some heat was lost from the storage water heater, increasing the energy consumption of the water heater. In contrast, the Mistral water heater is an instant water heater, and the water will only be heated when it is going to be used. Therefore, the energy consumption of the Mistral water heater is significantly lowered, making it the difference between a storage water heater and an instant water heater for heating the same amount of water. Depending on the total volume of hot water needed by the family, the energy consumption is often 30-50% lower for an instant water heater, so the electricity bill is reduced. Hence, installing an instant water heater is economical in the long term, and helps in saving money.


Double Safety Device


If the pressure in the water heater exceeds the safety limit, the water heater can explode, damaging the property and causing injuries. To ensure that the temperature and pressure in the water heater does not exceed the safety limit, the water heater has a temperature and pressure (T&P) valve as a water heater safety device. If the temperature or pressure exceeds the safety limit, the valve will open automatically, and the pressure inside the heater will be reduced. It is advisable to test the T&P valve at least once a year to resolve water heater issues, and to make sure that it is functioning properly.


Electronic Variable Power Temperature Control


Another thing you did not know about water heaters is that the heating element of the water heater is typically located at the bottom of it. Cold water will enter the water heater from the bottom, and when it is heated, the hot water will rise to the top of the water heater. To ensure that the water is only heated to the temperature which is being specified, the water heater has a temperature sensor at the bottom. The water heater will continue heating the water until it remains below the preset temperature. After the preset temperature is reached and detected using a sensor, the water heater is switched off automatically to reduce electricity/power consumption – this is the significance of installing energy efficient water heaters. Thus, the power consumption of the water heater varies and is reduced using the latest electronic controls.


Instant Heating

Most storage water heaters that were widely used earlier in Singapore take at least 5 to 10 minutes to heat cold water to the desired temperature. On the other hand, Mistral water heaters are designed with heating elements so that they will almost immediately produce hot water once it is switched on. This is one of the many reasons why instant water heaters are popular in Singapore as it is very convenient for family members. They do not have to wait for the water to get heated, especially if they are in a hurry.



Many Singaporean homeowners are looking to install a water heater. Although there are multiple water heater products available in the market, experts recommend installing Mistral instant water heaters. Mistral water heaters are popular in Singapore because they have an upgraded anti-scalding thermal safety design, splash-proof IP25, double safety device, and are more economical. It is best to engage Water Heater City Singapore plumbing professionals as they are experts who offer various water heater services and are capable of installing your Mistral instant water heater effectively in no time. Once your Mistral water heater is installed, they will let you know the ways to optimise your water heater.


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