6 Reasons Why Your Ariston Storage Water Heater Is Not Hot

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In most Singaporean households, water heaters might be kept turned to provide hot water throughout the day. This may result in the water heaters being overused. Similar to other household appliances, your Ariston water heater might malfunction and face water heater issues if it is not properly maintained. A lack of maintenance and heavy usage can cause your Ariston water heater to stop providing hot water.


1. Demand Is Too High


If your Ariston water heater is not producing enough hot water, the unit might be too small to meet the needs of your family. Ensure the demand does not go beyond the capacity of your heater. If needed, try to invest in a bigger unit like the Ariston Andris 2 LUX storage heater 30L. If you are unsure about which Ariston water heater is the right size for your home, you can contact a water heater professional for a consultation.

If you do not have an undersized unit, or it suddenly starts producing less hot water than usual, chances are that either both or at least one of its heating elements have failed. If your water heater constantly supplies lukewarm water when you take a shower, it might indicate that the upper heating element may be defective. If the hot water runs out fast during a shower, it might indicate that the lower heating element is defective which is one of the common water heater problems.


2. Sediment Buildup

If you have a hard water supply in your plumbing system, it might indicate that there is a sediment build up in the heat exchanger or on the bottom of your storage water heater. Owing to the heat that the system generates, the accumulated sediment may insulate the water present inside the system, resulting in not reaching the right temperature.


3. Incoming Water Is Too Cold

The Ariston storage heater has a dip tube which ensures that the cold water entering the water heater does not mix with the hot water in it. The dip tube also ensures that the water gets heated up quickly. If the dip tube gets damaged, it might cause the water heater to leak.


4. Thermostat Problems

Chances are, the heating portion of your Ariston storage water heater is working perfectly, but due to an electrical problem that the water from your heater does not come out hot. Check the thermostat and make sure it is set in the right way. If the problem still persists, do not hesitate to call professional services to attend to your water heater maintenance needs or for your water heater replacement.


5. Reduced Incoming Water Pressure


Low water pressure is as big a problem as no hot water. The incoming water pressure in your heater can drop so gradually that it might be difficult to notice. One of the most common reasons behind low water pressure is sediment and other debris (e.g., calcium deposits and rust) collecting within your water pipes. To resolve your water heater issues due to low water pressure, you may choose to install a new water heater. However, there are several factors you should consider before purchasing a new water heater.


6. Worn Out Water Heater


Just like any other appliance, your Ariston storage heater too has an expiry period. You cannot expect it to keep working like it’s new forever. If your water heater is too old and has worn out, it is unavailable to provide hot water. In this case, it will be best to opt for a new Ariston storage heater to enjoy hot water again.



If your Ariston storage water heater is not hot, it is possible that it might be due to the reasons listed above. These can help to determine if you need to replace or repair your water heater.


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