6 Reasons Why Your Storage Water Heater Is Not Heating and How Can Rheem Storage Water Heater Prevent This

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Storage water heaters help to provide you with a steady supply of hot water daily. However, they can also start to malfunction and face common water heater problems if not maintained regularly such as not being able to heat water. It is vital to know what’s causing your heater to not heat properly so that you can prevent such an issue from recurring. Thereafter, consider installing a Rheem water heater to replace your old one as it has a number of benefits. 

The following are common reasons why your storage water heater is not heating up:

Too Much Demand

A thing you didn’t know about water heaters is that they should be large enough to be able to support the amount of water being used by members of the household. Thus, a storage water heater that does not appear to be providing enough hot water may simply be too small for your home. 

In case your water heater is large enough but still fails to provide sufficient hot water, it is likely that one or both of its heating elements are defective. Normally, lukewarm water is a sign of a damaged upper heating element which itself can be a cause of water heater failure. On the other hand, hot water which turns cold quickly is indicative of a damaged lower heating element.

If you think your lack of hot water is being caused by a defective element, you can opt for a water heater like the Rheem Xwell XC-30 Cube Classic. This water heater has a durable Incoloy heating element to ensure that it can provide hot water at a consistent rate. 

Sediment Accumulation

When certain components of the water heater start rusting, it can cause sediment buildup at the bottom of the heater or in the heat exchanger. This can then result in water not being hot enough. 

In this case, you can consider installing a Rheem water heater. Many Rheem storage water heaters such as the Rheem Vertical Model 38L are built with exclusive Rheemglas enamel. For this reason, they are less likely to experience corrosion which can lead to sediment accumulation.

Cold Water From Tap


Storage water heaters have a component called a dip tube. This works to make sure hot and cold water do not mix and that water is quickly heated. However, damage to this part can cause a lack of hot water. 

In order to prevent your water heater from being unable to heat due to damaged parts like a dip tube, you can consider having a Rheem water heater installed. Among the reasons why Rheem is a popular brand is its heaters are built with high-quality components like a durable Incoloy heating element and foam insulation. These ensure that you have consistent hot water from your shower tap. 

Thermostat Issues

Your water heater may not be heating properly due to your thermostat. You may simply need to adjust it properly. Otherwise, try to check if the temperature set by your thermostat is in line with your water temperature. If you feel that there is a stark difference between the two, you may have a defective thermostat which is a common water heater problem in Singapore.

If your water heater’s thermostat has become defective, consider installing a Rheem water heater. A Rheem water heater’s thermostat is not just adjustable and it has a safety mechanism that safely cuts off power if the preset temperature is exceeded to prevent scalding. This is an important feature to have in a brand new water heater.

Decreased Water Pressure

Although it is not as noticeable, decreased water pressure is just as big of an issue as a water heater leak. Among the most common causes of this issue is a buildup of sediment and other forms of dirt inside the pipes, the same reasons behind a water heater leak

If your water heater fails to heat water properly due to weak pressure, consider installing a Rheem water heater. The Rheem Xwell XS-30 Slim Classic in particular comes with RheemHD+™ that help prevent corrosion and make them last for a long time.

Worn Out Water Heater


An issue you may encounter with storage water heaters is that they wear out over time. Simultaneously, they can stop providing adequate hot water for your home. In this case, you call a professional to install a new water heater.

When looking for which water heater brands to install, consider opting for water heaters from Rheem, One of the reasons why Rheem is one of the top 3 best selling water heater brands is its heaters are built with exclusive RheemGlas that ensure they don’t wear out rapidly and quickly go out of service. Thus, you’ll be able to enjoy a steady supply of hot water for a long time.


If you detect signs of a faulty water heater and lack of hot water, there can be a multitude of causes. Your water heater’s size may not be enough to meet your household’s water demand or is simply worn out. You may also be experiencing sediment buildup as a result of corroded parts. It may also be that your thermostat is defective or the dip tube has sustained damage. Should you have a water heater not heating problem, it is recommended to install a Rheem water heater. Its features like an exclusive RheemGlas, Incoloy heating element, and durable anode rod ensure that you have a warm and comfortable bath.

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