6 Things To Consider When Buying A New Storage Heater

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In Singapore, most people prefer to install a storage water heater to have hot water access when taking a bath or when cleaning as they remove dirt and grime. Before buying a storage water heater for your household or commercial space, there are things that you should consider that can help you pick the best storage water heater from brands like Rheem water heater, Ariston water heater, or Joven water heater.

Below are the things that you should consider when buying a storage water heater.



In comparison to other electrical appliances you may have in your home, the quality of the storage water heater you are opting to install or buy is one of the things you should consider for a low-quality water heater that may malfunction and cause water heater issues

A newly bought storage water heater will have a warranty offered for its parts and motors which is a standard for a quality worthy storage water heater. It is also advisable to inspect the durability of the heating element, water tank, thermostat, and pressure relief valves of the water heater unit to avoid leakage.



The water heater you will install should be based on the amount of water you need. Keep in mind that you should consider the number of people who use hot water. Usually, small families do not consume much hot water. That is why it is advisable to install a storage water heater with a 25 Liters tank capacity to link the Rheem EH 25M. On the other hand, for big families or for commercial spaces that use hot water the most, it is advisable to install a 40 Liters tank capacity like the Rheem EHG 40.


Safety Features


Overheating is one of the storage water heater issues you might encounter for this can increase the pressure and could lead to an emergency and can risk your water heater safety. Hence, it is advisable to ensure that a high quality thermostat is used to prevent overheating. Additionally, the water heater should also have a pressure and temperature relief valve as that the pressure within the heater remains below the safety limit. 


Energy Consumption


Using an installed storage water heater consumes energy higher than other appliances. That is why it is advisable to install a quality water heater with higher energy efficiency to avoid higher monthly electricity bills. The energy efficiency of each water heater is specified in the specifications of each water heater. The power consumption also depends on the inlet water temperature and the preset temperature of the water heater, which is at  60 C. If your installed water heater overheats, calling a water heater technician is advisable for overheating is a sign of a faulty water heater.


Installation Area

The storage water heater with the right size has to be chosen depending on the size of the bathroom where you want to install your storage water heater. For smaller bathrooms, a compact water heater is preferred. You should also ensure enough space in the bathroom to properly make the electric and plumbing connections to the water heater without any obstruction. 


Tank and Heating Element


Replacing your water heater to a storage water heater comes with a storage tank that may always be full at a higher temperature. That is why it is important to consider the material of the tank, which should be made from a corrosion-resistant material. The tank material should also be durable and not develop holes. Similarly, the heating element in your storage water heater should not get corroded. Even if hard water is used, the calcium-magnesium deposits should not affect water heating. 



Installing energy efficient water heater for your household brings much comfort, especially to your bathing experience. Keep in mind that it is important to note the things you should consider when buying water, like its quality, storage capacity, tank, or safety features. If you have a hard time deciding what kind of water heater you should get, it is advisable to contact a trusted water heater provider to help or give you the best water heater unit you want. At Water Heater City Singapore, we offer top-of-the-line water heater units we have available.


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