7 Signs You Need A New Water Heater Installed

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One of the most used appliances in Singapore is the water heater. With overtime use of instant water heaters or storage water heaters, they can malfunction and lead to costly repairs especially if your installed water heater is working for more than 8 or 10 years. Since water heater installation in Singapore will take time and cost money, most homeowners would prefer to replace their water heater only if it is only necessary. In case of a faulty water heater, it is better to replace it and install a new water heater instead. 

Below are the signs you should consider when installing a new water heater.


Water Heater Is Leaking


An indication to replace your water heater is when it has issues like water heater leakage. Water heater leakage can damage the interior of your bathroom, and mold can proliferate when there are water puddles inside the bathroom. For some instance, your storage water heater might have a tank that has holes due to corrosion and lead to leakage. 


Water Heater Is Too Old


Properly and well-maintained water heaters are said to last for at least eight to ten years. The lifespan of an installed water heater also depends on how often you use it. Most instant water heaters last when it is only used by a small family count, especially to those living alone compared to more prominent families. Repairing a water heater can be expensive, and that is why a water heater replacement is advised.


Water Heater Emits Odd Noises


After the water heater has been used for several years, mineral deposits are formed inside the installed instant water heater. Usually, the minerals dissolved solids in the water, making a noise when the water is heated. Additionally, some components may be damaged or loose resulting in a noisy water heater that indicates that you should need to replace your water heater.


Water Heater Produces Rusty Water

Most water heaters are designed using corrosion-resistant materials, but they degrade after several years and may cause rusty water if it becomes corroded. In some cases, the piping may get rusted when the water heater is often used. There are things that you should consider when buying a water heater and that is making sure that it has a good material quality.


Thermostat Issues


Each instant or storage water heater has a thermostat that regulates the water heater’s heating, and it is sufficiently hot with a preset temperature of 60C. When the water produced is not hot enough, it indicates that the thermostat is not working correctly and has water heater issues.


Lack of Hot Water

In most cases, the installed water heater will stop producing hot water if the heating element in the heater is damaged. Suppose there is no water from the heater. In that case, mineral deposits in the water heater could affect the flow of water, and that is also a sign to buy or replace a new water heater because repairing this water issue is expensive.



The water heater installed should bring comfort and relaxation to your household, which can be achieved when it becomes faulty. A faulty water heater can indicate signs of water heater leakage, water too old, an indication of rusty water, thermostat regulator issues, or even lacking produced hot water. When your installed water heater has these issues, it is better to replace and install a new water heater instead. In the market, there are the top 3 brands of water heaters you should consider buying and installing with the help of our water heater technicians at Water Heater City Singapore.


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