8 Benefits Of Purchasing Joven Water Heaters

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The Joven water heater is one of the most reputed water heater brands in Southeast Asian countries, especially Singapore.  In 1983, Joven company was founded and though it has other home appliances like electric kettles, it is popular in Singapore for its Joven water heaters.

Many families in Singapore prefer to purchase and have a Joven water heater installed because it is one of the few water heater brands that have instant water heaters models that are affordable. Some of the benefits of using a Joven water heater in Singapore are discussed in detail below.


Reliability and Safety


One of the reasons why the Joven water heater is among the top brands of water heaters is because it is very reliable and safe for Singapore weather conditions. The climatic conditions in Malaysia, where the Joven water heaters are developed, are very similar to Singapore. Hence, they will last longer. The water heaters are adhering to the quality standards for water heaters in South Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Furthermore, each water heater is tested for compliance with safety standards. Hence, in addition to installing water heaters in homes, they are also used for commercial properties like hotels and landed houses.




Joven is an innovation-focused company. It is always trying to improve its products as well as incorporate the latest technology. Hence, compared to the top 3 best selling water heater brands in Singapore, they focus on supplying innovative products.


Energy Efficient 

Though Joven water heater has a few models of storage water heaters, it has a far more comprehensive range of instant water heaters which produce hot water only when required. Hence, these water heaters are energy-efficient as they use an electrical power source to heat the water but only for a shorter period.


No Heat Loss


As compared to storage water heaters, instant water heaters only heat the water when it is switched on. It does not have a storage tank like a storage water heater. That is why it is not prone to heat loss. In contrast, the storage water heaters have a tank filled with hot water, which will lose some heat naturally. The storage water heaters from Joven water heaters are designed to reduce heat loss to the extent possible by using a better foam type for its insulation.


Space Efficient

Most of the popular Joven water heaters are instant water heaters. They do not have a large storage tank that has to be installed on the ceiling or wall, which is a misconception about instant water heaters. Hence, only the heating coil and shower must be installed – which are compact and do not require much space. This makes the instant water heaters ideal for smaller houses, condos, and small bathrooms with limited space for storage water heaters.


It Only Needs Water When You Use It

Storage water heaters require enough water supply to the tank for it to be heated. In contrast, the instant water heaters will only require water for a short period when hot water is required. Even if there is no water for the rest of the day, the functioning of the water heater will not get affected. There is no risk of higher pressure in your water heater due to a lack of water that can hinder your water heater safety.


Water and Energy-Saving Feature

When buying a new water heater in Singapore, always look for water heaters that require less water and a unit that can control the water’s rate of flow. Usually, different showerheads are provided for the instant water heater that the user can use more or less water depending on what is needed. Since the heat loss in the instant heaters is much less than storage water heaters, the users will save a significant amount of energy. This makes the instant water heaters energy-efficient – resulting in lower electricity bills.


Low Cost


The popularity of the instant water heater is due to the lower cost of using it than the storage water heater. In most homes, the water heater’s energy consumption affects the electricity bill. Suppose the instant water heater for water is 30% more efficient and does not have water heater problems compared to the storage water heater. In that case, the family can reduce their electricity bill to a great extent. Since the Joven water heaters are designed and manufactured in Asia, the cost of the water heaters is relatively affordable than most American and European brands.



Before purchasing a Joven storage water heater or instant water heater, it is essential to look after certain specifications first to avoid overspending. It would be best if you considered consulting a water heater professional to give you an idea of the water heater you are opting to get. There are many benefits of installing a Joven water heater can provide – such as space efficiency, water, energy-saving features, and is very affordable. If you are looking for a Joven water heater, reach us at Water Heater City Singapore. We have a range of Joven water heaters for you to choose from and can help you in the installation process.


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