Common Issues Behind A Leaking Water Heater And Why Should You Replace It With A Champs Water Heater?

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It feels relaxing to shower with hot water after a tiring day. Although, you start to notice that your instant water heater or storage water heater is not working properly. It can either be that the water is not completely heating, or the water is just lukewarm. 

Even if you do not like to encounter this issue now, there is still a chance that this can occur in the future. Moreover, you cannot always prevent this problem. If your current water heater is malfunctioning, it is recommended to replace it with water heater from Champs as they are highly energy efficient and can last you for a long time


To Be Able To Use Hot Water


A common water heater issue is that no hot water is coming out of the tap. In case this happens, you should check if your circuit breaker is defective. This is because your instant water heater or storage heater requires electricity to function. Therefore, if the circuit breaker is defective, your water heater cannot power on.

Whether you install storage or an instant water heater, it is vital to check the circuit breaker and see if the power that is proceeding to your water heater is unaffected. If it is switched off, then this is what is causing your water heater to trip, and just switch the power back on. In case this is not the problem, then the heating element is defective.

A Champs water heater will allow you to have hot showers any time you need and the water pressure is consistent as well – a thing to consider when buying a new water heater. You will not have to worry about cold or warm water coming out of your taps. Additionally, your heating element will always be in good condition. It is also ideal to hire a professional like Water Heater City Singapore to install your Champs water heater as we are knowledgeable and experienced when dealing with water heaters. 

To Enjoy Adequate Supply Of Hot Water


In case your water heater is not providing adequate hot water, then adjust the thermostat to make hot water again. One of the common water heater mistakes you should avoid is setting a very high temperature as there is a risk that your skin might get burned. Additionally, there are instances where the stored water has been used up. Hence, you must wait for the water to be hot again.

By installing a Champs water heater (e.g. Champs A30 Pro Storage Water Heater), you will have enough supply of hot water since they are made with a durable stainless steel element. Thus, making your hot water usage available any time needed. 

Less Likely To Produce Strange Noises

One of the common water heater problems is the strange noises coming from your water heater. If this happens, check your water heater immediately as there is a high chance of air getting stuck in your heater due to the sediment build-up.  If you install a Champs water heater, this problem will not occur since it is made with high quality materials.  


No Strange Smells

A dirty water heater is one of the causes of strange smells, and this can also be due to rusting or sediment build-up. If you replace your water heater with a Champs water heater, this problem can be prevented. Did you know that Champs water heaters are made out of sapphire enamel coating? This coating helps the water heater to be highly corrosive resistant and prevents you from having a dirty water heater.


Less Likely To Have Leaks


You should know that water heater leaks are due to several reasons such as rust or sediment inside the water heater, improper connections, and more. Therefore, a thing to do when your water heater is leaking is to have it checked by a professional plumber as he is able to advise if the water heater needs to be replaced immediately. If you install a Champs water heater, water leaks are less likely to happen since it is durable as they are made up of high-quality materials and are highly corrosion resistant.


Less Likely To Have Unnaturally-Colored Water

Nobody likes to bathe in water that has germs or is exposed to rust. The hot water coming out from the tap must not taste or look unnatural. In case it does, it is recommended to buy a new water heater. Consider replacing your water heater with a Champs water heater as they are highly corrosive resistant, ensuring to give you clean water. 

Less Likely To  Rust

Rusting is one of the reasons behind a leaking water heater. Take note that external rusting is not a big issue, compared to internal rusting. Your anode rod protects your water heater from rusting. Do take note that the anode rod can be damaged if the water heater is being used for a long time. This will then affect other metal parts, and internal rust will occur.

There are many good reasons to install a Champs water heater in your home (e.g. Champs A15 Pro Storage Water Heater). Since Champs water heaters are highly corrosive resistant and made up of high quality materials, they will prevent any corrosion from happening in your water heater.  


Proper Fittings

Loose water heater parts (e.g. valves, knobs, pipes, etc.) will cause your storage water heater or instant water heater not to run immediately. If this happens, you should re-tighten the fittings for your water heater to function properly again. You also should remember that loose fittings can lead to water issues in your home due to a water heater leaking. With a Champs water heater (e.g. Champs Vios Instant Water Heater), it will have proper fittings, but it is advisable to check the water heater parts regularly to prevent from having issues. 


An installed water heater will eventually show problems after using it for a long time. Even if you fix a certain problem, another one may arise. It may be exhausting to deal with different water heater problems, so it is best to replace it instead. The water heater issues that are listed above can be prevented if you install a water heater from Champs. 

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