8 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy A Multipoint Water Heater

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Although multipoint water heaters come in various names, generally, they are as effective as boilers. The main difference between multipoint heaters and boilers is that the former delivers hot water for your shower and taps. On the other hand, boilers heat their central heating system, hence hot water.

Here are a few tips you need to know about multipoint water heaters before you proceed with your planned water heater installation:

How Much Does A Multipoint Water Heater Singapore Cost?


Typically, multipoint water heaters are quite affordable compared to storage water heaters and instant water heaters. There can be many factors affecting the cost of instant water heater installation and storage water heater installation. The installation cost will significantly vary depending on the complexity and the location site of the job. However, the total installation cost will be much less than an equivalent of a boiler heater installation.

Comparison Between Multipoint Heater Singapore Vs. Storage Heaters

Water heaters consume energy as long as it is switched on. Leaving it on is commonly a water heater mistake you should avoid. You can also research how to optimize your water heater, so it may not only consume less energy but can also last longer. Moreover, a multipoint heater works by passing water through a single heater yet it supplies hot water to your multiple water outlets within the shortest time possible. This implies that these multipoint heaters consume less electricity only when in use. This translates to financial gain by helping you save your energy and money in a very convenient way. 


As a homeowner, you care about the water heater safety that will surely benefit your whole family. In this case, rest assured that multipoint water heaters are safe and the most reliable water heating systems in Singapore today. If your heater supplies hot water to your bathroom, then expect an almost simultaneous hot water supply to both outlets. However, it is important to note that, since the hot water must flow from the central heater, it might take an average of 10 to 30 seconds before you start receiving hot water.

Installation Convenience


A unit can be considered ideal enough if the water heater installation is hassle-free. Naturally, human beings tend to have a negative perspective about products with complicated installation procedures. Besides, complicated installation procedures cost a lot more money, and in this case, multipoint water heaters are a good example of units that are quite convenient to install. Some issues you may encounter with storage water heaters are their size because it needs a larger space for the installation. However, for multipoint water heaters, it is very convenient that they can also be installed even under your kitchen sinks. 


Although the unit’s age determines the efficiency of a typical multipoint water heater, you will find out that electrical heaters and boilers are 100% efficient in comparison to others. One of the significances of installing energy-efficient water heaters is that over time, you will not worry about their fluctuating electricity consumption. 

Consistent Water Pressure

Multipoint water heaters are designed to supply hot water to multiple sources consistently and conveniently. This means that you can connect to multiple bathrooms, showers, or mixers. This is one of the cons of using storage water heaters since water pressure can drop to about 50% or below.

Lesser Heating Time

The hot water supply means you can fuel the heating process with electricity or gas from a single point. This means that your energy will only be consumed only when required. This is also one of the reasons why you should lower your water heater’s temperature because bringing it to the highest temperature will not help with these types of heaters. Multipoint water heaters usually come with a swivel spout and are also located above the sink or basin. This means that hot water does not take much time to reach the shower, thus minimizing the time it takes to receive hot water.

Continuous Supply of Hot Water

Storage water heaters can retain a large volume of hot water, although such water can run out at times. Aside from energy consumption, one of the things to consider when buying a new water heater in Singapore is its water pressure and temperature consistency. Multipoint water heaters offer both because they can ensure a consistent water supply whenever you need it. Yes, someone can be in the bathroom while another is busy washing utensils in the kitchen. This can be possibly done simultaneously even if the hot water is coming from a single point. 

Low Maintenance


One thing that gives a multipoint water heater an upper hand is that it requires only a single unit to deliver hot water to various points. Whenever you encounter issues, the water heater maintenance will be less costly because you only have one to worry about. You will save a huge amount for just one unit rather than spending more on multiple water heater units installed. 


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