9 Reasons Only A Reputable Professional Should Install Your Water Heater

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As water heaters are used to heat water, the majority of households will spend time and money researching available water heaters prior to making a purchase. After purchasing, water heater installation needs to be done before it can be used. Since most individuals lack the knowledge to install a heater, they will need to hire a professional. There is a vast selection of water heater services available in Singapore. However, inexperienced installers may be cheap but they might not provide the installation services correctly as stipulated by PUB. Below are reasons why you should consider hiring only reputable experts for your water heater installation.


Much Safer

The installation of a water heater is a difficult task requiring both plumbing and electric or gas connections. If done incorrectly, it may lead to the water heater leaking and experiencing electrical shocks if the electrical wiring is damaged. Additionally, a short circuit may cause fire and property damage. Likewise, improper installation of the gasoline connection could lead to a fire and gasoline leakage. Therefore, the easiest way to avoid all of this is to learn more about water heater safety and hire professionals who are qualified and educated in installing water heaters properly and safely.


It Prevents Damage


It may be challenging to install water heaters in a specific location, particularly if the water heater is larger in size – such as the Rheem EH-25M storage water heater. An inexperienced installer may make installation mistakes that damage the water heater, the furniture, or even the wall. 

This is one of the reasons hiring a professional to install your storage water heater can save you from having to replace expensive furniture or go through repairs. This is because they are aware that they may have to handle large heaters for some households. Therefore, they will ensure that they have the appropriate number of people and equipment for installation without causing any damage. They will also install the storage water heater based on PUB regulations.


Have A Steady Supply of Hot Water

If the water heater is not properly installed, it will not be able to provide the required amount of hot water as it may malfunction frequently. This may require you to either replace or repair your water heater. In addition, the fluctuating temperature of newly heated water from the water heater makes bathing uncomfortable and wastes time waiting for the water to heat up.

If you find comfort in consistency, you need a water heater to maintain a constant temperature and water pressure during your shower. If the water heater is installed properly, it will ensure that the water heater does not malfunction frequently – giving you a constant supply of hot water.


Help To Configure Your Water Heater Thermostat


The water heater’s temperature is determined by the water heater’s thermostat settings. Professionals are aware of the right temperature settings for the thermostats of various water heater brands. They will also ensure that the correct settings are applied when the heater is installed. Therefore, individuals can enjoy their showers at their desired temperature.

Additionally, it is important to recognize why you should lower the temperature of your water heater because using the proper thermostat settings may also reduce energy waste and prevent scalding.


They will Follow The Proper PUB Regulations


Normally, the installation of water heater products is regulated to enhance safety and prevent any water heater issues. Cheap installation services may rush through the job and disregard regulations which can cause instant water heater leaks or other water heater problems. 

Professional installers, on the other hand, offer workmanship warranties and adhere strictly to PUB regulations. If the installation of the water heater does not adhere to the specifications, homeowners might experience issues that may lead them getting their warranty voided or spend more money on replacement or repairs.


Maintain Your Warranty

Inexpensive installers may not have supplies and the right equipment for installation. Every water heater manufacturer (like Ariston, Champs, and 707) has specific installation instructions, and the warranty is only valid if these instructions are followed. A professional and skilled water heater installer will have the relevant equipment and supplies to properly install your water heater as required by PUB regulations. This will help to maintain the warranty offered by the manufacturer.


Have Better Services

Typically, professional service providers have been providing their services for years and are well-established. They will provide their contact information on their website and invoices so that you can contact them in the event that a problem arises in the future. On the other hand, a low-priced handyman may withhold contact information, making it more difficult to find them in the future.


Will Properly Replace Your Old Water Heater


Replacing an instant water heater is difficult and time-consuming. To prevent any electric shock, fire, and flooding, it is advised to remove the existing electrical and plumbing connections and turn off the power source. In contrast to an inexperienced water heater installer, the professional has successfully installed or replaced and disposed of multiple heaters as seen in his many water heater projects.


They Provide Convenience

A cheap water heater service lacks the necessary equipment and materials to install a water heater properly. He may also need to make multiple trips to the local hardware shop to acquire the necessary materials which can cause inconvenience. Knowledgeable technicians have previously installed many water heaters, so they are prepared with the necessary equipment and skills to conduct the installation correctly. Additionally, they can inform you of the factors that can affect your water heater’s energy consumption.


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The installation of your water heater should only be performed by professionals and reputed service providers. Correct installation guarantees the safety of your family, prevents property damage, ensures a consistent supply of hot water, and preserves the manufacturer’s warranty. Experts are also familiar with the proper thermostat settings, adhere to rules, and offer superior services, which makes the installation procedure more convenient and less stressful. Therefore, it is important to engage a professional to install your water heater and also learn the things to look out for when choosing a water heater installer.


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