Advantages of Buying A Rheem EH Series Water Heater

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Rheem is one of the most reputed manufacturers of water heaters worldwide and has more than one hundred years of experience in producing water heaters. Many families and others wish to purchase Rheem water heaters from the Electric Heater (EH) series. The specification, different models, and safety features of the Rheem storage water heaters are discussed in this article so that you can further decide if you are going to purchase one.


Rheem EH Features


Though the size and weight of a Rheem water heater will vary depending on the model selected, all the heaters have some common features like:

  • Rheem water heater tank uses Rheem glass vitreous enamel which is fused with steel at a high temperature, making a corrosion-resistant surface which is not affected by the chemicals. In this way, the tank can be used for many years without repairs.
  • Polyurethane (PU) foam insulation, without harmful CFC is used for coating the inner tank to increase heat retention, reducing heat loss. 
  • Water heater jackets from thick, hard color bond steel protects the tanker and reduces corrosion, even when humidity levels are high.
  • Catholic protection for each tank using a magnesium anode rod to prevent corrosion.
  • Heating element used is incoloy 800 immersion heating element with a heating capacity of 3 KW at 240 Volts.
  • Horizontally installed water heater on the walls, wall mounting brackets and anchor bolts for installation are supplied.
  • Preset temperature for the water heaters Is 65 degree centigrade and the thermostat will prevent further heating after the temperature is reached.


Some EH Series Models


Some of the popular Rheem heater models are discussed below:

  • Rheem EH-25M: has a capacity of 25 liters and is the smallest water heater in this series, making it ideal for smaller families. The weight of the empty heater is 17 kg, and the weight will increase to 42 kg when fully filled. The diameter of the tank is 370 mm and length 450 mm.
  • Rheem EH-40M: can hold 40 liters of hot water, and is suitable for medium sized families. The empty water heater weighs 22 kg and is designed to carry a weight of 62 kg when filled with water. The heater length is 655 mm and diameter is 370 mm.
  • Rheem EH-55M: with a rated capacity of 55 liters, this heater is recommended for larger families. The heater shipping weight is 25 kg, and operating weight can reach 80 kg. The dimensions of this electric water heater are diameter 370 mm, length 790 mm. More time will be required for heating the larger amount of water.


Safety Features


  • Temperature regulation: Each installed water heater has a Robertshaw thermostat which is surface mounted for regulating the water temperature so that it does not exceed the preset temperature.
  • A cut-out switch that has to be manually reset is also provided to ensure that temperatures do not rise too high. 
  • A temperature and relief (TPR) valve is provided to prevent damage to the storage water heater tank due to excessively high pressure and temperature. When the temperature or pressure exceeds the safety threshold, the valve will open.



If you are one of those homeowners who has been wanting to buy a Rheem EH series water heater, then finding out about its top-notch safety features, and its advanced features like its corrosion resistance will surely convince you to buy this water heater. 

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