Benefits of Buying An Energy Efficient Ariston Water Heater

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A nice hot shower or a soak in a hot tub is something we all yearn for to feel relaxed and invigorated after a long tough day. If you want to regularly enjoy this experience, try investing in a good energy-efficient water heater.

There certainly are many options for you to choose from when it comes to purchasing a water heater, but Ariston water heaters are among the most best-selling water heater brands in Singapore.

There are some things you can consider before purchasing a water heater for your home. Perhaps, until now, you have given importance only to design, dimensions, and the price when it comes to selecting a water heater, but energy efficiency also has a very important role to play. If you are looking for an energy-efficient heater, there are advantages to buying an Ariston water heater.


More Savings

Did you know that Ariston water heaters consumed less energy compared to the traditional ones? This is one of the pros of purchasing an Ariston water heater. Certain Ariston water heaters can even help you save 70 percent or more energy compared to the standard electric heaters. You can imagine how much you will be saving on your bills.


Minimal Maintenance


Unlike conventional water heaters, maintaining the Ariston water heater is easy due to its advanced technology design. This ensures that you can have a warm water supply without the need for frequent maintenance.  However, in the event where your Ariston water heater is too old or worn out, you may seek professional services to install or replace them.



We can help the environment by installing energy-efficient water heaters – such as the Ariston Andris LUX 30 storage heater. As it uses less energy and does not emit too much polluting gases into the atmosphere, making it a safer choice for our environment.


Low Water Consumption

A highly efficient Ariston instant water heater uses less water. There are many differences when comparing storage water heaters and instant water heaters. One main difference would be that instant water heaters do not come with storage tanks. Water will only be heated when necessary. This will prevent any water wastage and lower your water bills.




Ariston water heaters are designed to be minimalistic and compact. Since they do not require much space for installation, they can be easily installed anywhere. Engage a water heater professional if you need help in water heater installation.

Equipped with various experiences and knowledge, our water heater professionals have helped to install water heaters in many homes in Singapore – check out our water heater projects.

Other than its small and compact design, the Ariston water heater comes with a regulated maximum temperature that the water can be heated to. This helps to prevent any chances of scalding. Conventional heaters, on the other hand, may heat the water to extremely high temperatures owing to prolonged heating periods. This can increase the chances of scalding, which is one of the common water heater problems in Singapore.




Even though the Ariston water heater is designed to be durable, you can increase its life span by sending it for regular maintenance inspection by a professional. Even after your heater is old or worn out, having regular maintenance can help identify any water heater problems for the professional to repair.

Ariston water heaters also come with 5 years warranty allowing you to repair them at no additional cost if your water heater is spoilt under the warranty period. A lifetime heating element warranty is provided for the following Ariston water heater models – Ariston Andris2 30 LUX and Ariston Andris2 15 LUX.

With the warranty provided, the durability of your Ariston water heater is assured.



There are many benefits of buying an energy-efficient Ariston water heater. These water heaters will be able to last longer as compared to conventional heaters while saving on costs and water consumption while being eco-friendly.


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