Benefits of Buying An Instant Water Heater From A Reputable Installer

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Almost every home in Singapore has a water heater installed since hot water is required for bathing, cleaning, and other purposes. Many families prefer to purchase an instant water heater since it is more energy-efficient. Both online and in-store retailers are selling water heaters and other home appliances at different prices. However, while purchasing a suitable instant water heater in Singapore, it is advisable to buy it from a reputed service provider due to the multiple benefits described below to help those planning to purchase a water heater.


Plumbing Expertise

Compared to storage heaters, instant water heaters have a different design since the heating coil has to be installed and plumbing connections have to be made properly. If the heater is purchased from an online or in-site retailer, there will be instances that they will not provide any installation service. If you are planning to buy a water heater, you will have to hire a water heater technician to install and fix the water heater if it becomes faulty. If the water heater technician supplies the water heater, he is well skilled and has the relevant plumbing experience to install the water heater.


Features and Quality


When companies are selling water heaters directly to the customer, they are aware that the price is the main factor why people choose instant water heaters or storage water heaters. Water heater brands usually manufacture cheaper units with fewer features and inexpensive components for lower quality to sell more units. In contrast, the instant water heaters that they manufacture for selling to plumbing service providers are of professional grade – using better quality components with improved features. Even though the price of professional grade water heaters is relatively more expensive, the water heaters are significantly energy-efficient and durable.


Proper Installation


The layout and size of the area where the heater is being installed should be considered before purchasing a water heater. If the family buys a water heater directly from a retailer, they usually do not check whether the heater design is suitable for water heater installation in the area available. Water problems might arise during installation which may affect the water heater’s performance – one of the things you should know about instant water heater installation. In contrast, when the instant heater is purchased from a reliable water heater provider, the water heater installer will first check the bathroom’s layout or other space where the heater will be installed. They will then recommend the right water heater model to prevent any water heater installation problems that might happen.




Since the consumer-grade installed instant water heaters sold by retailers are cheaper, they usually use more inexpensive components and have less insulation – affecting the water heater’s performance which may call for a water heater repair or replacement. Typically, these water heaters have a warranty of one to three years, and the life span of the heaters is often less than ten years. In contrast, professional-grade instant heaters use the best components available, as they have warranties of up to five or six years. The water heaters will also last for a long period, in some cases, up to twenty years, if they are well maintained.



A newly bought instant water heater provides a family with an adequate amount of warm water for your family to enjoy. Hiring a water heater technician to install your instant water heater can ensure that it is installed properly. They know the necessary steps on how to do the job properly to avoid any water heater problems arising during the installation. They also have the expertise to provide advice on the type of water heater that would be able to meet your household demands. Furthermore, instant water heaters bought from reputable installers tend to be more durable – making your investment worthwhile.


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