Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Install Your Everhot Water Heaters

The process of installing a storage water heater is quite complicated as compared to other home appliances installation. This is owing to the multiple connections that are needed. A storage water heater requires an electrical power connection, wiring, piping for the cold and hot water. 

Moreover, the installation of the water heater should be on the wall. Considering that you could search on how to install a water heater online, some people think that they can do the Everhot water heater installation by themselves. 

There are several reasons that are listed below on the benefits of hiring a professional to install or replace your water heaters from Everhot.


Professional Service 


A professional water heater installer has many years of experience in installing water heaters for both residential and commercial properties in Singapore. They are also knowledgeable of the different types, sizes, and brands of water heaters, their prices, features, quality, and installation process. In case there is a water heater issue, it will be easy for them to detect the cause and address the issue right away. 


Maintenance Tune-Ups 

The lifespan of an Everhot water heater will depend generally on how it is properly installed and maintained, and this is a point to note during water heater installation. If you engage with the same professional who has installed the water heater are contacted for maintenance, they will inspect your water heater’s condition. 


Proper Installation 


If you are wondering what to look out for when choosing a water heater installer, is that they do proper water heater installation. A professional is well-trained to conduct any water heater installation or replacement. After inspecting the design, size of the water heater, space available, he will proceed in doing the proper installation. Professional water heater installers are trained by seniors, and also the water heater manufacturer of certain models. 



The main factor why most families engage with a professional water heater installer is for its utmost safety. Since a water heater requires electrical and water connections, if there is any mistake it will cause a water heater failure. Additionally, there is also a chance of getting an electric shock, water heater leakage, and the heater may become loose and fall off later if it is not properly installed. These are some of the issues you may encounter with storage water heaters. Instead, contacting a professional is an ideal choice since they are skilled and even provide a service warranty. 


Longer Water Heater Life 


Hiring a professional water heater contractor can ensure that your water heater is in good condition. Your water heater will also last longer due to high-quality services, making you save money in the long run. If you are thinking of repairing or replacing your water heater, the repair is much better since you can avoid the expensive water heater replacement. 


Save on Your Expenses 

Engaging with a professional is more economical. He will ensure to complete the task, and even provide free maintenance advice like the 5 ways to optimize your water heater. Hence, the water heater will function for a longer time. 


Protect Your Warranty 


A warranty is provided when you buy a new water heater. The warranty may be voided if you do not hire a water heater professional. 

The warranty may or may not be included in the accessories. If the manufacturer learns that the unit was installed by a non-experienced person, the warranty may also be voided. You are then left in buying a storage water heater or instant water heater, and a professional installation. 


Convenience and Peace of Mind 

If a non-professional person fixes a water heater, the procedure will become tedious and there is a possible chance of risk. Hence, hiring water heater services offers a proper and safe installation.

When you are in need of water heater repairs, a plumbing expert will also provide a service guarantee. It will cover the work in case of any common water heater problem, thus you will not have to pay an additional fee for labor or parts. 



There are several benefits of hiring a professional water heater installer such as professional service, maintenance tune-ups, safety, longer water heater life, save your expenses, warranty, and convenience. Aside from the benefits, there are also things to consider when buying a new water heater. To engage with the best water heater installation services, contact Water Heater City Singapore today. Our professionals are highly trained and they use the right plumbing tools to ensure a proper Everhot water heater installation.


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