Best Storage Water Heater Models or Series To Choose From

Storage water heaters are immensely popular in Singapore. After all, they can store water for long hours, can be easily installed, saves energy, are technologically advanced, do not need a high floor rate, and offers many other advantages.

If you have planned to buy and install a storage water heater, the confusion must be which model you should opt for. The market is replete with many brands offering models that it is not easy to decide on.

We shall now make things easy for you by sharing the 3 best storage water heater brands and their models or series that you can choose from.


Ariston Andris2 RS Series



Ariston AN2RS30L Storage Water Heater is a great synthesis of function and form. It has been designed using super-ecologic insulation materials and owing to its amazing titanium-enamel tank, energy can be conserved in a much better way.

The shell technology of this heater is definitely a feature to have in a brand-new water heater before purchasing. It is an ideal balance of assembly and geometry. In addition to that, it is also corrosion and pressure resistant. Hence, you can be sure it will last you for a very long time. The following features adds to the reasons why you should opt for an Ariston water heater:

Durable Copper Heating Element

This one ensures more durability in comparison to the typical heating elements made of stainless steel.

Total Safety System

The Ariston AN2RS15L Storage Water Heater has been built and designed with professional care, while also following the strictest safety standards. It has been equipped with many safety devices that work concurrently to ensure total protection. 

High-Density Heat Insulation

Proper insulation thickness has been provided and also the best materials used in a water heater to make sure the temperature within the tank stays intact for long, thus a way to save energy.

One of the factors that affect your Ariston storage water heater’s performance when it comes to retaining temperature is its proper insulation thickness. Making this a way to save energy.

Advantages and Benefits


As far as the advantages of the Andris2 RS series water heater are concerned, the first thing that needs to be mentioned is the durability of their copper heating element.

The temperature regulation and setting are also very easy to understand and handle. Take note that one thing you should consider when buying a new storage water heater is its durability. Furthermore, the Titan shield technology that is used in the series ensures the best heater tank protection.


Joven JH Series


Joven JH series is included in the top Joven storage water heater models in Singapore. It comes in different water heater tank capacities ranging from 15 liters and its largest capacity which is the Joven Electric JH 91 91L Storage Water Heater

It is also known to save a lot of energy and has an amazing triple safety system. Let us dive in further and discover some interesting features of the Joven JH series storage water heaters:

Heat Elevator Technology

This Joven storage water heater helps save up to 20 percent on electricity consumption. It also uses a water heater heat elevator technology, a patent magnetic technology, which helps speed up the transfer of heat in fluids and thus improves heat stratification.

Stainless Steel Heater Tank

Joven water heater has become popular in Singapore because of their Japanese grade stainless steel tank. This ensures you will get completely clear water flow at all times.

Dual Indicator Light


There are two lights for you to understand things better – green for mains and red for the heater.

Heating Element

Copper sheathed ensures higher efficiency. One of the benefits of purchasing Joven water heater is it offers high power for great performance, with a design that is easy to replace.

Heater Enclosure

A common water heater problem is water discoloration caused by corrosion. However, Joven has managed to have an electro-galvanized steel that has anti-corrosion treatment. There also is an extra outer layer of high-temperature baked coating of epoxy.

Installation Cover

This cover is made of great quality ABS flame retardant plastic.


Rheem EH Series


The great design, quality, reliability and safety are only some of the advantages of buying a Rheem EH series water heater

With more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing, Rheem water heater has become a popular brand. What makes Rheem EH series so attractive are its amazing features, which we shall learn more about straightaway.

Gasslined Tank

The Rheemglas storage water heater enameling process starts at 870 degrees centigrade, where the coating is fused to the storage heater tank. Hence, a protective surface layer which adds to the factors affecting the cost of a Rheem water heater. However, it is created to resists any corrosive attack that hot water chemicals may cause, making it beneficial for the users.

Anode Rod

The Rheem water heater anode rod equalizes the action of aggressive water that may be a result of some electrochemical process. Hence, the tank life will last much longer.


Owing to the CFC-free thick polyurethane insulation of this series the heat stays within the tank. This is a factor that affects the water heater’s energy consumption and reduces operating expenses.

Heater Jacket

There is a precoated steel heavy-duty jacket that protects the Rheem EH-25M storage water heater tank and minimizes the scopes of damage resulting from rough handling.

Temperature Control

Making sure the temperature is at the safest level is also a way of optimising your water heater. The EH series has an adjustable automatic thermostat and a thermostat safety overload feature that keeps the temperature regulated within safe limits.

Heating Element

The Incoloy sheathed low-density stainless-steel element supports great heat transfer to the water. It even prevents dry firing which can be a cause of water heater failure.

TPR Valve

Good quality water heater elements like industrial grade pressure relief and temperature valve prevent the pressure from going beyond preset value and also prevents the temperature from going too high.


The Rheem EH series has a horizontal layout that is space-saving and has a universal bracket for ceiling or wall mounting. These type of water heaters can be tricky to install on your own, one good reason to hire a professional to install your storage water heaters



There are many things to consider when buying a new water heater in Singapore. Especially if the market offers a wide range of models and series to choose from. Some of the examples of the best choices for your storage water heater installation are the Ariston Andris Lux Series, Joven JH Series, and Rheem EH Series. 

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