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Ariston is a reputable brand originating from Italy, which is among our best-selling water heater brands. They are a leading global expert in water heaters and heating products that provide people around the globe with Italian-designed, energy-efficient, and high-quality water heaters for a luxury and comfortable shower experience.

Ariston Andris2 RS Series


Ariston Water Heater Products

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Our Past Ariston Projects


Residential  |  HDB Bukit Merah

Storage Water Heater Replacement

Replacement Model: Ariston Andris2 Lux 15L

Local Manufacturer’s Warranty (By Ariston)

* 5 years leaking warranty for the heater tank.

Works Completed Under PUB Standards and Specifications

* Additional 1 year workmanship warranty.

Residential  |  HDB Toa Payoh

Storage Water Heater Replacement

Replacement Model: Ariston Andris2 RS 15L

Local Manufacturer’s Warranty (By Ariston)

* 5 years leaking warranty for the heater tank.

Works Completed Under PUB Standards and Specifications

* Additional 1 year workmanship warranty.


Residential  |  HDB Pasir Ris

Storage Water Heater Replacement

Replacement Model: Ariston Andris2 RS 15L

Local Manufacturer’s Warranty (By Ariston)

* 5 years leaking warranty for the heater tank.

Works Completed Under PUB Standards and Specifications

* Additional 1 year workmanship warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Should I Opt For An Ariston Water Heater?

Ariston is considered one of the best water heater brands in Singapore. This is because their instant and storage water heaters provide the following advantages to homeowners:

  • They use AG+ cartridge technology to provide access to cleaner water
  • They are designed to be compact and minimalistic so they can fit in most bathrooms
  • They have a super sleek Italian design that can match virtually all bathroom themes
  • They have a larger capacity and are much more cost-effective to purchase
  • They are built with a long-lasting titanium-enamel tank
  • They are made with super-ecologic insulating material which is highly energy efficient

What Are The Benefits of an Ariston Instant Water Heater?

Like its storage water heaters, the Ariston brand sells instant water heaters with many modern features. As such, they are guaranteed to let you experience a number of benefits:

  • They save over 70% more energy than most heaters which helps lower your energy bills
  • Their compact design means they can be installed in most bathrooms
  • They are built to last for as long as 20 years
  • They provide an endless supply of hot water
  • Their quality materials make them less susceptible to leaks

What Are The Pros of Buying An Energy Efficient Ariston Water Heater?

Besides safety and convenience, energy efficiency is an important factor to consider when choosing an Ariston water heater. An energy efficient Ariston water heater can prove extremely useful in many ways:

  • It provides increased energy savings
  • It doesn’t require you to perform as much maintenance
  • It consumes less water
  • It regulates temperature to prevent scalding
  • It uses a long-lasting heating element

How Does An Ariston Water Heater Prevent Common Water Heater Problems?

For homeowners with old or poorly made water heaters, it can be extremely difficult to enjoy a comfortable bath due to many common water heater problems. Fortunately, installing an Ariston water heater may prevent these for many reasons:

  • They use a high quality copper heating element to provide a steady supply of hot water
  • They have an integrated anti-scalding feature to prevent scalding if water is too hot
  • They are built with titanium enamel to prevent rapid deterioration causing leaks
  • They make use of an enhanced magnesium anode rod to prevent corrosion and rusty water

How Do I Choose The Right Ariston Storage Water Heater Size?

Ariston sells many high quality storage water heaters. It is important that you know how to choose the right one so that your bathing experience is as refreshing as possible. Thus, take note of these tips:

  • Make sure the heater’s size is right for your home
  • See to it that your heater is large enough to be used by all family members
  • Check that the flow rate and temperature rise are high enough
  • Confirm if the peak hour demand is adequate for your needs

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Google Rating
Based on 804 reviews

Water Heater City Singapore offers complete water heater services such water heater installation, water heater repair, and water heater leaking services. We provide one-stop supply and installation services for instant water heaters and storage water heaters. Our range of water heater brands includes Ariston, Rheem, Joven, 707, Rubine and more! If you are looking to replace your water heater or install or new heater, do not hesitate to WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032 for a quick consultation!

   We are PUB Licensed (PUB License No: WS17962021)

With years of experience and trusted by 1000s of customers, our team of plumbers are capable of performing expert installation of Storage Water Heaters with PUB submission. All the storage water installation works comply with standards prescribed / stipulated by PUB.

Unlicensed Installation will VOID Ariston Warranty

The warranty does not cover any faults caused by accidental damage, misuse, improper installation or use, non-compliant water supply, unauthorized repairs or modifications, faulty plumbing or power supply, failure to maintain, transport damage, wear and tear, cosmetic defects, or consequential loss due to leakage or other failures.

Warranty & Safety

PUB Regulation

Based on Public Utilities (Water Supply) Regulations, regulated water service and sanitary works can only be carried out by Public Utilities Board (PUB) Licensed Plumbers.

PUB Submission

Common examples of water service works carried out by the licensed plumbers include installation/replacement of electric storage water heaters. Doing so without a license is illegal and punishable by fines or imprisonment.

Warranty Issues

Most water heater brands require the water heater to be installed by a licensed plumbing company or authorized service personnel to validate the warranty. Otherwise, the warranty may be null and void.


Safety Hazards

Water heaters can cause leaks, explosions, fires, electrocutions, or other hazards if not installed correctly by qualified and experienced professionals.

PUB Submission

  • Please be informed that PUB submission is compulsory for storage water heater works, which applies to all storage water installation and/or replacement works. This is to ensure that all works are done as per PUB regulation.
  • As part of the PUB submission process, all necessary valves and pipings will need to be installed as per PUB requirements. This might result in the modification of existing piping and/or additional piping being installed.
  • PUB submission is also required as per warranty terms and conditions from all manufacturers. Failure to comply will result in the warranty for the heater to be void.

Why Should You Opt For An Ariston Water Heater

Most households in Singapore are interested in installing the Ariston water heater as it is compact and has the latest technology. Furthermore, they are available in various capacities to cater to your needs. Here are the reasons why you should opt for an Ariston water heater.

Get Access to Cleaner Water


Ariston water heaters such as the Ariston AN2RS15L  are equipped with AG+ cartridge technology which is highly effective at preventing bacteria growth in the water tank. This means that your bathing water is not only hygienic but also relatively cleaner. If you want your family access to cleaner and more hygienic water, then you should consider installing an Ariston storage water heater in your home.

Optimal Size


Over the last few years, the bathrooms, especially in the newer HDB flats have significantly reduced in size. The Ariston storage water heaters are designed to be compact and minimalistic so that they can fit into the unoccupied areas of your bathroom easily.  Consider installing bigger capacity Ariston models such as the Ariston Andris 2 30 LUX storage water heater.

Sleeker Design


Besides the smart space planning, the Ariston storage water heaters come with a super sleek design ideal for virtually all bathroom themes. For instance, the Italian-designed one matches perfectly with your bathroom interior so that you do not have to incur extra costs trying to modify your interior bathroom or dealing with unsightly water heaters.

Cost-Effectiveness & Bigger Capacity


Although many instant water heaters are generally energy-efficient as they offer heated water only when needed, they are not ideal for those with bigger family sizes. As compared to instant water heaters, storage heaters are much more effective, especially if you have more family members. The water in the storage water heater is already heated and maintained at the optimal temperature, ready for usage at any given time.

Safety and Durability

If you are concerned about storage water heaters leaking or being too heavy, Ariston storage heaters include having their back safely secured and reinforced durability by having a copper-heating element.  As it is designed to be energy-efficient, you do not have to worry about the high energy bills regardless of the size of your bathroom storage water heater.


You want as minimum space as possible for easier installation of your unit. From its sleek design to optimum water storage capacity, Ariston water heaters will transform your bathroom water heating experience for good. Consult a water heater professional to know which Ariston water heater size is a good fit for your needs and your home.



Ariston water heaters are designed to cause little or no air pollution outdoors and indoors. Ariston water heaters are energy-efficient which consume less energy, thus reducing greenhouse emissions significantly.

If you are looking for an instant water heater, do consider an Ariston instant water heater as there are many pros of buying one.


Pros of Buying An Ariston Instant Water Heater

Storage water heaters can take some time for the water to heat up, be stored, and be available for use. Therefore, most households in Singapore now prefer instant water heaters. Though there are many instant water heater options, Ariston water heaters are gaining immense popularity as there are many pros of buying an Ariston water heater.

Energy Efficiency


Compared to the standard water heaters, certain Ariston water heaters can help save over 70% or more energy – making the Ariston water heaters energy efficient while reducing your monthly bills. Even in homes where more water is used,  there is considerable energy savings are experienced – thus making an instant Ariston water heater a great choice.

Lower Utility Bills

Since an Ariston water heater consumes lower amounts of energy, it can help lower your utility bills. Ariston water heaters can conserve up to 70% or more energy as compared to traditional storage water heaters. At the same time, they can meet all the needs of your home perfectly well – including your bathroom, your kitchen, and your laundry.

More Space


As compared to storage water heaters, instant water heaters are designed to be smaller as they do not have to store water until your next shower. Consider hiring a water heater professional to install your instant water heater for you as they can advise on purchasing the right type of water heater for your home – especially if you have limited space for water heater installation.

Longer Heater Lifespan

Storage water heaters are known to have a lifespan of around 8 – 12 years. If you opt for the Ariston instant water heater, it is durable as it usually lasts for more than 20 years – making it worth buying.

Endless Supply of Hot Water

Imagine a situation where you wanted to take a hot shower and the hot water ran low. You had no choice but to take a cold shower. To prevent this from happening, consider purchasing an Ariston instant water heater such as the Ariston SMC33 so that you can enjoy an unlimited supply of hot water instantly.

Less Waiting Time

You do not need to wait if you opt for an Ariston instant water heater. Unlike storage heaters, instant water heaters heat up the water quickly, and you have water ready to be used as and when you want.

Lower Risks of Leaks



If you use a storage water heater, hard water may lead to mineral build-up within your water heater over time. This paves the way to corrosion and eventually, your water heater will leak. Since the Ariston instant water heater does not have any tank, there is no possibility of the water heater leaking.

Now that you know the pros of having an Ariston instant water heater, learn more about the benefits of buying an Ariston water heater that is energy efficient.


Benefits of Buying An Energy Efficient Ariston Water Heater

There are some things you can consider before purchasing a water heater for your home. Perhaps, until now, you have given importance only to design, dimensions, and the price when it comes to selecting a water heater, but energy efficiency also has a very important role to play. If you are looking for an energy-efficient heater, there are advantages to buying an energy-efficient Ariston water heater.

More Savings

Certain Ariston water heaters can even help you save 70 percent or more energy compared to the standard electric heaters. You can imagine how much you will be saving on your bills.

Minimal Maintenance


Unlike conventional water heaters, maintaining the Ariston water heater is easy due to its advanced technology design. This ensures that you can have a warm water supply without the need for frequent maintenance.  However, in the event where your Ariston water heater is too old or worn out, you may seek professional services to install or replace them.


We can help the environment by installing energy-efficient water heaters – such as the Ariston Andris LUX 30 storage heater. As it uses less energy and does not emit too much polluting gases into the atmosphere, making it a safer choice for our environment.

Low Water Consumption

A highly efficient Ariston instant water heater uses less water as water will only be heated when necessary. This will prevent any water wastage and lower your water bills.



Ariston water heaters are designed to be minimalistic and compact. Other than its small and compact design, the Ariston water heater comes with a regulated maximum temperature that the water can be heated to. This helps to prevent any chances of scalding.


Even though the Ariston water heater is designed to be durable, you can increase its life span by hiring a professional to do a regular maintenance inspection. Even after your heater is old or worn out, having regular maintenance can help identify any water heater problems for the professional to repair.

One of the major factors to consider when purchasing a water heater is energy efficiency. However, in order to opt for the ideal water heater, water heater size has an important role to play.


How to Choose The Right Ariston Storage Water Heater Size

Many families are interested in purchasing an Ariston storage heater since it is compact and uses the latest technology. Ariston water heaters are available in various capacities to cater to the customers’ requirements. There are several factors that you can take into consideration when choosing the right Ariston water heater for your home.

Physical Size of Heater


The size of the water heater is an important factor to take into consideration as there is limited space in the bathroom. Ariston offers a range of water heater sizes from a capacity of 30L (e.g., Ariston Andris2 30 LUX) to a capacity of more than 50L (e.g., Ariston Pro RS J storage heater).  It is advisable to measure the area available for the water heater installation before choosing a particular water heater model.

Household Size


The amount of hot water required will depend to a great extent on the number of family members in the household. If you have three or fewer family members in the house, you can consider buying a water heater with a lower capacity. For families with five or more members, especially those with small children, might opt to install a storage heater with a larger capacity.

Flow Rate & Temperature Rise

One of the differences between a storage water heater and an instant water heater is the tank. The storage heater has a tank to store water while instant water heaters are tankless, instantly heating up water when you need it. In larger homes with multiple bathrooms, the larger instant water heater capacity might be required to meet the demands of the home.

Peak Hour Demand

You should also consider the peak hour demand in the house for Ariston water heater selection. 50 liters of water are usually required for a bathtub in each bathroom, 25 liters for a shower, and less water for bathing using other methods. It is, therefore, advisable to calculate the amount of water required in bathrooms and other areas during peak hours before finalizing the right size.

It is essential to know the factors to consider before having an Ariston instant water heater installed to avoid future emergencies or costly repairs.


Things to Consider Before Having An Ariston Instant Water Heater Installed

If you instead opt to install an instant water heater, you can experience warm water when required. Even though there are quite a few instant water heater brands in Singapore, Ariston is one of the best-selling water heater brands in Singapore. If you are planning to install an Ariston instant water heater in your home, do consider the points given below.

Unit Capacity


When you opt for an instant water heater, there is no tank storage capacity. To figure out the ideal instant water heater size for your home, you need to gather some information. First, make a total of the individual flow rates of every appliance and fixture in your house that needs hot water. Next, you need to find out the temperature rise that is needed to get the incoming water temperature in your home up to the necessary levels.

Water Hardness


Water hardness is the next factor that you must give importance to before buying an Ariston instant water heater. However, if there is hard water in your house (hardness is more than 120 mg/liter), consider a treatment system to be installed before choosing an instant water heater.



An Ariston instant water heater model such as the Ariston SMC33 is an electrical instant water heater, and they can be installed anywhere as they do not require ventilation. Instead of using a gas line to heat up the water, these instant heaters use thick copper rods to heat up the water.

Electrical Power

As an Ariston instant water heater runs on electricity, do make sure you have access to the required amount of electric power to be able to use your Ariston instant heater. Do consider consulting a water heater professional to help you install your water heater. They can help you to check if the voltage is adequate for your Ariston water heater during installation.



If you are looking to install an Ariston water heater at home, do consider the points above (e.g., water heater size, energy efficiency, design) to purchase the one that meets the demands of your household. If you have more than 5 family members, consider buying a bigger capacity storage water heater such as the Ariston Pro RS J storage heater so that the demands of the household. On the other hand, you can opt for an instant water heater such as the Ariston SMC33 if you have 3 or fewer family members. You can also save on utility bills as Ariston water heaters are energy efficient. Should you require professional water heater services to identify which Ariston water heater is the right one for you or to install a water heater, contact Water Heater City Singapore.


Water Heater City Singapore offers complete water heater services for both storage and instant water heater tanks including water heater installation and replacement, and water heater leak. We can provide the supply and installation or replacement of Singapore’s most popular water heater brands like Ariston water heaterRheem water heaterJoven water heater, 707 water heater, Rubine water heater, and Champs water heater. If required, we are also able to open false ceiling, patch it back up and paint it to restore it to its original condition. We have over 10 years of experience for installation of water heaters and have done hundreds of water heater installation cases for landed, condo and HDB, including complete one-stop installation above false ceiling, plastering, and resealing false ceiling. We are a highly recommended Water Heater Services Company in Singapore, with many delighted customers and reviews over the years on Google and Facebook.  WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032 for transparent quotations and honest pricing for all your water heater needs. We also provide a fast and efficient service to solve any of your water heater needs!