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  • Expert Installation with PUB Submission: All of the storage water installation works comply with standards prescribed / stipulated by PUB.
  • Water Heater Experts: With more than 10 years of experience, our water heater installation services are highly recommended and reputable..
  • One-Stop Water Heater Services: We provide one-stop supply and install services for our clients, saving them the hassle of liaising with multiple contractors.
  • Wide Range of Water Heater Brands: We are able to supply a wide range of water heater brands includes Ariston, Rheem, Joven, Rubine, 707, and more, for our customers to pick the suitable choice.

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We are PUB Licensed (PUB License No: WS17962021)

With years of experience and trusted by 1000s of customers, our team of plumbers are capable of performing expert installation of Storage Water Heaters with PUB submission. All the storage water installation works comply with standards prescribed / stipulated by PUB.

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PUB Regulation

Based on Public Utilities (Water Supply) Regulations, regulated water service and sanitary works can only be carried out by Public Utilities Board (PUB) Licensed Plumbers.

PUB Submission

Common examples of water service works carried out by the licensed plumbers include installation/replacement of electric storage water heaters. Doing so without a license is illegal and punishable by fines or imprisonment.

Warranty Issues

Most water heater brands require the water heater to be installed by a licensed plumbing company or authorized service personnel to validate the warranty. Otherwise, the warranty may be null and void.


Safety Hazards

Water heaters can cause leaks, explosions, fires, electrocutions, or other hazards if not installed correctly by qualified and experienced professionals.

PUB Submission

  • Please be informed that PUB submission is compulsory for storage water heater works, which applies to all storage water installation and/or replacement works. This is to ensure that all works are done as per PUB regulation.
  • As part of the PUB submission process, all necessary valves and pipings will need to be installed as per PUB requirements. This might result in the modification of existing piping and/or additional piping being installed.
  • PUB submission is also required as per warranty terms and conditions from all manufacturers. Failure to comply will result in the warranty for the heater to be void.


Everhot water heaters are manufactured exclusively for Reece by Rheem. With using Everhot water heaters, there is a reputation that comes with the product giving you peace of mind when it comes to having a hot shower.

Water heaters from Everhot offer exceptional quality and value for money, whether it’s hot water for the family home or a commercial application.


Everhot Water Heater Products

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Storage Water Heater Replacement

Replacement Model: Everhot 25l Storage Water Heater

Local Manufacturer’s Warranty (By Everhot)

* 1 year warranty for heater parts.
* 3 years warranty for tank leakage.

Works Completed Under PUB Standards and Specifications

* Additional 1 year workmanship warranty.

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Google Rating
Based on 814 reviews

Water Heater City Singapore offers complete water heater services such water heater installation, water heater repair, and water heater leaking services. We provide one-stop supply and installation services for instant water heaters and storage water heaters. Our range of water heater brands includes Ariston, Rheem, Joven, 707, Rubine and more! If you are looking to replace your water heater or install or new heater, do not hesitate to WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032 for a quick consultation!

Why You Should Buy Everhot Water Heaters?

Homeowners in Singapore can choose from a wide range of water heater brands and models. One of the popular heater brands is Everhot. Here are some reasons why you should buy Everhot water heaters.


The main reason why Everhot water heaters are popular is that they have better features and more designs compared to other brands. Buyers can purchase either the durable enamel line water heater or lighter stainless steel heaters.

Value For Money


Water heaters are reasonably priced making them good value for money, since most of them use high-quality parts, have excellent features, and are long-lasting.



thing you didn’t know about water heaters from Everhot is that it offers a comprehensive warranty on the water heaters it sells for a period of one year if they are properly installed. The warranty of Everhot includes all the parts, workmanship. There is also a warranty on the water heater tank, and if there is any water heater leak, it will be replaced for free of at least three years.



Water heaters from Everhot have multiple safety features to ensure that there is water heater safety. It also has a thermostat, a cut-out for over-temperature, and a combination relief valve for pressure and temperature.

These are just some of the reasons why you should buy an Everhot water heater. If you have decided on purchasing one, then you should take note of this guide to Everhot storage water heaters.


A Guide to Everhot Storage Water Heaters

Most people in Singapore choose storage water heaters because of their many benefits. As many people in Singapore prefer to buy water heaters by Everhot, we have developed a guide to Everhot storage water heaters to showcase the features.

Main Pressure


Everhot water heaters will function when you connect them directly to the main water supply. If the main pressure in your area is high, then there is a need to install a pressure limiting valve.


The Everhot storage water heater comes with a user-adjustable thermostat. This will help you choose which temperature you prefer.

Temperature Adjustment

The temperature adjusting dial on the gas valve is located behind the access cover. The 4′ setting will usually keep the water temperature at 60 degrees centigrade. Each of the numbers has an approximate temperature difference of around 10.

Temperature Pressure Relief Valve

The valve is present close to the top of the Everhot storage water heater, and it is important to operate in a safe manner to avoid the causes of water heater failure.

Relief Valve Drain

The drain line should be removed from Everhot’s water heater base.

Lifespan of Everhot Water Heater


There are several factors that can affect the lifespan of your Everhot water heaters. These issues you may encounter with storage water heaters include the water usage pattern, water temperature, water chemistry, and so on.

Everhot Storage Heater Models


Let us learn more about the popular Everhot storage water heater models in Singapore. These are the best water heater models to choose from.

  1. Everhot 25L Water Storage Heater
  • Tank capacity 25L
  • Dual handed outlet and inlet fittings
  • Mains pressure
  • Easy and quick to replace
  • Compact dimensions
  • Fittings are easy to access
  • Plugin available
  • 3 years warranty on tank leakage and 1-year warranty on parts
  1. Everhot 38L Water Storage Heater
  • Tank capacity 38L
  • Dual handed outlet and inlet fittings
  • Main pressure
  • Easy and quick to replace
  • Compact dimensions
  • Fittings are easy to access
  • 3 years warranty on tank leakage and 1-year warranty on parts
  1. Everhot 56L Water Storage Heater
  • Tank capacity 56L
  • Dual handed outlet and inlet fittings
  • Mains pressure
  • Easy and quick to replace
  • Compact dimensions
  • Fittings are easy to access
  • 3 years warranty on tank leakage and 1-year warranty on parts.

Everhot storage water heaters have their many features and knowing it all may not be enough. You should also be aware of the key factors that affect the price of Everhot water heaters so that you will not face any budget related issues in the future.


Key Factors That Affect the Price of Everhot Water Heaters

Most families in Singapore are attracted to the idea of installing an Everhot water heater since it guarantees a hot water supply. Buyers must always consider that there are several key factors that affect the price of Everhot water heaters.

Type of Water Heater

thing to consider when buying a new water heater is that the prices vary depending on the water heater’s design. Everhot storage water heaters have a tank where the heated water will be stored, it is then released when needed.



The features to have in a brand-new water heater before purchasing is also a thing to consider. Keep in mind that it has advanced features, the costlier it is. Expensive heaters will use the condensing gas heat for heating, which lessens the electric consumption.

Energy Efficiency


The water heater energy efficiency refers to the amount of heat it produces for each unit of the power source which is either electricity or gas. There are even several factors that can affect your water heater’s energy consumption. . If a water heater is more energy efficient, the more it is costly since they have a better design and lesser heat loss.


Water heaters with larger capacity can produce more hot water. This increases the cost of materials and manufacturing the high-capacity water heater. Even transporting the heater is expensive since it has a large capacity.

Location of Water Heater Installation


Those storage water heaters that are installed in HDB houses are categorized as exposed installation. It will be easier to conduct a water heater replacement since they are visible.

Cost of Water Heater Installation in Singapore


Here are some factors which determine the water heater installation cost are:

  • Water Heater Size– Smaller water heaters are easier to install compared to larger water heaters. Since more effort is required in a larger heater, the more it is costly.
  • Water Heater Location– A point to note about water heater installation is that it is easier and cheaper to install the water heater in an open area compared to closed areas.
  • Water Heater Type– If you are planning to install a glass heater, it requires extra piping for gas supply. Meanwhile, the elements of electric heaters only require an electric supply.
  • Piping– This will need to be changed and installation is required if the heater capacity is modified.

Extra Charges

If there is no power focuses or channeling/wiring setup, or if the water heater is provided by the water heater installer. This can be a factor affecting the cost of instant water heater installation or a storage water heater installation.

The cost of an Everhot water heater can be affected by many factors such as the water heater type, its features, the location where it will be installed, and so on.  The installation process is tricky, and that is why you should be aware of the importance of proper Everhot water heater installation.


Importance of Proper Everhot Water Heater Installation

The two kinds of water heaters are instant water heaters and storage water heaters. A professional plumber can install any kind of water heater efficiently. We have listed below the importance of proper Everhot water heater installation.

Water Heater Placement Matters


One of the reasons behind a leaking water heater is due to improper water heater placement. An improper water heater placement can damage the siding, ruin flooring, wreck personal belongings, and more.

Water Heater Location

Usually, storage water heaters are installed above the ceiling due to their large size. Although, if you do not have enough space to install a storage water heater, an instant water heater is the best option.

Test the Water Heater Before Using


common water heater mistake you should avoid is to not turn on the electricity lines after the water heater installation. Testing the water heater is also very important for you to ensure that is working and safe.

Apart from having a proper Everhot water heater installation, it can also be challenging to install without the knowledge of experts. In that case, you should also take note of these benefits of hiring a professional to install your Everhot water heaters.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Install Your Everhot Water Heaters

The process of installing a storage water heater is quite complicated as compared to other home appliances installation. Consider engaging a water heater professional to install your Everhot water heater – listed below are the benefits of hiring a professional to install your Everhot water heaters.

Professional Service

A professional water heater installer is knowledgeable of the different types, sizes, and brands of water heaters, and the installation process. If there is a water heater issue, it will be easy for them to address the issue right away.

Maintenance Tune-Ups

The lifespan of an Everhot water heater will depend generally on how it is properly installed and maintained – a point to note during a water heater installation. If you engage with the same professional who has installed the water heater, they can be easily contacted for maintenance.

Proper Installation


Conducting a proper water heater installation is one of the things to look out for when choosing a water heater installer. After inspecting the design, size of the water heater, space available, he will proceed in doing the proper water heater installation or replacement.


The main factor why most families engage with a professional water heater installer is for its utmost safety. Since a water heater requires electrical and water connections, if there is any mistake it will cause a water heater failure.

Longer Water Heater Life


Hiring a professional water heater contractor can ensure that your water heater is in good condition. Your water heater will also last longer due to high-quality services, making you save money in the long run.

Save on Your Expenses

Engaging with a professional is more economical. He will ensure to complete the task, and even provide free maintenance advice like the 5 ways to optimize your water heater. Hence, the water heater will function for a longer time.

Protect Your Warranty


A warranty is provided when you buy a new water heater. The warranty may be voided if you do not hire a water heater professional.

Convenience and Peace of Mind

If a non-professional person fixes a water heater, the procedure will become tedious and there is a possible chance of risk. Hence, hiring water heater services offers a proper and safe installation.



Everhot water heaters have gained popularity throughout Singapore because of their great features and durability. If you deciding whether you should replace or repair your water heater, maybe you have also encountered this brand in the process of researching. If you have decided to install Everhot water heaters into your homes and bathrooms, do not hesitate to call Water Heater City Singapore. We shall assist you in all your questions, and make sure your water heaters are safely and properly installed.


Water Heater City Singapore offers complete water heater services for both storage and instant water heater tanks including water heater installation and replacement, and water heater leak. We can provide the supply and installation or replacement of Singapore’s most popular water heater brands like Ariston water heater, Rheem water heater, Joven water heater, 707 water heater, Rubine water heater, and Champs water heater. If required, we are also able to open false ceiling, patch it back up and paint it to restore it to its original condition. We have over 10 years of experience for installation of water heaters and have done hundreds of water heater installation cases for landed, condo and HDB, including complete one-stop installation above false ceiling, plastering, and resealing false ceiling. We are a highly recommended Water Heater Services Company in Singapore, with many delighted customers and reviews over the years on Google and Facebook.  WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032 for transparent quotations and honest pricing for all your water heater needs. We also provide a fast and efficient service to solve any of your water heater needs!


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