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Rheem is an industry leading water heater company for water heaters. It was established in the 1920s in San Francisco, California. They have a local manufacturing company set up in Singapore, providing renowned hot water systems, suited for our environment, designed just for consumers.

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Our Past Rheem Projects


Residential  |  HDB  Ang Mio Kio

Storage Water Heater Replacement

Replacement Model: Rheem 23L

Local Manufacturer’s Warranty (By Rheem)

* 3 years leaking warranty for the heater tank.

Works Completed Under PUB Standards and Specifications

* Additional 1 year workmanship warranty.

Residential  |  HDB Telok Blangah

Storage Water Heater Replacement

Replacement Model: Rheem 23L

Local Manufacturer’s Warranty (By Rheem)

* 3 years leaking warranty for the heater tank.

Works Completed Under PUB Standards and Specifications

* Additional 1 year workmanship warranty.


Commercial  |  Dhoby Ghaut

Upsize Storage Water Heater

Replacement Model: Rheem 57L

Local Manufacturer’s Warranty (By Rheem)

* 3 years leaking warranty for the heater tank.

Works Completed Under PUB Standards and Specifications

* Additional 1 year workmanship warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Rheem has consistently been among the most popular water heater brands in Singapore. This is because their storage and instant water heaters stand out for a number of reasons:

  • They are high quality and provide a reliable water supply
  • They are designed to be 100% environment-friendly
  • They incorporate high standards of safety
  • They have an automatic heating cut-off system to prevent scalding
  • They ensure consistent water temperature

Rheem water heaters are built in different sizes and with different features. To choose the right model for you, be sure to consider these points before making a purchase:

  • The amount of energy the Rheem water heater consumes
  • The type of storage the Rheem water heater is built with
  • The space required to install the Rheem water heater
  • The safety features that are included with the Rheem water heater

You can only experience the benefits of a Rheem water heater if you choose the right one. Therefore, make sure to consider the following points when choosing the most suitable Rheem water heater for your home:

  • Integration
  • Efficiency and Performance
  • Size
  • Warranty
  • Cost

Rheem water heaters are known for the numerous benefits they provide and their highly modern features. If you are thinking of installing one in your home, you can consider choosing from these models:

  • Rheem Xwell XC-30 Cube Classic Storage Water Heater
    • This model makes use of exclusive and high-quality RheemFoam so it can retain heat longer and shorten the heating time
  • Rheem 85VP6S Storage Water Heater
    • This model can store 23 litres of water and provides optimal performance at low operating costs
  • Rheem EH25M Storage Water Heater
    • This model has a magnesium anode rod that prevents rapid deterioration which can result in leaks
  • Rheem EHG 30 Storage Water Heater
    • This model’s tank is made of vitreous enamel to prevent rapid corrosion and has a universal mounting bracket for easy installation
  • Rheem RTLE-33M
    • This model has a stainless steel chamber for long-lasting performance and a durable Incoloy heating element that ensures fast heating

Before installing a Rheem storage water heater, it’s vital to know how much the installation costs so you can better plan your budget. Among the main factors affecting the cost of a Rheem storage water heater installation are water heater cost, plumbing labor cost, job supplies, equipment allowance, and debris disposal.

When it comes to installing a Rheem storage water heater in an HDB flat, the overall cost depends on whether you need new piping installed. In case you want your heater to be installed above the false ceiling, you may also need to pay additional for the use of an access panel.

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Google Rating
Based on 804 reviews

Water Heater City Singapore offers complete water heater services such water heater installation, water heater repair, and water heater leaking services. We provide one-stop supply and installation services for instant water heaters and storage water heaters with PUB submission. Our range of water heater brands includes Ariston, Rheem, Joven, 707, Rubine and more! If you are looking to replace your water heater or install or new heater, do not hesitate to WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032 for a quick consultation!

We are PUB Licensed (PUB License No: WS17962021)

With years of experience and trusted by 1000s of customers, our team of plumbers are capable of performing expert installation of Storage Water Heaters with PUB submission. All the storage water installation works comply with standards prescribed / stipulated by PUB.

Unlicensed Installation will VOID Rheem Warranty

The warranty does not cover any faults caused by accidental damage, misuse, improper installation or use, non-compliant water supply, unauthorized repairs or modifications, faulty plumbing or power supply, failure to maintain, transport damage, wear and tear, cosmetic defects, or consequential loss due to leakage or other failures.

Warranty & Safety

PUB Regulation

Based on Public Utilities (Water Supply) Regulations, regulated water service and sanitary works can only be carried out by Public Utilities Board (PUB) Licensed Plumbers.

PUB Submission

Common examples of water service works carried out by the licensed plumbers include installation/replacement of electric storage water heaters. Doing so without a license is illegal and punishable by fines or imprisonment.

Warranty Issues

Most water heater brands require the water heater to be installed by a licensed plumbing company or authorized service personnel to validate the warranty. Otherwise, the warranty may be null and void.


Safety Hazards

Water heaters can cause leaks, explosions, fires, electrocutions, or other hazards if not installed correctly by qualified and experienced professionals.

PUB Submission

  • Please be informed that PUB submission is compulsory for storage water heater works, which applies to all storage water installation and/or replacement works. This is to ensure that all works are done as per PUB regulation.
  • As part of the PUB submission process, all necessary valves and pipings will need to be installed as per PUB requirements. This might result in the modification of existing piping and/or additional piping being installed.
  • PUB submission is also required as per warranty terms and conditions from all manufacturers. Failure to comply will result in the warranty for the heater to be void.

6 Reasons Why Rheem Water Heater Is A Popular Brand

Cheap water heaters have higher chances of breaking down quickly. However, if you install high-efficiency water heaters like the Rheem water heater, you will have an excellent water heating experience.

Below are the 6 reasons why Rheem water heater is a popular brand.

High-quality Heaters Have A Reliable Water Supply


Many property owners prefer installing Rheem water heaters for it has a reliable water supply. A water heater like the Rheem heater guarantees a great sense of security. This way, you are confident of enjoying hot water at any time.

Rheem Heaters Are Designed To Be 100% Environment-Friendly


Keeping nature clean is a shared responsibility by both the manufacturers and users. The manufacturer has the duty of producing water heaters that help keep the carbon footprint to the lowest level possible. 

The high demand for such environmentally friendly materials will motivate manufacturers to develop and produce better water heaters. This is precisely what is happening with the Rheem water heater.

A High-Quality Heater Incorporates High Standards Of Safety

Whenever hot water is involved, you would surely want to be 100% assured of safety. This is why most people opt for a high-quality and the best selling water heater though relatively expensive than regular heaters. 

Overheating is the number one cause of scalding, and if not checked over time, it can result in system explosion due to excessive pressure build-up in the interior tank.

Temperature And Pressure Relief Valve


Although many property owners are unaware of the critical role the temperature and pressure valves play, these valves are some of the most vital safety features in a typical storage water heater

Heating water in a tank will result in pressure and temperature build-up. These valves automatically release the accumulated pressure and temperature to avoid the internal pressure and temperature conditions exceeding the safety point. 

Automatic Heating Cut-Off


You know how upsetting it can be to have an abrupt disruption from hot water leakage while you are peacefully enjoying your healthy shower. 

This is one of the reasons why all Rheem Heater products are designed to protect users from scorching hot water while enjoying a hot shower. This is attained by pre-programming the heating system.

Maintains Constant Water Temperature


Nothing can be as irritating as encountering cold or boiling water while you are in a hurry to shower. However, temperature fluctuation is a common occurrence with a cheap water heater.

Turning on most of your home water sources can affect water pressure, affecting temperature change. The good news is that the Rheem Prestige Platinum water heater is designed to maintain constant water temperature throughout.

The factors above are reasons why Rheem is one of the popular water heater brands in Singapore. However, if you are planning to buy a Rheem water heater, there are several factors to consider before purchasing.


Things to Consider Before Buying A Rheem Water Heater

Most homeowners in Singapore are planning to install a Rheem water heater, although they do not know what to consider when choosing a suitable storage water heater for their household.

Below are the things to consider before buying a Rheem water heater.

Energy Efficiency 

Storage water heaters, in general, consume a high amount of electricity. However, the Rheem water heater has top models that are energy-efficient, due to the reason they comply with the energy efficiency that Singapore is pushing through.

Storage Type


When buying a water heater, you should also consider its storage type. Most Rheem storage water heaters have a water tank filled with water and heat it to the desired temperature. 

Storage Capacity 

The storage water heaters are usually specified in terms of their capacity, the amount of hot water they store. A Rheem storage water heater’s capacity will be based on the amount of hot water they are producing per second.

Space Required


It is essential to note during water heater installation about the space you have in your house or bathroom for the placement of the Rheem storage water heater installation due to the fact that it may involve electrical configuration and can hinder the total performance of the water heater 

Safety Features

As a consumer, you should consider your safety as well. Sometimes, your installed water heater releases steam, and the excess pressure can negatively affect your water heater unit. In the market, top brands like Rheem water heater have a safety valve that ensures no excess pressure in the water heater unit. 

Other than the factors mentioned above, factors affecting the cost of a Rheem water help are also essential when considering to purchase one.

Factors Affecting The Cost of Rheem Water Heater

Many families in Singapore are interested in installing Rheem water heaters since it is a reputable brand. One of the main factors which the water heater buyer will consider while choosing is the price. 

Type Of Water Heater


There are different designs of water heaters and their prices vary. The storage water heater is the most widely used because of the simple design and cheap price. 

However, many people are opting to use instant water heaters which are more energy-efficient.

In addition to that, water heaters are also classified based on the energy source used. Although electric water heaters are widely used, many homes and businesses are opting for gas water heaters.

However, the cost of a gas water heater and a solar water heater will be far higher than the electric heater. In the case of a solar water heater, additional supplies like solar panels will be required, and the piping for the hot water.



Like most companies, Rheem water heaters have various features that cater to the different requirements of customers. Water heaters with more features are costlier. Some of the heaters have a digital display that indicates the water temperature and other parameters. 

Energy Efficiency

The water heater energy efficiency refers to the amount of heat it produces for each unit of the power source which is either electricity or gas. Usually, the manufacturer will specify the energy efficiency of the water heater as part of the heater specifications. 



The water heaters of larger capacity can produce more hot water and are larger in size. However, more material and high rating components are required for large-capacity water heaters. 



Some of the factors which determine the water heater installation cost are:

  • Size of the water heater. Small heaters are easier to install. Large heaters will require more time, the effort for installation, and are more expensive.
  • Location of the water heater. It is easier and cheaper to install the water heater in an open area compared to cramped and closed areas. 
  • Type of water heater. If you are going to install a gas heater, additional piping is required for gas supply while electric heaters only require electric supply. 
  • If the heater capacity is changed, piping will have to be modified and installation is required. 

After knowing the factors that affect the cost of a Rheem water heater, it is important to choose a Rheem water heater that meets the demands of your household.


How To Choose The Right Rheem Water Heater in Singapore

Installed storage or instant water heaters are used in residential and commercial areas wherever large amounts of hot water are required. It is also used depending on the amount of hot water which is required. If you are having a hard time deciding how to choose the right Rheem water heater in Singapore below are the guides to help you.


Storage water heaters are comparatively easy to install because only the plumbing and electrical connection is required. That is why installing a Rheem storage water heater is only a low cost and will help save more money.

Efficiency and Performance


Installed water heaters from other brands might be defective. Heat pumps, commercial gas, and tankless water heaters are also very efficient compared to conventional water heaters, though the heater price and installation cost may be higher. 


There are a lot of factors that affect the cost of a Rheem water heater and one of them is the size. Most homes require only a few liters of hot water daily and they usually have water heaters which are storage types. 


The warranty of the installed storage water heater or instant water heater varies depending on the quality, varying from one year to twelve years for water heaters from top brands.


The Rheem water heater cost varies depending on the design and capacity, with storage heaters being the least expensive, followed by tankless, commercial gas, heat pump, and solar water heater which are the top Rheem water heater models in Singapore. 

After deciding which Rheem water heater is ideal for your home, it is important to find out the cost of installing one.


How Much Does It Cost To Install Rheem Storage Heater in Singapore?

Most people in Singapore use hot water to bathe and for cleaning since it is more effective in removing dirt. Homeowners prefer to purchase a Rheem water heater since it uses the latest technology.

The details on how much does it cost to install a Rheem storage heater in Singapore are discussed below.

Water Heater Installation Cost Factors 


Compared to other plumbing works, water heater installation is a fairly complex task, since the plumbing and electrical wiring has to be done properly to avoid water heater issues that could happen. 

Hence it is advisable to hire the services of an experienced plumber to give you water heater safety tips. Also, there are different types of Rheem water heaters and the cost of installation will vary depending on the model selected. 

Some Of The Main Factors Affecting The Cost Of  Water Heater Installation Are:


Water heater cost: There are a lot of things to consider when buying a water heater like it costing depending on the model selected, usually instant water heaters are more expensive compared to storage heaters.

Plumbing labor cost:  A factor that needs to be considered on plumbing labor costs depends on the experience of the plumber, number of staff, and time required for installation.

Job supplies: There might be other supplies required for the water heater installation, like electric cables for wiring, pipes, elbows, cable ties, screws, and other hardware. 

Equipment allowanceRheem water heater installation requires different equipment like drilling machines for fixing the heater on the wall. 

Debris disposal: During the installation of the water heater, debris is generated due to hole drilling. The plumber will usually clean the area after the installation is complete and dispose of the debris generated. 

Installation/Replacement of Storage Heaters in HDB 


The time and effort required for installing or replacing a storage heater in an HDB depend on whether the storage heater is exposed or concealed above a false ceiling. 

Installation/Replacement of Storage Heaters Above False Ceiling 

For installation of storage heaters of lower capacity which are concealed above a false ceiling, an access panel is required of size 300 mm X 300 mm, and this will add to the cost of installation. 

Installation/Replacement of Big Capacity Storage Heaters Above False Ceiling

High-capacity storage water heaters are used in bathrooms with a bathtub and have a capacity of 80 liters or more. The process of installation or replacement above a false ceiling is far more complicated since the heaters are larger in size.



If you are opting to install a Rheem water heater for your residential or commercial, you should consider the factors in previous articles for this can help you with your decision when buying a Rheem water heater. If you have a big family, consider buying a bigger capacity storage water heater such as the Rheem  EH55M storage water heater. On the latter, you can opt for an instant water heater such as the Rheem RTLE-33P if you have fewer family members. Rheem water heaters are energy-efficient and this can help save on electricity bills. At Water Heater City Singapore, we provide top-of-the-line Rheem water heater models and perform water heater installation at an affordable price.


Water Heater City Singapore offers complete water heater services for both storage and instant water heater tanks including water heater installation and replacement, and water heater leak. We can provide the supply and installation or replacement of Singapore’s most popular water heater brands like Ariston water heaterRheem water heaterJoven water heater, 707 water heater, Rubine water heater, and Champs water heater. If required, we are also able to open false ceiling, patch it back up and paint it to restore it to its original condition. We have over 10 years of experience for installation of water heaters and have done hundreds of water heater installation cases for landed, condo and HDB, including complete one-stop installation above false ceiling, plastering, and resealing false ceiling. We are a highly recommended Water Heater Services Company in Singapore, with many delighted customers and reviews over the years on Google and Facebook.  WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032 for transparent quotations and honest pricing for all your water heater needs. We also provide a fast and efficient service to solve any of your water heater needs!



Case Study

Install Rheem Storage Water Heater Singapore Condo Queenstown 

rheem-storage-water-heater-installation-services-water-heater-city-singapore-condo-queenstown-2   rheem-storage-water-heater-installation-services-water-heater-city-singapore-condo-queenstown-1


Install Rheem Storage Heater Tank Singapore Condo Bukit Timah



Install Rheem Storage Water Heater Singapore Landed Kallang

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