Causes of Instant Water Heater Leaks

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Instant water heaters offer hot water on demand as they do not store any water. Therefore, we sense that no issues will occur like leaks. Although it is true that there will be no issues for quite a while, however, you may notice your water heater is leaking. This may leave you confused, and you may be wondering why this is occurring? Well, there are several causes of water heater leaks, and we have listed the possible reasons below.


Improper Venting

If you choose Water Heater City Singapore to install your instant water, we can guarantee to complete the job efficiently. Our trained experts will professionally do the venting, and make sure that there will be no condensation inside your heater. Therefore, you will not have to experience a water heater leak owing to improper venting.

Although, if you try to do the venting by yourself and it is improperly done, then your water heater will suffer from leaks, and the entire system may break down.


Rust or Sediment Inside The System

If you notice that your instant water heater is leaking from the main part and not through the adjacent pipe, then there might be rust or sediments inside. Failing to ignore this issue, the leaks will only get worse, and parts of your water heater may even get damaged. Once you notice a rust build-up, you may need to have a water heater replacement.


Improper Water Pipe Connections


Normally, water heaters have an installed relief valve, although in some heaters this valve is missing. You will probably find the relief valve on the outlet of your water heater. 

A relief valve helps in draining or flushing the system of your instant water heater. It is through the joints that these valves help reduce the chance of leaking. If you do not have a valve, then pressure may develop inside the pipe joints that will cause your instant water heater to leak. That valve plays an important role since they have joining connections that ensure fast and smooth replacements. 

You can hire a professional from Water Heater City Singapore if the valve is the cause of your heater’s leak. Our professionals will examine the issue, handle the leaks, and provide you a relief valve that perfectly fits with your water heater to ensure that you will not encounter this problem again.


Acidic and Hard Water


One of the most common reasons for water heater leaks is hard water. Hard water consists of dissolved particles that start to develop in the piping system after you have used it for quite a bit. That buildups may affect your heat exchanger and may result in overheating. Since your instant water heater is overheating, your system will lock automatically, and an error code will display in the control panel. Resetting your heater system without managing the problem, then it will shut off again. There is also a chance that the complete system will fail.

Nevertheless, acidic water may cause your pipe to rust and create pinhole leaks that will keep growing in the long run. The pH levels of your water help in determining how fast the acidic water can damage your system. You can check the acidity levels of your water and have it neutralized, to prevent this from happening. 


High Water Flow Rates


High pressure and high flow can develop in a water heater leak. Instant water heaters are more sensitive since they require low flow rates for optimal performance. Therefore, you need to ensure that the pressure is not more than 200 kPa and the flow is about 19 LPM. 

Just in case the pressure and flow is too high, you will need to engage with a professional like Water Heater City Singapore. Our professionals have knowledge and expertise in handling water heater issues such as high flow, high pressure. They will also carefully check into the issue, tell the underlying problem, and recommend the ideal solution. Once the task is done, your water heater will not experience any leaks, and your instant water heater will be in perfect condition for a long period. 



There are early signs of water heater leaks, and if you tend to ignore them, chances are high that your instant water heater will suffer from damages. Once you notice that your water heater has improper venting, rusting, improper pipe connections, acidic and hard water, or high flow water rates immediately call a professional from Water Heater City Singapore. Our professionals have the expertise to address the water heater leaks efficiently in no time.


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