Central Water Heater vs Individual Water Heater – Which One Should I Install

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Some Singaporean families live in big homes with more than one bathroom. They can put a water heater in each bathroom to get hot water, or they can buy a storage water heater that supplies all the rooms with hot water. Property owners want to compare the cost and installation of central heaters over that of several individual heaters. So, the installation of both central and individual instant water heaters, as well as their other features, are discussed in this article so that potential buyers can make the right choice.

Installation Cost

Putting in more than one water heater usually costs less at first because each one has a smaller capacity and is easier to put in. Larger central heaters, on the other hand, are heavier and will need more equipment, pipes, and pumps to connect to the different bathrooms. Hence, the initial cost of storage water heater installation is typically higher than instant water heater installation, especially if there aren’t that many heaters in the house.



Individual water heaters are usually placed near the ceiling, often above the false ceiling in the bathroom, because they are smaller. Central water heater systems often take a lot of space. Because of this, it is typically installed either in the ceiling or wall. If the central heater is put on the balcony, it should be weatherproof. Expertise is one of the reasons why you should hire a professional to install your storage water heater. They are highly knowledgeable about the right and proper location to put your water heater units. 



Having a multipoint water heater next to the shower or sink ensures that the user will always have access to hot water, even if they have to use multiple units simultaneously. If you need hot water, the central heater transports hot water to every individual bathroom but it may take time.


The best thing about an individual water heater system is that each unit has its own hot water line. Hence, one unit’s issue is unlikely to affect the others. If needed, it is easy to find the broken unit. On the other hand, if there is a problem with the central heater, all the bathrooms will not have hot water. Luckily, central heaters have better safety features, so it may cause less problems. Water heater safety with Water Heater City is a priority. Our specialists can take the time to guide you through it to ensure safety within your home.

Water Consumption


The water heater can hold at least 40 liters of water that are ready to use. It is rare that everyone in the household will use hot water at once. The central water heater system can be at least 25% less expensive than the total of all individual heaters. Central water heater uses less water to be heated which saves more electricity usage. In relation to this, our experts can provide you more information on the factors that can affect your water heater’s energy consumption.



An expert can examine and check the water heater issues and maintenance. This may cost at least  $150. However, the cost may double if the water heater is located in areas that are hard to reach like the ceiling. So, if a house has four or five water heaters, the cost of maintaining them can be very high. Most of the time, maintaining a central water heater takes less time and effort than maintaining individual water heaters because only one heater needs to be checked. If the central heater is placed outdoors, the maintenance expert does not need to go inside your bathroom.



If each bathroom has its own heater unit installed above the false ceiling, the bathroom may appear smaller, especially if the water heater is big. Units in a central water heater system can be installed outside the bathroom. This can make the bathroom appear larger as there is more space in it. Experienced water heater installers will advise you on the pros of buying a 707 compact instant water heater. This is because it will make your bathroom appear larger because it only takes up less space.

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Families have the option of either installing one central water heater system or several individual water heaters, depending on the number of bathrooms in their homes. If you are looking to buy a water heater in Singapore, you should get in touch with a reliable installer like Water Heater City Singapore to schedule a professional installation. Our skilled specialists will install all varieties of water heaters effectively while carefully selecting the optimal location for each unit.


Choosing between a central water heater or individual water heaters depends on various factors such as installation cost, location, convenience, safety, water consumption, maintenance, design, and brands. These factors are all important for the water heater system to be chosen and installed correctly. This is why one important fact you should know about instant water heater installation is that they should be professionally installed. Qualified professionals are more knowledgeable on doing the job for any of these water heater systems. Each type of water heater system has its advantages and disadvantages. Installing multiple individual heaters may cost less initially, but maintaining them can be costly and time-consuming. On the other hand, a central water heater may have a higher initial cost, but it can save energy and water consumption in the long run. Ultimately, it is essential to contact a professional installer, like Water Heater City Singapore, to ensure a quality water heater installation at home.

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