Choosing The Right Joven Water Heater Model

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Has your old water heater stopped working? If yes, then certainly you are opting to get a new water heater installed. After all, it is not easy to imagine spending even a few days without a water heater. After deciding to invest in a new water heater, you must be confused about which one to get.

When it comes to water heaters, most people in Singapore prefer Joven water heaters. Every Joven water heater has been designed with much care – may it be an instant water heater or a storage water heater. They look great and work amazingly as well. Once you get a Joven water heater installed, you will never have to worry about a proper hot water supply. However, there are various Joven water heater models to choose from. Which one among these should you select? Do not worry if this is the question running through your mind, as we shall now help make your selection easier. Continue reading, and you will easily be able to decide which Joven water heater will be ideal for your needs.


Types of Water Heater

First things first, let us get to know about the types of Joven water heaters that you can select from.

Instant Water Heater


Most people living in an HDB in Singapore opt for a Joven instant water heater. An instant water heater heats the water on demand, and there is no need to store any water. Compared to storage water heaters, this one saves you space and heats water without you having to wait too long.

Storage Water Heater


The storage water heater may also prove to be a good choice depending on your requirements. As the name suggests, this type of water heater keeps a supply of water stored that can be used when you want.

A storage water heater can hold even up to 91 liters of continuously heated water. This varies depending on the amount of water that can be stored in your water heater – a factor to consider when buying a new storage water heater.

This water can be dispersed throughout your house. When you switch the heater on, the water gets heated and is stored. It is then reheated to maintain a constant hot water temperature. If in case it does not make the water hot enough, you should look for signs of a faulty water heater and immediately call a water heater technician.


Purchase Price and Operating Cost

Different Joven water heater models come with different price tags. The premium models from the top bestselling water heater brands have a different price from other types of water heaters which may be more expensive.

Gas heaters usually are expensive, and the price of the storage water heaters depends mostly on their capacity. The natural gas heaters are more expensive compared to the electric ones and cost less to run. Switching from one source of fuel to another can be costly and can risk your water heater safety due to misuse of the gas.


Efficiency and Performance

Every Joven water heater is known to be very efficient. It offers excellent performance. Since every Joven water heater is energy-efficient, the significance of installing an energy efficient water heater is that it will certainly help lower your electricity bills and even reduce your carbon footprint.




The size is an important thing you should consider when buying a new water heater, particularly when you plan to buy a Joven storage water heater. You will be considering the tank size as well. The bigger the size of your Joven water heater tank, the more the water it can store. To find out the right size of the water heater you will install, it is important to take note of the number of people that are going to use the water heater, and how often they take a shower for this will tell you that the size or the capacity level of the water heater you will get should be based on the number of family living in a specific household.

If two people live in the house and you take one shower every day, then a unit like Joven storage water heater 15L will be adequate. However, if there are more people, and you use the hot water not just for bathing but for other purposes as well, then the tank size of your Joven storage water heater needs to be bigger. If you have several bathrooms and a more prominent family, then a higher capacity is what you need. You can also consider replacing your water heater with a bigger capacity model to meet the demands of your family.

If doing these calculations is not easy for you (as is for most others), it is better to hire a water heater professional. They can help to do the calculations for you and suggest the ideal size Joven water heater for your needs and inform you about the things to note during a water heater installation.




One of the factors to consider when buying a water heater is the warranty. This is because if there were issues with your storage water heater, you can get it repaired or replaced if it is still under warranty. There will be less stress on having it repaired or replacing a water heater when it is faulty. The warranty can differ between the models like Joven storage water heater 35L – JH35 or Joven JH 68.


Energy Efficiency


Heating water consumes much energy in every home in Singapore. When choosing to install an instant water heater or a storage water heater, you will be spending a good amount of your monthly budget on hot water. However, it is better to invest in a high-efficient water heater as well as hire a professional to install your storage water heater. You can quickly reduce the ongoing expenses to a great extent and still enjoy as much hot water as you and your family need.

The water heater’s efficiency is calculated by its EF (energy factor). You must select a heater that has a high EF reading so that you get to enjoy the best possible efficiency. As far as Joven water heaters are concerned, choosing between an instant water heater and a storage water heater will be easy. Their entire range of water heater models has good energy efficiency. Suppose you find it hard to choose what water heater to install. In that case, it is better to consult a professional water heater service provider so that the water heater is installed professionally to avoid common water heater problems.

Together with helping you make the choice to meet your needs, a water heater professional can help to install the Joven water heater for you in a way that looks good in your bathroom and also saves you space. Furthermore, if you ever face any problem with your water heater, consider contacting water heater services. Thus, you will always be able to enjoy a supply of hot water without anything to worry about.



When choosing the right Joven water heater to install in your household, it is important to look through different factors that can affect your decision. There are many Joven water heater models and types in the market that can fit your budget. Look for energy-efficient water heaters, that have a low cost for maintenance, and have an extended warranty duration like Joven water heaters. At Water Heater City Singapore, we provide the best Joven water heater models and do the water heater installation for you.


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