Common Issues Behind A Leaking Water Heater And Why Should You Replace It With A Champs Water Heater?

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In Singapore, a water heater is important since it provides us with a hot shower every day, and it even helps us do our dishes and laundry. Whichever water heater brand you choose, it will definitely experience issues if it is not maintained properly. A leaking water heater is one of the usual issues, and if left unfixed, it will cause severe damage to your home or property. 

Hence, it is vital to consult a professional plumber as they will be able to advise if you need to replace your water heater. It would be best if you know what are the causes of why your water heater is leaking before engaging a plumber. We have listed the common causes of water heater leaks, and why you should replace them with a Champs water heater

Very Old Water Heater Tank


A thing you did not know about water heaters is that if it is more than 15 years old, your water heater’s components can malfunction, and rust will even show. If there is serious corrosion, then water will leak. If you are looking to replace your leaking water heater, consider replacing it with a Champs water heater. 

A reason to install a Champs water heater in your home is that it is designed with a sapphire enamel coating, making it highly corrosion resistant. It also has a stainless steel heating element which is designed with a low thermal load for better durability.


Faulty Drain Valve

One of the tips on how to know if your water heater is leaking is to check the drain valve, as this is another common reason behind water heater leaks. Whenever there are maintenance visits or when replacing your water heater, the plumber or yourself might have used the drain valve to drain the tank. Due to this, it might cause the valve to start loosening and water can leak through it. 


Excessive Pressure

Too much pressure inside the water heater is another reason for water leaks since a water heater deals with a large amount of natural water pressure. When the hot water releases steam and fills up the space, pressure is then produced in the water heater. This is of the reasons why you should lower your water heater’s temperature

If you set a very high temperature, the steam has nowhere else to go, hence producing excessive pressure. The water will then leak through cracks or holes of your water heater just to release some pressure. However, if you want a high-quality water heater without experiencing excessive pressure, consider installing a Champs water heater (e.g., Champs A30 Pro Storage Water Heater). This heater is built with quality materials that can last for a long time.

Issues With The Temperature And Relief Valve

T&P (temperature and pressure) relief valves can also cause instant water heater leaks or storage water heater leaks. The valve is designed to release pressure inside the water heater, however, if the valve malfunctions, the pressure will rise. In case the valve is loosened, then you just need to tighten it again. If the valve itself is malfunctioning, then you have to replace it. 

A common water heater mistake you should avoid is not reducing the water heater tank pressure before you try to fix the issue. Keep in mind that a water heater may leak if it is operating and this is due to the relief valve which lets off excess water from the water heater when it is heating. Hence, do not panic if you see water leaking from the relief valve when you are using your water heater. However, the relief valve may be faulty if it is continuously leaking even if the water heater is not switched on. 

Loose Inlet and Outlet Connections


As we all know, cold water enters your water heater through an inlet connection, and hot water is then released from the outlet connection. By having these connections, hot water can flow through water fixtures. These connections can detach after a while, and this is the reason behind a leaking water heater

Faulty Internal Tank

A water heater makes use of two metal shells to finish the entire operation. The inner shell holds the water while the outer shell protects the inner shell. Water heater leaks may occur inside the shell, and this is another type of water heater leak which is not easy to notice. Decay and algae are also common causes of water heater leaks but it may be hard to detect them outside of the water heater tank.

By installing a water heater from Champs, you will be able to enjoy your showers. They are known to be durable since they are made with high-quality materials. 


Storage Tank Is Cracked


Some water heaters come with an extra tank so that they can store more water. When water is heated, it will start to expand, and it can be the reason why the glass lining has cracks. Consider opting for the Champs City instant water heater. It is made of a high-quality polymer tank that helps to minimize heat loss, therefore, preventing cracks from happening

Corroded Anode Rod


Anode rod protects your water heater as it attracts corrosive substances. However, the anode rod will deteriorate over time. Hence, water leaks will occur through the previous place of the anode rod. Consider installing a Champs water heater since it is known to be highly corrosive resistant. Although, before investing there are factors to consider when buying a Champs storage water heater or instant water heater. 




Sometimes your storage water heater or instant water heater will make you believe that there is a water heater leak. However, you see that your water heater is working fine. This is a sign of condensation and this is very normal. If cold water comes into the tank, condensation will occur when the air outside is hot. To rectify this, you just need to wipe down your heater. 

Installing a Champs water heater will reduce the chances of this happening since it has a variety of features such as a high-efficiency heating element, and temperature control – things to consider when buying a new water heater


Water heater leaks are one of the common issues you may encounter with storage water heaters and instant water heaters. The leaking will especially happen if you do not know how to maintain your water heater properly.

In the event that your water heater continuously leaks even after a series of repairs, then it is recommended to replace your water heater with a Champs water heater. We at Water Heater City Singapore provide one-stop supply and installation services for Champs water heaters. Our professionals will help you choose and install the right Champs water heater for your home. 

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