Common Misconceptions About Instant Water Heaters You Need to Know

Planning to purchase any water heater products requires thorough research, which many homeowners fail to do, especially when considering buying and installing a new instant water heater. As a consequence, they end up knowing a lot of misconceptions when deciding on a unit. Some of these include the following:


Instant Water Heaters Are Costly To Maintain


High cost for maintenance is one misconception that people think about instant water heaters. Installing instant water by a professional plumber can help you save with your energy savings up to 20% because instant water heaters are highly efficient in saving energy than storage water heaters that heat water continuously, resulting in higher energy consumption.

To add up, the capacity of your water heater to save a lot of energy is a thing that you should consider when buying an instant water heater.


Instant Water Heaters Lack Hot Water


Many people think about this instant water heater issue that it supplies less water, just like storage models. In reality, they provide the right amount of heat and water anytime you need it. However, it is essential to note that the instant water heater unit does not have tank-like storage water heaters, but they immediately heat the water as it passes through your tap.


Instant Water Heaters Are Dangerous To Use

Though there are some water heater problems to occur, the fear of scalding yourself or bathing in freezing water is what scares most people and becomes a hindrance in installing a water heater may it be Ariston water heater or Joven water heater. One of the best features an instant water heater has is that it has an adjustable thermostat that you can set depending on your preferred setting.


All Instant Water Heaters Function The Same


In Singapore, there are a lot of instant water heater brands like Rheem water heater and many others to look out for. These water heaters vary from the model, the materials used, or the feature that it offers. Moreover, some water heater models might have simpler designs but provide good quality. It is advisable to contact a reliable plumber who can do the water heater installation job for you.



An instant water heater provides you with a one-of-a-kind experience and makes your life easy. It is important to note these misconceptions that might confuse or hinder you from installing instant water heaters. Having an instant water heater installed by a reliable plumber can provide you many benefits. As such, it’s essential to know them before deciding whether to replace the water heater or have them repaired. Lastly, once you know which model might be most suitable for you, you can get in touch with Water Heater City Singapore to know more about the best selling water heater in Singapore

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