Common Water Heater Mistakes You Should Avoid

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You may have been using an instant or storage water heater for as long as you can remember, and you feel you know everything about a water heater. These are likely the mistakes that you are doing with your water heater.

You may be wondering what are these mistakes? We are about to share them with you right now, in order to correct them, save on your bills, and also your installed water heater serves you for a very long time.


Setting Temperature Too High


A common mistake that people in Singapore make is setting the water heater heat temperature too high. The higher the temperature you set, the more energy your heater will consume to heat the water.

If the temperature has been set too high as well, the pressure inside your tank may be hazardous. High pressure can lead to water leaks, and it will require costly repairs.

You may be thinking what temperature is considered too high? Anything more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit is too high for most homes. Although most water heaters that are installed are already 140 degrees Fahrenheit by default. However, using this temperature you will be paying much more than you would if the selected temperature was 120 degrees.


Buying The Wrong Water Heater


As we all know, hot water contributes to about 25 percent of your energy expenses. If you buy a water heater that is small, then you can save from paying an excessive amount. A bigger instant or storage water heater will only increase your ongoing expenses.

Every manufacturer offers various specifications. You must be aware of them to prevent getting the wrong system and paying more than you use.

All this may be very confusing, thus instead of doing guesswork or following wrong suggestions, it will be best to follow advice from an expert like Water Heater City Singapore.


Ignoring Loud Popping Noises


If you hear loud banging or popping noises coming from your water heater, immediately hire a professional water heater installer.

Normally, these noises indicate a severe buildup of sediment in the water heater tank. When there is a sediment build-up, small droplets of water get stuck between the heating elements and the sediment. As the water heats up and forms steam, the steam bubbles start breaking out aggressively under the piles of sediment and give rise to the popping sounds.

Sediment buildup not only results in loud noises, moreover it raises your monthly energy expenses. Therefore, it is important to maintain your instant or storage water heaters.


Not Knowing When To Replace Water Heater


Many do not understand when they should have a water heater replacement. It costs them more than they ever expected. Therefore, you need to detect signs that indicate an immediate replacement.

A water heater’s lifespan will usually last for around 8-10 years, and after 10 years you must replace them. After 10 years of usage, you will begin noticing signs like water heater leaking, noises, no hot water, and rust.

There are some water heaters that will not even last you 10 years. Therefore, you need to search for signs and read the manual as well. It will be even better if you hire a professional from Water Heater City Singapore. 

Our professionals will go through the manual, inspect your water heater, and inform you if there are issues found, and determine if a water heater needs repair or replacement is required. If replacement is required, we will recommend the best model that will suit your home, and even do the water heater installation.



If you are a water heater user, you are obliged to know the common water heater problems and mistakes to prevent further harm to your water heater system. It is important that you should also check through the user’s manual for proper knowledge and water heater safety to enjoy your water usage. By knowing all these your heater will last you up to 8-10 years. If you notice even a small sign of a problem, you may call us right away at Water Heater City Singapore. We have highly-trained experts who can carry out your water heater needs in no time. 


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