Different Types of Rheem Storage Water Heater

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After a tough day at work, the one thing that can make you fully relaxed is a nice hot shower. You would feel equally invigorated if you could soak yourself in your warm bathtub for a while. If you do want to enjoy the benefits of a hot shower, you will need a good quality storage water heater tank.


There are many different types of storage heaters in Singapore, but Rheem water heaters have been surpassing all, owing to the great experience that they offer. What is great is that Rheem offers not one or two but 4 different types of water heater tanks for you to choose from. 

We shall now share with you details about each of the heaters so that you can decide which one will be the best for your needs.


1. Cube-Shaped Water Heater

In many places, you may have seen that storage water heaters are installed behind a false ceiling so that they can stay hidden. This is because these tanks do not look attractive and are quite bulky.

However, the cube-shaped Rheem water heater has been designed differently. It has a beautifully symmetrical design, which makes it look very attractive. This is one of the reasons why the cube-shaped Rheem water heater is one of the top 3 best selling brands in Singapore.

If you opt for this Rheem water heater you will not worry about building a false ceiling just to conceal the heater itself. In fact, this heater will only help make your bathroom look more attractive.


2. Slim Horizontal Cuboid Heaters

Most apartments in Singapore are small in size and so are the bathrooms. This is why some people do not even think about buying a water heater. However, thanks to the Slim Horizontal Cuboid Rheem water heater, you can fit the heater easily even into tight ceiling spaces. 

We at Water Heater City Singapore can install Rheem water heater in your tiny bathrooms in a way that it will fit in beautifully. If you encounter such problems, we will also solve them quickly and effectively.


3. Vertical Storage Water Heaters


Vertical water heaters are known to be much better compared to the other types of heaters. In it, water gets heated naturally, and they are also more efficient.

This type of Rheem water heater makes a great choice for your bathroom in Singapore. The stratification in this case enables you to enjoy more hot water. This is owing to the fact that the surface area in vertical tanks is smaller and thus water gets heated up quickly. 

Since hot water is denser, it will quickly flow up to the top of your tank, and you will have hot water ready to use in no time at all.


4. Horizontal Water Heater Tank


The best thing about the horizontal shaped Rheem storage water heater is that it is compact thus, helping save space.

Installed horizontal Rheem water heaters are put near your ceiling, this helps create amazing water pressure. This type of Rheem water heater is also very safe to use as it is known to shut off automatically. Hence, everything will be done in an automated manner. All you have to do is wait for the water to get heated up, and then enjoy a hot dip in your tub or a relaxing hot shower.



Installing Rheem storage water heaters may not only help you with your water heater needs but, it can also make your bathrooms look more beautiful because of their slim and compact design. 

We at Water Heater City Singapore can get your Rheem water heater installed perfectly. Once we complete our installation process, you will be impressed by the way it ends up complementing your bathroom amazingly well. No matter which type of storage water heater tank you select.


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