Different Types of Water Heater Leaks

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Just like other home appliances, most installed water heaters can be used for several years without needing repairs. Although, there may be some issues after it has been used for more than five years. One of the most common issues is when the water collects at the bottom or around the tank causing it to leak. There are several reasons for water heater leaks which are shared below, thus proper repairs can be done.


Leaking From Top Of The Tank 


Here are some causes why water leaks from the top of the storage heater tank:

Pressure Relief Valve Leak 

Every water heater has a temperature and pressure relief valve (TPR) on top which only opens when the pressure surpasses the safety limit. The valve may become loose after it has been used for many years, causing it to leak. Repairing or replacing the water heater valve could solve the problem.

Inlet Or Outlet Pipes Are Leaking

The inlet and outlet pipes for the storage heater are fixed on the top of the heater. Over time due to the exposure to hot water, quality of material used for fixing pipes, the connection may become loose and water may start leaking. 

The inlet and outlet pipes for the storage heater are installed on the top of the heater. Eventually, due to the exposure of hot water, the quality of material used for repairing pipes, connections can become detached or it may start leaking. 


Leaking From The Bottom Of The Tank 


Sometimes you can see that the water heater is leaking from the bottom which could be any of the following reason:

Overflow Pipe Is Leaking

The TPR valve is connected to the overflow pipe, such that excess water is drained to minimize the pressure in the storage tank of the water heater. If the issue is due to high pressure only, it is ideal to call a recommended plumber to solve the issue. 

Water Heater Drain Valve Is Leaking 

The dissolved solids in the water form a residue in the water heater when it is heated. A drain valve is given to remove the sediments and residue in the water heater. The drain valve of the water heater will start to leak after it has been used for quite a while. There are several cases wherein the drain valve has been detached or damaged. 

To stop the leaks, it is ideal to fix them properly or clean the drain valve to remove the debris. If this method does not work, you may have to replace the valve.

Heating Element Gasket Is Leaking 

The heating element has a gasket that might start to leak and is no longer water-tight after several years as a result of higher temperature exposures since they become fragile or loose. The gasket is even difficult to see since the heating element is inside the tank. Replacing the gasket can solve the water heater problem.

Water Heater Tank Is Leaking 


High temperature and constant exposure to water, can significantly boost the corrosion of the heater tank. After the heater tank is used for more than five years, the glass lining gets damaged. The outer tank then begins to crack due to corrosion which results in the water heater tank leaking.

Undetermined Leaks

There are several cases wherein higher pressure can cause water leakage from the tank. If the water pressure is minimized, the leaks stop as well. 



Water leakages can occur in different parts of your installed water heater, and each part has an underlying cause to it. If the leak is coming from the top of your water heater, the possible causes are loosened TPR valve, pipes, or connections. If the leak is coming from the bottom of your water heater then the reasons may be due to high pressure, sediments or residue, loosened gasket, or corrosion. There are also instances wherein there are undetermined leaks that are caused by higher pressure.

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